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  1. BBneycake, I don't suggest any blend with none for your hair, It personally makes me very, very angry, it makes other people irritable and it takes FOREVER to wash out, not to mention a urinal smell. You have to find what works best for you though, We are all unique and different and what works for you may not work for others (and visa versa) so its fun to experiment first before taking on other peoples perspectives as your own. But I tend to do things differently than most people... Ive always found a bit of cops as an enhancing quality, even in my hair (but Im close to 40!), people don't react to me like a walking sex bomb UNLESS I mix none into the equation which stays far away from my hair. Cops have always gotten me nothing but kindness and respectful treatment from others, now if I wear a social or social-sexy on my skin this only enhances the affect. Im very conscious now of others and the affect I have with my phero signature so I tend to wear much less than when I was younger, (that was what caused problems in my past) and I stay away from mixes containing cops and none both unless Im alone with my honey with the exception of LFN. Btw, Dolly I was just sharing, no worries! I love the idea of Henna.. I darken my hair I naturally a blonde, tend to do everything reverse of others...lol! Im going to look into it. Years of dying my hair has changed its condition, I REALLY like the idea of natural and probly less expensive than my salon visits..lol. Thanks for sharing your brilliant idea, I really appreciate it.
  2. OMG, he really does look like a blue kermit.
  3. Oh Dear...Dolly, I was just speaking from my personal experience we all have different noses I guess and years of phero use have dulled my nasal capacity, it took a trip to the hairdresser as a sobering reminder of my own phero-output and the blatent affects Im sure had affects on others than just my hairdresser. This is my experience only.
  4. I wear 2-3 light sprays of Occo (usually pink) on the ends of my hair underneath perfumed spray or hairspray.. never had a problem. I don't mind if it stays longer than a shampoo, saves me money on re-application..lol. No noticible stinky, in fact Im always complimented on how nice I smell when I do wear them in my hair. Occo Pink is very artfully blended though. What I do say away from spray are socials or sexy mixes in my hair... especially blends with Beta-nol and Est, I keep those to my skin and cover them very, very well, they are very stinky and I would also never spray anything with none in my hair. blends with alpha or beta thdoc tend to give me high anxiety when I spray them in my hair, even after 2-3 washes. Ive had a harder time washing out complex pheromone blends from the hair as well. In fact last year at the hair dresser I mustve had a buildup of LFM, at the time I was wearing LFM in my hair and I could smell the stinky buildup which I never noticed before.. the shampoo lady had a very strange look on her face..lol. one last thing I forgot to mention is with haircolor Ive noticed a fade affect when I wear either cops or pheros in my hair especially at the root so I keep the cops to the ends only, so I don't have premature fade-out.
  5. Stacy, I wholeheartedly agree. It seems like guys who are super "picky" as to HOW THEY want their woman to dress, behave, etc. usually are the usually most insecure. Due to the large numbers of women in New York you find this kind of behavior in abundance, pick up artist, game-player mentality of losers treating women with contempt, unfairly rating them, criticizing them, falling in and out of relationships etc, none-comital metrosexuals, this city is FULL of them. I know many beautiful, educated, classy women who end up becoming the only or main breadwinner in their relationship prey to this kind of treatment. If you are paying for your first date. RUN, it never gets better (unless you want that kind of relationship). Finding the corresponding phero signature to enhance your natural assets and attract the right partner, friends, lovers etc. is only an added bonus in representing who you are and gets rid of the losers pretty quickly. I say "EST THEM ALL" LOl
  6. Yes! and it may be LFN may not be for him ever.. he may respond better another type sensual blend or even a social. LFM always gets me hits and Ive never seen it offend anyone (also H & S is great). LFM reminds me like the iron fist in the super soft snuggly velvet glove.
  7. I like your thinking Stacy! Expanding on this.. its really about how we want to be treated.. my guy likes a softer ESTY vibe, prefers betanol to alphanol, gets annoyed with overly dominant signatures though he does like a little bit bossy (think LFN or LFM type bossy) gets annoyed with loud types (cant stand too much alphanol) and type A females (leather, tal, dom...) don't do it for him. So basically my introverted, soft hearted, SLIGHTLY bossy personality is his cup of tea so he does respond well to the blends I influence him with and I wouldn't have it any other way. My betamale brother PREFERS tall, bossy women ala Angelina Jolie, Sigourney Weaver from alien, bodybuilder types etc. He responds to Est, but it kind of annoys him. His girlfriend is like a walking advertisement for Audacious and she pays her own way (and sometimes his lol).
  8. 2F, have you tried LFM? When I change my phero combos I do it gradually not to cause shock. Imagine your man coming in with this new way of Being all of a sudden completely different. It may take for him time to adjust. I started with LFM spray over Occo for several days, then once my guy adjusted I added in LFN oil at sexy time under the spray (very little). It worked a charm for me, though it may not for everyone. This isn't really talked about much but there ARE transition periods for your the people in your life getting accustomed to a new signature. LFN is a heavily sexual blend and I think it may be best to work your way into it..
  9. I don't want to derail this H & S thread but that sounds like an EXCELLENT combo. I hadn't thought of layering those. Great idea Hearts!
  10. Yes, that's how I believe its meant to feel. It makes me "high" almost lol. I remember the first time I had a negative est responder was when I was undergoing a bad phase in my life I went to visit a plastic surgeon about getting some work done.. I had on the CB/HS mix and the Doctor was a complete jackass, he told me to lose weight (he was like 50+ pounds overweight himself with a terrible nose job) and dye my hair (it was too light for his liking apparently) and just really went off on me. I was look FATSO, I KNOW Im overweight but you need to take a GOOD LOOK in the mirror before criticizing my appearance. Another time I had on CB alone, at the gym and this trainer in a wifebeater was overcorrecting me, making fun of me then pretending to run away from me? and playing these really stupid games with me most obviously trying to get me to run after him. Ugh, there are others. Really I prefer the mentality of positive EST responders, from my experience they are more respectful of women and have a decent amount of chivalry or more.
  11. Yes, it gives a really lovely vibe.. not so obviously sexual though. I think it gives a very best friend or confidant even a "crushy" type vibe without intimidation, for years that was my daily blend.
  12. Yesss!!! Im a BIG self responder to Est, luckily so is my man but after years of pheromone use, I have come across a few people, mostly guys who don't respond well to it, so Im discovering it really is not really for everyone which is fine with me. I LURV EST!!!!
  13. Yes! H & S is the bomb.. Eggers, I sometimes layer Cuddle Bunny underneath H & S. Self effects are AMAZING! like EST on steroids Lol.
  14. Oopss I think I wrote the answer there in your lil boxy... LOL. MissHazel, I like the sound of your beighborhood, sounds more exciting than mine, probably help things take off at faster pace unless someone dies of embarrassment first.
  15. Im still experimenting with Gotcha, the effects seem to be inconsistent sometimes and fantastic others? Im planning some more experimenting soon hope to get it working for me the right way.
  16. Thanks Nu Trix, I still get super excited (and baffled) when I get obvious hits and reactions.
  17. LFM (along with my usual Occo base) being like a second skin to me, I seem to always forget I have it on. I went to my doctors office for the 3rd time in a month because of extensive testing Im doing (thyroid, hormones etc). So during the testing, sitting on his table in the hospital gown and my doc said (and I quote) " I don't know what it is about you, but you are the sexiest woman I have ever met." Believe me I looked FAR from sexy...AND THEN after I was dressed and on the on the way out my doctor told me he loved me! He said " I LOVE YOU!" he was smiling sheepishly when he told me this, so I think he half meant in a kidding manner, but I can help but wonder....
  18. I find LFM more social with a bit of sexiness and lots of emotional glue. LFN is sexual, you have to be careful with wearing that one, its sexual to the extreme. Good Luck!
  19. Hi Stacy, LFN is fantastic in small doses.. a flutter in the tummy, head turner for afterhours, keeps your man grabbing after you and leads to mind blowing, darker, emotional boudoir activity.
  20. Eggers, wait till you try the spray, LFM its unbelievable, real life male (and female) sticky glue.
  21. Eggers, sounds great! One of my favorite combos is LFM spray and LFN oil on pulse points, that's my instant slayer mix, I don't even need my usual slathering of cops! Your post is inspiring me Im going to try combining LFM beta spray with just a dab of sexpionage in oil on the cleavage, inner thights for the bedroom.. btw, I like your thinking, never never good to get figured out, keeps the excitement continuously blooming.
  22. it sounds like sexpionage works well for you. I just might get around to picking up a bottle on my next purchase, I like switching things up, keeps him guessing!
  23. I gotta get around to trying that one of these days if only I could get past what happened the last time I wore BI... Dear Lord do I have bad memories that will last a life lifetime LOL!
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