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  1. Yes, that's my order.



    I do this:


    lotion, sunscreen, fragrance, then phero


    I rub all the lotion in - same with sunscreen and I have never noticed any transference of fragrance or clogging.


    I hope others share as well. :)

    Do you both notice after using your UN-pheros after fragrance that they start picking up the scent of the fragrance you layer them over? I'm worried about that. I had one that I was using a lot close to L. P. Red or OCCO Red and it started to smell like it, and I got frustrated because I wanted it to stay neutral to go with any scent. I was trying to keep them apart, but obviously not doing the greatest job :wacko:

  2. Hi Everyone!

    I have been wondering for a while, when applying my pheromones to my torso where I use body lotion, is it right to put my pheros first? The reason I do is because I don't want to taint my precious UNscented pheros with scented body lotion, but at the same time, I wonder if covering them up with body lotion afterward is sacrilege, and blocking them? Same thing with my neck, but with the added problem of sunscreen which I'm afraid would possibly clog up my rollerballs. Well, I'm finally confused enough to ask, so I'd love to hear your opinions. Thank you!

  3. At first this is candy-silk-threaded-cushiony-soft, sweet musk, then as it dries down on me, it smells more nuzzle-y soft but still retains its sweetness. Ok, now that it is completely dried down the musk is really coming out to play, it is a beautiful white musk, very soft, delicate, and feminine. The sweetness is still there, it just has taken somewhat of a backseat to the musk, or my skin is amping the musk. I really love this one, and my only regret is that I didn't order the large-sized bottle because I have a feeling I am going to want to mix/layer this with, like, everything!!! I may as well order a large bottle soon, just in case! ;D Mara, you are amazing!! I really love this one, and I am super happy to be on the label. Sugared Pink Musk is fantastic!

  4. I'm curious about this also because quite a while back I either decanted or has someone decant half my bottle of UN cuddle bunny ( the original) for them to keep the decanted half for swap and it is no longer cloudy when I shake it. I'm concerned that it was never shaken before decanted.

    Was yours cloudy at one point? Mine were not. My older bottles were, but the ones I purchased recently stay clear when I shake them, I'm under the impression there is a new Est that was switched to at some point during my hiatus from ordering when I was living off of my giant stash. It also doesn't smell quite the same, I miss the old smell. But when one gets attached to a product and it changes one always winds up missing the old one.

  5. Cuddle Bunny (makes me feel even more feminine than I naturally am, and I get great response from my husband)


    Popularity Potion (makes me feel like the life of the party socially, and people wind up treating me that way, its a really fun social blend & I like that it has ingredients to get rid of cattiness from other women)


    Cougar Potion (I don't know what is in that stuff, but it makes me feel really amazing, I wind up wanting to huff my own arm all the time too it smells so dang good!)

  6. I am in agreement with this Dolly. Open Windows and OCCO are a VERY nice combination. I guess everything is better with the windows open. ;)

    My husband was in a bad mood this morning (he had a terrible day yesterday-he works from home, he's an artist/painter) and I chose Open Windows and Scented Cuddle Bunny as my perfume, it totally turned his mood around and he's been quite magnetized to me all day, and really sweet. His mood changed in an amazing way! But I probably should have added more cops to lead things into the bedroom. I agree with Dolly, add the OCCO to LAM or OW.


    edited for bad punctuation!

  7. I just got my label from Mara! I'm so excited and just like JudyO said, honored, to be part of LPMP label history!! I can't even describe my excitement, and I'm Sugared Pink Musk to go with my pink hair! This is just too cool, and I never got to smell S. Pink Musk when it was around the first time. I do have quite a few hoarded samples from the Sugareds from olden times ;) but never Pink Musk, I can't wait to smell it! White Musk with Pink Sugars sounds divine to me. :D


    Thank you, Beautiful Mara xoxox *hugesquishyhugs*

  8. I really love Bang. I wore it this weekend and threw a temper tantrum when the heel of my boot broke. In one swift movement just like a rugged highlander, the BF took my boot and said. " I'll fix this for you " He stared at me with such intensity that all I could do was say " ok "

    He would do that normally, but when I have a freak out sometimes he is more logical than highlander depending on the freak out

    I fully expected him to tell me to take deep breaths and that it would be okay and talk me through my freak out. It was incredibly sexy how he moved so swiftly and reacted in the manner I needed him to so I wouldn't shit on him for not caring about my boot.


    I've noticed this behavior from him when I wear BANG. The man is sexy to me without pheromones, but with this blend, I feel like we are straight out of a Harlequin novel and we both play these parts. Me- sexy bratty damsel in distress, and him- rugged ripped

    sexy beast that rescues me from freakouts.

    The other time I wore this same thing happened. I was hinting at how tired I was and sleepy, this was after dinner. I even did the stretch with boobs pushed forward very exaggeratedly, to make sure he caught a whiff of the BANG and a glimpse of the cans ~ he did the whole swift highlander thing again and told me to rest, he would wash the dishes and clean up. He got up and kissed my head.

    This blend is amazing!

    Lady V, I know this post you made is SO old, but I'm reading this thread because I am unfamiliar with a lot of the pheromone blends that have popped up in my absence from the forum and from LPMP, and I just LOVE this post you made, it totally makes me want to buy BANG. Its too cute!! Just had to say it.


  9. I honestly can not tell you what I am smelling right away, its like dryer sheets! I like it, but it definitely smells like dryer sheets. I tested this one a couple weeks back and it was so much sweeter, I don't know what happened! Its drying down now, and its less intense, but still no sweeter. Must have been something with my pH that day or today. You guys are going to laugh at me for saying this, but it kind of smells like pickles! Why does it smell like pickles?! That's so odd. Its not very strong, but the pickles are there, I swear to you! I still like it anyways. I wouldn't have gotten a full bottle, and may not keep my sample, I don't think it works on me very well, even though I kind of like it. Oh well! ;)

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