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  1. Hi Kittenkat, sounds like you had some great hits. PP spray is VERY concentrated I always use 1 spray max or Im in od territory.
  2. Indigo, This is very profound and I absolutely agree with you on this one! Tee, Saging is the act of passing a person (in this case myself), an object, or a space thru sage. Native American tradition thats been a part of ceremony. When you pass thru the smoke, the smoke acts as an etheric cleanser for emotional trauma, stagnant energy, attachments, negativity directed towards you etc. Its like windex for the soul lol. There are different types of Sage, I usually burn white sage for most self-effects. There is much more to Sage than I am describing here.. but this how I like to use it. I sage my house a few times a month or more to clear it and I sage myself a bit more often. Its quicker than taking a sea-salt bath for purity, but sage does have a heavy smell. Sorry for my brief simplistic explanation here, I hope it makes sense. Thanks Tyvey, Indigo, Luna, Tee for your insight.
  3. Hi Luvlife! there are a couple of us here in the big apple.
  4. Empress of Perisca is divine! It seems strong enough to cover just about any phero blend. Also LP Red, Sugared Amber or maybe a boost of Maras Rocket Fuel.
  5. yes, I understand what you're saying absolutely, lession learned... but I have used this combo in the past and it worked before very successfully. Oh well, not going to repeat this one.
  6. something to ponder. I dont have Elixir or Ashes but I do have Wall of protection and Jinx no more so maybe if I go back Ill just arm myself lol.
  7. JOC, Kovvy thank yous for your kind words and support. Mademoiselle, yes you are right, sometimes there is nothing we can do to fight off jealousy directed towards us. My partner gave me the same advice as you... he told me their just jealous because I have all my marbles together and I looked amazing and sexy...lol (they usually see me in sweats). He rolls his eyes. He is more a thinker, Im more a feeler so he doesnt understand the affect this night had on me. He also thinks I should continue to take the classes, just avoid situations where there is alcohol involved. Me, I dont know.. Im over it but I will take a break from these classes for a bit on advice from Therapygirl and the other women here. Im going to give it a little time first and see.Thanks Mademoiselle for your support.
  8. Yup, I think Im gonna heed Therapygirls advice and thank you for your support too Bumbob! I feel so safe here expressing the last night of last year.
  9. hhhmmmm, maybe it is the combo, too much anol in both?. I dont know. PP is my absolute favorite phero blend for social occasions, so this just leaves me stumped.
  10. Thank you so much Ladies for all your advice & support, I took a long brisque walk today after I shared with you all and I feel much lighter. Beccah, Im going to sage myself tonight before I go to bed, thank you so much for the reminder its something I absolutely believe in and love to do.. when you put it like that I remember why.
  11. Calli, Ravenwing... Thanks for your feedback and support. I feel a little sad today, not just because of my ill treatment, but also thinking how could I have gotten involved w this spiritual group full of people I admire, in my world actions speak loudly... maybe all this wouldnt have been such a BIG DEAL for me emotionally if there wasnt alcohol involved IDK...maybe Im just being overly sensitive. I really feel let down in my treatment by people I have admired and aspired to learn from.
  12. Luna, Thanks for your insight. I didnt mention it but, some of these people are part of a spiritual group (lol) Ive been doing alot of work with, I just expected better treatment... it just made me a little sad.
  13. Last night I was at a New Years Party without my partner. I wore 1 spray (its very concentrated) of Popularity potion to the back of head and Treasured Hearts to the wrists and neck. I brought a very expensive bottle of champagne and some great wine to give to the host of the party. All was fun and well until I noticed the women where ignoring me. All the men where talking to me and the women would all talk louder to get the attention back onto themselves. I had no copulins to warrant this kind of behavior. Champage being passed around, the woman who ran the party gave me a cheap glass, while everyone else had a real one? no biggie.. I let it go. Every time I would say something in the group one of the ladies would try and talk loudly over me. At one point I found myself giving a valid, I guess what I consider valuable, interesting and unusual point to a conversation, where I was cut off by a younger woman (who is considered "the beauty" of the group by the other women, not the men). I spoke loudly OVER her to finish my point at which point I was derided by the host as interrupting (not directly) she said to me shhhh, shhhh let Chloe finish??? I would not let her steal MY point and I finished. This "Chloe" and her boyfriend whispered about and later she was crowned Queen of New Years Eve, she wore her crown.. the hats where passed around, again I am passed the cheapest by the host. I was a bit tipsy at that point to which I stated aloud "Oh look Im queen of the lowly tonight lol" I asked the host if I could help her clean up, and I was the only one helping her with no appreciation or thanks. As I was leaving I noticed that she was asking Chloe if Chloe wanted to take things home, she did not ask me and no she was not closer with Chloe... as the entire night she was catering to her along w everyone else, I was being ignored (except by the guys) and ill-treated. The funny part of all this is I wore PP and TH to get along with all the women. Wtf?
  14. KrazyKat


    I have one word for this one... SEX. Pure SEX. This is like Organza Indecence but somehow more raw? I think its that pimento note. I think I might be a little too self conscious to wear this one out in public inducing naughty thoughts
  15. Pinup, What a great sister!!! Popularity potion is AWESOME!!! it works like a sexypot blend and its so much fun! Oh and of course she should definitely keep the cops going absolutely "cause shes got boobs." I would suggest she goes and BLAM it just to see what ridiculous statements (and their motivations) come out of his mouth this year, maybe he wont be able to hide his attraction (ughhh intimidation). I would even go so far as to suggest some Blatent Invatation, to really drive him over the top, how dare he!!
  16. anything I can do to prevent the embarrasment of what I went thru. No man is worth your dignity, keep your reputation in tact. Beccahs advice is right on, watch out you are not the subject of gossip which you very well may be if this guy is immature and cant handle your hottness.
  17. Indigo, I hate to open my big fat mouth, but I wouldnt do anything that would make you uncomfortable in going back to the gym.. I had a similiar situation where I had a huge interest in a trainer we flirted, he seemed VERY interested, I tried SO HARD to get him to approach me then one day I just smiled at him in the gym cafe. That was the end of it... There where whispers all over the gym, people staring, then on top of it I saw him hit on another girl in front of me (she was kind of ugly too) who needed help with her form. To make a long story short it was not a phero combination, a smile or my HOTTNESS that worked... in fact it seemed all this was my detriment. The thing that worked with this trainer was damsel needing help with her form,. It sounds like you are a real beauty if you had all these other men hit on you in europe. European men do not like ugly women. I dont know about canadian men, but my experience is many american men are terrified of hott women but love to help a woman in need, so the damsel in distress may work, but if it does, you have to ask yourself do you really want to play this role to get his attention? is it worth it? is he not accepting of you just being you without distress? Thank GOD my hubby is european.
  18. I wore my sample last night out. Slathered on the stuff, boy did my hubby love this one! He told me its absolutely the sexiest most incredible fragrance he's ever smelt on me (of course I had various phero blends underneath).
  19. Dgsweets, what Tah does to your boss is exactly what it does to my partner.. he becomes very submissive to my every need when I wear Tah... he calls me powerfully feminine (LOL)... Been 8 years together, I think the total femininity of Tah holds him steady and close, its what he needs, especially w cops, he is a sucker for Neanderlicious.
  20. Yes! Calli had the same experience I did... if you wait for at least a week, even longer, Pink settles absolutely beautifully.. my fave LP!
  21. Creamy Sunkissed Orange, slightly sweet and faintly kissed with a touch of spice mellowing into a soft and creamy skin musk. Just Beautiful! This PE makes me happy and nostalgic, absolutely beautiful, I just wished it lasted longer on my skin.
  22. Upon initial application the Black Cherry takes center stage with its semi-sweet opening, black pepper floating in the background. The Black Pepper smells like Cola. All I can think of comparing this to is Dr. Pepper with Cherry or maybe Cherry Cola. What I love about JGCP is its Sweet, but not cloying and it melds with the skin beautifully, drydown on my skin is bright, smooth & juicy, warm and sexy.
  23. DA, Neanderlicious is more bright ambery, smoky violet than skin musk. I too get great reactions from TAH, Im absolutely going to be hoarding a couple of those sale bottles
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