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  1. This also is my experience. My lover has a mild case of ED, when I specifically wear pheros with none and cops for sexytime, only mixes that gets him rock hard... no exceptions. LFN drives him CRAZY. To a lesser extent blatent invitation drives him crazy but turns me into a raging bitch which is the only reason why I haven't gotten around to trying sexpionage yet.
  2. Dolly has it down. I think its best to start out with very little, 1/2 to 1 spray or 1 small dab of oil and add a just tad more every day until you find your sweet spot. With Occo, its best begin with the oil very discreetly in a small amount.
  3. I personally have not tried Topper.. Alpha-Nol and Dheas should give off an outgoing, youthful vibe on top of whatever mix you choose. I love LFM its my absolute favorite everyday mix but I think maybe some women may be intimidated, it is not girly it is smart, sophisticated and 100% woman, but layering with topper might change that dynamic. Keep in mind no matter what blend you decide upon someone may have a problem with you and/or your pheros and probably will. Ive only tried Cougar once but boy did it make me high, I loved it! I would imagine Cougar would be alot, alot of outgoing, youthful paired with topper. I would try wearing them separately before deciding to wear them together.
  4. Everyone here made rec's according to what works for them. What is your personality like? Are you conservative or more of an alpha female, do you like to have fun with the girls, are you shy or are you calm and in charge? Take a look at the reviews here before making a decision. I find cops work well for me, I wear them almost every day and Ive never had a problem with women or men.. quite the opposite, but I do wear them in small amounts this is a personal preference not everyone shares.
  5. Aniko, I think there is a thread somewhere where I wanted to know the difference between both products if you look thru the older posts.. Since then I have compared both products and I think it was Shelly who pointed out the key differences between them, and I also had similiar experiences trying them both out. Cougar is a super sparkly, sexy social, fun, youthful and outgoing. Great to work a room or for general attention. SS4W is sexier (especially with cops). Its also fun but really more sexy, superb for seduction.
  6. wow 25, thats young. You not paying any any mind to them along with your hotness probably drives them crazy. Im sure there are alot of ladies here who would love to trade places with you.
  7. (((sorry everyone for continuing the hijack))) . Confident and over 30 here. Maiea, I have THE SAME problem, maybe my natural signature may be a little too aggressive/alpha? I dont know. When I wear alpha blends they do not affect my honey in a good way at all but I find other men become very submissive to me and I have many younger ones follow me around its INSANE. I avoid the alpha blends, I stick to LFM, LFN, H&S or SS and cops and men are STILL submissive (infuriating, needy and wimpy) to me. Ugh, naturally, I find myself leading most of the males in my life, privately my honey is submissive and defers to me, in public we do a little role-playing so it APPEARS reversed and how I secretly wish it would be much more of the time. In the boudoir I am in charge most of the time which can be exhausting. If I wear Tah, LFN or est with cops then I know I can lay back instead of being on top, a very welcome change LOL! I am constantly making major decisions for others. I find women are naturally intimidated by me and God have I had my share of women trying to one up me, doesnt bother me at all anymore, I dont pay attention. Anyways, I cant speak for all men, but the mindset of my man and most of his upper crusty male friends is that women should be beautiful, subtle, quiet, impossibly thin, completely in charge and preferably tall, the chuppacabra. if not in charge those women are considered submissive and therefore not worthy of a relationship, yet many of those men will prefer sleeping or having the hotest mindblowing sex with non-alpha females under 30 and end up leaving those girls broken hearted and in therapy, thinking they had a deeper connecting with their man (OMG real emotions.. shock!). Those same men will fall HEAD OVER HEALS with women who are dominant, or dont really care about them, dont need them and do not give them the time of day. Its like "its safe" to project their fantasies, real emotions or whatever else cause the lack of emotion "feels safe" even though the sex life may be non-existant or even bad.
  8. Thanks Ladies, Queen of Swords, I personally find that LFN hits others really hard even if I not aware ofself affects. When I wanna knock if out of the ballpark I spritz LFM beta spray and LFN o my pulse points this gives me the most intense hits with my man
  9. Wow! Some this is some sage advice here Quietguy, its nice to have a quality male opinion on this board.
  10. This is exactly the kind of experience and reactions I have with LFN. The "anything is possible vibe" but you gotta work for it, LFN isnt just screaming "sex with anyone and/or everyone" like some of the louder sexytime blends which tend to have everyman thinking they are fair game and perhaps maybe even you should work for them lol... its more selective for the naturally confident and discerning femme who isnt after attention for attentions sake.
  11. Yes, Calli.. exactly! I had such crazy high hopes for this blend
  12. Ive tried wearing on three separate occasions with my honey and he seems to get really annoyed with me when I have this on and talks to me in a really condescending manner (like Im 2). Strange because honey is a VERY EASY target for nice phero affects from most blends. It also does not turn him on at all, makes him condescending, talky, grouchy and complacent and not interested in sexual activity. Flirty behaviour outside the bedroom from others but doesnt hit as hard as some of the other blends with my chemistry, not sure WHY because Im gold with most of the non alpha bonding and sexy blends. (((sigh))). Great self affects though.
  13. I try and vary my sexytime blends, we have a phero problem when Im wearing SS4W and hes rolling over for early sleep on a friday night LOL! I cant wait to try Gotcha it will be nice to have a few alternate phero blends on hand. I much prefer his gasping for my sexy then snoozeville. dolphindolls, is cp cougar potion?
  14. Joc, I have not tried sexpionage as enone rich blends tend to make me absolutely insane. BI turns me into Cruella Deville, God knows what sexpionage would do LOL! I dont have this reaction with LFN. In fact it feels like Im "high" sort of alot of buffers with the none Im thinking.
  15. No not rude at all JOC, I wear LFM w cops regularly, at night SS4W or other non LP sexy time blends with cops. My honey is submissive to me, so its nice to see him explore more manly roles, I really dont mind him being "on top" from time to time. I wore LFN last night without LFM and had a similiar only" slightly" more subdued reaction and tons of compliments on my perfume which I ALWAYS wear but he never compliments.
  16. YES,& hes pretty immune to most of the blends I wear at this point lol.
  17. I wore this blend LFN last night on my pulse points and had LFM beta spray under my perfume on the rest of me. My honey was SHAKING. We went to the movies and dinner and he could not keep his hands off of me!!! At the movies he had trouble breathing and could not stop grabbing my arm. Ive NEVER seen him react to any blend this intensely. Our nightime activity became almost violent.
  18. I just recieved my sample of this today in my order and WOW, WOW, WOW is this a creation. I really was not expecting such a beautiful fragrance. Most strong foodie fragrances are not my cup of tea I dont like overly sweet, but this has such a sophisticated base and it just works beautifully, I cant wait to wear this for my honey tonight! He loves CB and this is THE PERFECT autumn scent. Its really soft and sophisticated yet still has the mouth watering qualities that seem make foodie fragrances so attractive to the opposite sex.
  19. Sunnyme, La Femme is FANTASTIC for infjs (Im one too!).. it really does accent our natural ahem "charms". I use alphanol products primarily SS4W/Lam/ Lace when I want to be appear or act "outgoing" but I find Extraverted types of both sexes tend to be more attracted to me with La Femme (and to a lesser extent Heart & Soul or sexology) cause its closest to who I really am and opposites attract! Popular Potion is off the charts outgoing, you will have stalkers with that one, but it is polar opposite of our personality type. It is crazy fun role-playing but it can be overwhelming or addictive depending on your mood. People mistake me for Goldie Hawn when I have on PP and Im no longer a blonde LOL. I wouldnt try to change too much for some guy into being more extraverted if you are not naturally, be proud of who you are, infjs are a rarity!
  20. LFM can garner respect in a natural way along with adoration in a non-intimidating way, but its femme. Believe it or not I also get a similiar respectful and adoring response with Heart and Soul (must be the rone) which is slightly less femme. I am a BITCH on wheels with Dom or Leather and have poor and extremely negative response from others. For the most part I hate enone, I just cannot wear it without having being extremely angry and loud about it. But these blends may work for you, they do for many women here on the boards, I wish I was one of them! Audacious which looks kinda like fun alpha may be an option for you as well. Good Luck!
  21. Up until a few months ago I dismissed SS4W as a social... was out with a friend one night and I had one man at the restaurant we were at come up to me and tell me I was absolutely the sexiest woman he had ever laid his eyes on and walked off looking very disturbed. This was bizarre to me because Im someone who wears more than one blend at a time thinking more is more, but SS4W seemed to work its magic solo. Women love me when I have SS4W on as well, its a bit of a popularity blend. As far as PP goes, the new blend is stronger so I only need about 1/2 spritz or less but the hits are very similiar to me between the two. I am a natural introvert and SS4W extroverts me while PP makes me the Life of the Party (at 1/2 short spray, you have to be careful not to OD on this one). The great thing I love about CB is you can layer it under anything to soften up your signature and add a bit of Sexy-Kitten type feel to the underbelly of strong or complex blends, it also helps if you like your man to take charge or be "on top."
  22. Go to the bottom of the betaspray page, its the only way to do it correctly. Back in the day I tried mixing with vodka and it changed the pheros.
  23. you can purchase a bottle of premixed perfumers alcohol and some pippettes here to transfer your oil into a spray.
  24. I agree with quietguy, anything with betanol will having people feeling trusting and connected. maybe a beta spritz of beta nol or true confessions to the back of your head and B2 to your neck and wrists.
  25. I wore the last of my sample to yoga this morning, I figured it was tame enough. I had quite a few compliments.
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