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  1. Sophia appears very disturbed in that photo. LOL.
  2. Agree with the dirty. Sexology scented is XXX, I cannot deny the power. Ive worn unscented sexology under my pink perfumes, LP and otherwise seems to take it down to PG13. LOL!
  3. I wore LFM last night out, Im not going to hog the whole posting here lets just say hit after hit after hit after hit.... (both men and women). LFM is a "busty" voluptous blend.. wherea a SS4W seems a take no prisoners kind of sexpot Jenna Jameson or Megan Fox.
  4. Missdarlyn hows the 60/40 working for you? Im curious how this is different from the beta spray only.
  5. btw, I had LP original in Beta as a cover for LFM last night.
  6. Sprays always seem to work better with most pheros, not all though. I think this could go either way. Its a STRONG phero blend, I get major self affects. I wore this again last night and had on a sample of Compromising positions. I have NEVER seen my loveslave so turned on since I wore BI w cops and neanderlicious (tah). I could not keep his hands off me, even after we did the naughty!
  7. I had 1 Beta spray split between my wrists and several of the LP sample minis up and down my arms and on my neck. I tend to go overboard when I recieve my shipment LOL.
  8. Here is my experience with LFM... I wore one spray split between by wrists. In my sweats, sneakers and ovesized sweater hair in a pony I took a leisurly stroll to the corner market. A middle aged grocer caught my attention as I walked in with a big ole HIIIIII, then walked off with a HUGE grin on his red face lol. I strolled up and down the aisles in a leisurly fashion.. in the organic fruit/veggie section there were a few older men who became huddled around me blocking me in with their carts LOL! ALL of them where pretending to read labels and not moving, for a very, very long time. I stayed in place primarily for testing purposes so I could gage all reactions. At one point there was a semi-circle of 3 men with their big carts. I said "excuse me" and the older one smiled with his voice in a very high pitch said to me "my you sure do have some healthy items in that basket of yours" another of the gentleman nodded and gave my a sinister smile as I quickly proceeded to move into the next isle *note* I had 1 apple in my cart. The soup isle was very interesting. Two young grocery boys about 18-19 in age began peacocking in front of me as I was checking out the varieties. Once I walked past them one of them went PHHEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! and nodded his head. Im not sure what he meant and I immediately begun to become paranoid he sensed that I was wearing pheros and maybe they were to much until the same boy ended up in the frozen food section I was in across the store 3 minutes later oggling me. Check out was very interesting. The lady ahead of me gave me a strange look her mouth slightly opened and then nodded her head!?!?! There was a very attractive Frenchman behind me who asked me if the item sitting on the candy shelf was mine (which it was most obviously not). Then started asking me questions, trying to converse. I busted a couple of jokes to lighten the intensity of his focus and when I turned around to leave the store the main grocer (from when I came in) was standing by the exit red-faced. "Good night ma'am."
  9. Occo Pink beta spray lightly under LP Pink, Flowerbomb or Pink Sugar topped with the phero blend of my choice. For nighttime LP original beta spray (which is gorgeous!) over pheroblend of choice and Occo White oil mixed with LP original Oil on pulse points, this always gets me many hits (both men and women). LP original and Red give me strong phero type reactions, though Red is a little too strong on my skin. Good topic kittenkat.
  10. HAHAHAHHAHAA!!!! I almost choked on my falafel laughing so hard. Beccah youve got a good eye. Snoop nailed it, now Im not gonna get the song out of my head for the rest of the day!
  11. On my skin its a vanillic white musk skin scent, but VERY elegant I have to agree with LadyV its expensive and "Luxe" smelling but also cozy and soft like lounging by the fireplace in your finest silky lingerie, SH could also double up as a sleeptime LP.
  12. me too... usually just outwardly from women. I always thought of H & S as a friendly pheroblend, I had no idea affected male response like this crazy!
  13. I agree with Cali here.. but Ill share what works for me is usually 3 beta sprays, anymore and Im an emotional basketcase. If Im around my partner or any sort of romantic interest I try and keep the sprays to the back of my head and body so Im not the one getting affected.
  14. I wore H&S blend to a meditation group I regularly attended last year mostly because of self affects. I recently recieved an email from one of the attendees, the only male in the group which no longer meets. He wrote to me that he never felt as strongly for a woman as he did for me spirtually, emotionally and sexually (yes he did go there). He cannot seem to get me off his mind. I wrote him back that Im not available as more than friends and he continues to state that we are soul mates and even if I am not available as a girlfriend than he would accept just being available as my lover LOL!!!
  15. yes, I agree with Tyvey and I definitely dont think the pheros are a problem, sounds like he needs to practice his hunting skills for awhile. I would not initiate any further contact... and DONT spray heart and soul anywhere close to your nasal passages, try the back of your head
  16. for a long time I was spraying my clothes with various phero blends, and even spritz refreshing like I would on my skin.. then one day I went to do my laundry and taking the clothes out of my bag I almost passed out from the residual phero residue, I can only imagine what I was doing to others lol. Since my laundry day revelation, other than copulins (which I dont mind on my clothes) I only spray pheros on my skin and hair.
  17. Thanks Halo. I guess Im about as hot as a 36 year old can get.. and if that is you in the photo your super hot and lovely.
  18. "insufferably smug" interesting... Maybe there is something to that. I do get that burst of confidence in my stride and I dont care so much about what people think. maybe people do actually notice and maybe it comes across as sexy.
  19. Hahahhahhhahhaa.. showered, scrubbed and clean. I dont normally get this kind of attention at the grocery store, at least not in my sweats.
  20. I spritz OCCO under my various blends of course I get noticed a bit more. But the next day.. WOW. Last night I had on OCCO, showered went to bed. I was at the grocery store this morning and the attention I got from the male employees was CRAZY . After having a late night I did not look great either. This is not the first time I have noticed stronger hits day after AND after a shower. Does anyone else here notice stronger attention or hits day after wearing OCCO?
  21. Hi Lain LP Red is gorgeous, romantic and sexy and reminiscent of Maras Rocket Fuel while CuddleBunny is fresh, angelic and romantic.
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