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  1. I just got my label from Mara! I'm so excited and just like JudyO said, honored, to be part of LPMP label history!! I can't even describe my excitement, and I'm Sugared Pink Musk to go with my pink hair! This is just too cool, and I never got to smell S. Pink Musk when it was around the first time. I do have quite a few hoarded samples from the Sugareds from olden times but never Pink Musk, I can't wait to smell it! White Musk with Pink Sugars sounds divine to me. Thank you, Beautiful Mara xoxox *hugesquishyhugs*
  2. Lady V, I know this post you made is SO old, but I'm reading this thread because I am unfamiliar with a lot of the pheromone blends that have popped up in my absence from the forum and from LPMP, and I just LOVE this post you made, it totally makes me want to buy BANG. Its too cute!! Just had to say it. xoxo
  3. Ivy


    I honestly can not tell you what I am smelling right away, its like dryer sheets! I like it, but it definitely smells like dryer sheets. I tested this one a couple weeks back and it was so much sweeter, I don't know what happened! Its drying down now, and its less intense, but still no sweeter. Must have been something with my pH that day or today. You guys are going to laugh at me for saying this, but it kind of smells like pickles! Why does it smell like pickles?! That's so odd. Its not very strong, but the pickles are there, I swear to you! I still like it anyways. I wouldn't have gotten a full bottle, and may not keep my sample, I don't think it works on me very well, even though I kind of like it. Oh well!
  4. Ivy


    Right away I can smell the Violet, with something underneath, its almost the sheerest anise smell!, Nope, its berries!! Oh my God, it smells exactly like those amazing vintage-type violet candies! I wish I had tested this when it was still in production, I would have gotten a FB, it smells so pretty. Its getting a little dryer sheet-y, but staying with the violet theme (maybe some lavender?) Ok, maybe I hallucinated the lavender and dryer sheets, because this just smells like violet pastilles, which I happen to love! Verdict of test=Full Bottle. Availability of bottle=not available. Oh well. I still have my big sample, so thats a good thing!!
  5. Back when Beta-Nol was available to purchase as a spray, I ordered it along with the Alpha-Nol, and Estratetraenol. I love the reactions I get from others when I wear it, people feel comforted by me, I've always been the kind of person that people feel safe opening up to, but Beta-Nol takes it to a whole other level, and it works far away from me, too, for instance: if I make my way around a store and then need help from a salesperson, that salesperson is really chatty and open and helpful, well, that's not actually the greatest example, but it really does some amazing things, and I love the single molecule sprays because if there is something you want to boost about a Pheromone blend, you can. I've been surprised at the distances I've seen this work. I suppose that goes for all Beta-Nol heavy blends, but I'm just reviewing the single-molecule spray. I had a horrible accident with my bottle last month though, I was leaving the cap unscrewed because my husband *hates* how Beta-Nol smells when I do a full spritz, so I have to pull the spray mechanism out of the bottle and just dip and apply with the spray wand-thingie, but I forgot and lifted Beta-Nol from its cap and it fell and half of the bottle spilled out everywhere!! I freaked and the only thing I could think of to do to save it was to put it on! Needless to say, I was ordered to a shower from the DH. And I can't even order it again, even if I had the money! How depressing!!
  6. Yes, in my opinion, or maybe just in my case skin-wise, I find the silicone works best for me where staying power is concerned in any weather condition, but especially hot, whether we're talking dry (when I lived in Newport Beach, CA.) or humid (now in Cookeville, TN.) But that's just my personal experience. I have read that it is recommended to get UN-pheros in oil form, I'm trying to think which ones I have ordered in oil...checking..True Confessions, Lace, and Blatant Invitation. I'll have to experiment a little and get back to you since I've just usually gone for silicone cause the barrier makes sense to me. My Lace is (extremely sadly) seriously almost empty; but Blatant Invitation: my open one is silicone, and my backup is oil, so that would make for a good experiment, right?! and luckily, since I'm disabled I don't have to worry too much about wearing that one outside my home, I'll just pick days where my husband and I are not likely to leave the house put it on in the morning & hopefully it'll spark some fun, too! I rarely ever wear it, its funny that I have so much of it, lol!! The last time I wore True Confessions I feel like it lasted a while, but not as long as my Cuddle Bunny & all the other silicone UN-pheros I have. I may be a LPMP Black Sheep though!
  7. Oh, also, it doesn't *smell* the same as Cuddle Bunny always used to smell, or maybe I'm going batty? Never mind that actually, now that I've used it once its starting to smell *right,* maybe I had to mix my own smell with it for it to get its distinctive scent and I never really sniffed a new bottle like that before? I don't know. Could be going batty.
  8. Hi Everyone! I haven't ordered my favorite phero (or any phero) for a few years because I've had a stash. I just ordered a new mini-stash of two bottles of UN-Cuddle Bunny, which my husband responds to the best out of any of the many pheros I've tried, and when you shake it, it stays clear rather than becoming cloudy. Every other UN-phero I've had in the silicone base turns cloudy when you shake it. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Is it a new normal for the silicone base? Could I have gotten DPG marked as Cyclopentasiloxane? Any help would be highly appreciated, Thanks Phero-Girls!! xoxox
  9. I have to say thank you to all of you who liked and reviewed my scent. I thought very hard about what I would want in a perfume and the first thing was liquid benzoin, which is a difficult thing to get, benzoin is a tough resin. Then my next obsessions are Amber and Vanilla, and I wanted it sweetend up. I wanted it to be a lacy web of sweetness. I'm so happy you all liked it, thank you so much.
  10. This is my favorite out of the strawberry scents I've tried. It has the prettiest dry-down and lasts the longest. I just love the musk that was chosen for it, its perfect with the strawberry. If strawberry could be spohisticated, this is it, and I love it. I have always loved strawberry, but it usually smells so *cheap* not this one, for that matter not the other strawberry scents Ive tried from LPMP, I just like this one the best because of whatever makes the strawberries "Juicy" and the musk "White." (I know its white musk ) I can't believe a strawberry scent could last as long as this one does, either, it lasts almost all day! Love.
  11. Oh my gawd I am SO in love with this scent. Bravo Adrienne! I am about to say something strange, but I shall explain. This is one of the best clean scents I have ever tried, I want more and it seems there is none to be had! I know its not supposed to be clean, its a resinous scent, but patchouli does this bizarre thing on my skin where it transforms into dryer-sheets smell! I must have some seriously odd ph or something. All of my girlfriends my whole life, if we both tried on the same scent it always smells drastically different on me, its broken my perfume-obsessed-heart so many times. But back to the matter at hand, I really adore this scent, and it lasts a very long time on me. I wish I had some back-up, but at least I have a bottle, I just use it sparingly and it does get better with age.
  12. Oh, Esmeralda, thank you for your reply! I just peeked in my box and found that I had actually purchased Armed & Dangerous with P-101, so I think I will get Sweet Revenge with P-100 since then I'd have both to cover my bases I did consider Focus Pocus, I wonder if anyone has gotten the chance to try that, I will go look for reviews after this. Holy Crap, I slathered a bunch of the Armed & Dangerous w/P101 on right now and feel like I just drank a half pot of coffee! I actually have a zingy feeling in my stomach! Crazy! I haven't heard of TAF, I'll have to look it up & check out Tantric B-fly! Thanks about the depression, I have had a lot of not-so-fun things happen to me in the last year, and just have been completely wrecked. I think I have a pint of Alpha-Androstenol, lol, I bought the spray and have bottles and bottles of mixes that contain it from LPMP. I don't have every blend it shows up in, but I really have a lot of them. The strange thing is that while I love those blends, I have never felt the giddy or tipsy feeling from it, even from my Woozy Floozy! Maybe I need to get just a little bit farther out of my hole to feel it, that is intriguing...I have Elevation Potion in my cart right now, Mara is the sweetest, she sent me some of the happier uplifting blends as samples in one of my recent orders, and I really liked that one a lot, but haven't smelled Happy Water. I didn't really like the scent of Florida Water the only time I smelled it, so I wasn't sure about ordering it, though I'm sure Mara & Danna wouldn't make a stinky perfume! Thank you for your encouragement, I am actively trying to heal and get over the yucky and sad things that have hit me and I see a light at the end of the tunnel, I just have to get there. I know I can do it, I don't think I could have imagined saying something like that a few weeks ago, so that's progress already! I'm going to finish my cart now, thanks so very much for your help, it definitely made a difference! *hug*
  13. Oh! Liz, this may be way past your interests now, but you can get several mixes that have P-83, its just mixed with P-74 too! I got one and I like it a lot so far here's what is available at the moment: Love Potion Spring 2009 w/ Androtic's P74+P83 - 1/2 bottles available Spanish Gold w/ Androtic's P74+P83 - 3/3 bottles available Armed & Dangerous w/ Androtic's P74+P83 - 2/2 bottles available Cheap Girls w/ Androtic's P74+P83 - 1/2 bottles available I don't know if this is helpful information, but I just noticed that you were interested in it, and wanted to make sure you could get some if you still wanted it. P-74 seems like the perfect addition, so its like getting a two-for-one!
  14. I have a question, can anyone tell me what the differences (if there are any) between P-100 and P-101? I know Mara explained that for both: "Users report motivational and caffeine-like effects." but I wonder if there is any difference between the two? Basically I am looking for something to give me enough motivation, focus, or get-up-and-go as possible. I am trying very hard to pull myself out of a very profound depression, and I absolutely hate the lethargy and lack of motivation that comes along with it. I want to be able to just pull myself out of my chair/bed and get stuff done. On a side note, any reported differences between the P-74 based mixes (MX-282 through 287)?
  15. Like so many of the rest of you, I am too so sad I missed out on this (I'm a Vanilla fiend!! lol). I swear, I keep trying to put it in my cart, and I know its all gone! I am starting to feel a little crazy, I need to stop trying to put things that don't exist in there! Ail, it sounded absolutely divine, I'm not surprised those last 3 bottles went in 60 seconds, I should have been trying to put it in my cart during that minute! This perfume has inspired me to attempt my first custom, so thank you for the inspiration, Ail!! ;D
  16. Forgive me, but what is HAM? That just sounds hilarious! Is there a thread somewhere where people put the abbreviations commonly used for scents? If not, something like that would be so very helpful to newbies, or people who aren't reading the forum so often, like me, who feels out-of-the-loop quite a bit. Someone who knows a lot of the abbreviations could start the master list/post, then as new abbreviations go, those who develop them or use them first could reply and add to the list of definitions, I think that would be so great!!
  17. I absolutely ADORE the Original Love Potion, I just wish that we had the option to buy them in the bigger 1/3oz bottles. I use mine A LOT (and thats an understatement I would love that optopm, you can use the art you used for the AMAZING Sample I have or the Phero Enhanced (B.I.) and just ness with the type a boy, voila! Larger bottles for those that want them. I was curious if there is any reason onther than the faceted bottles why they are smaller? Thanks for hearing my tired ramblings, you have been most kind, though Im sure you would get a queen of perfumeland crown, Marra, if you were to somehow start offering a second size choice. I'll hand-make it and it will be sparkleliscious and lovely with hearts. Lets make a deal! and djac? If you are reading this, I have your ss4w for you, i just need to swap info with you so I have your address< I will have to do it after I crash here, I'm starting to have dreams and talk to imaginary people (oh,th embarrasing joys of ambien)Please don't think I'm ignoring you, I will find a bottle and transfer it in. Any tips on that, with the shaking of the phero blend and all? Thanks for listening to me guys i love you! + ivy +
  18. That's so funny! My husband actually does do well with Pherogirl and Synchronicity so I stocked up on those like nobodys business! Though Sexology he thinks is too strong when I put it on (he says something about maple syrup if I remember correctly) but if I get it on all sneaky-like before bed he definitely likes it in the morning, and actually sniffs my neck and everything, so he does like that one but only after its dried down for a long time! He seems to do well with vanilla and very subtle scents he's wierd about me smelling like "grandma" but that seems to span a lot of scent genres to his nose! So picky! I just love the unscented Phero blends, does anyone think BAM would go over well?
  19. Ok, now I really feel out of the loop! Even though I don't post too much on the forums I consider myself a huge fan of L.P. and Mara & Danna, I didn't realize bath products were being made, where did I miss this?
  20. Oh My Good Gracious! I have been waiting on my tax return to make a nice fat order, and I had gotten a sample of Pheromone-Charged Love Potion and it went over very, very well with my super-picky extremely hard to please (scent-wise) husband, so I was going over to stock up, and since it was still on the front page of the site, and I had no idea it was even on Low-Stock warning, I plopped a bunch of bottles of it into my cart, and then my cart informed me that it is out of stock! Crap! I haven't gone back in this thread to see if others were talking about it and asking for a re-blend, which I would imagine has happened, since it is so amazing, I am just SO sad! I can't even explain how well my husband responded to it, and Mara knows how picky he is! so I beg of it to be re-blended, but I will go back and try to buy both parts of it and make it myself if I can, but I am just putting my two-cents in because I think it is absolutely amazing, and would save for a re-blend if I knew one was coming! I am going to have to cherish that vial I have! I was wearing it on a daily basis, I had no idea at all it was gone! Big Ooops!
  21. My Bring It Back vote is for Spider Silk, anyone else feel the same way? I only got to get one bottle and I am really sad about that, I wish I had way more!! I absolutely adore it!! I've been off the boards for a bit due to illness, and am SO ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to see that original Phero Girl was re-blended!! YAY!!! Thank you Soooooo much, Mara! I would have voted to keep it like the original because even though I really like Sugared Honeycomb, there is something softer/lighter about P.G. that made it an amazing everyday fragrance and I know I have mentioned this before but it is the only fragrance in my entire collection that my Husband actually really likes, I get a really good reaction from him when I wear it. Its truly amazing! So I will be buying a bottle, and coming back for more if he likes the new version as well. I am really excited for this new experiment!! Thanks again, Mara, I am so grateful that you re-blended P.G.!!! My eternal adoration to you for it!
  22. I absolutely always put on scent before bed, I feel empty or uncomplete if I don't. I'm funny, some days I'll have put on 3 or 4 different things by the time I hit the hay! *i hope i don't smell like i work in a House of Harlots when i do that!* *blush* P.S. you all made me want to try Mermaids, and that Summer of Sin sounds freakin' fabulous! I can't wait to try that!
  23. Hello Everyone! I have been interested in Love Potion Perfumes for over a year, when I found the site doing an online search for Witchy oils, which I have had an obsession with since my early teens. There was a local Witch in my Southern Ca. area who had a shop that I frequented because of her amazing oils. She fell off the face of the Earth though, unfortunately, years and years ago. That left me in the lurch for my oils, so I had periodically searched online for another place for Magickal Perfumes. I am SO happy to have found Love Potions, because these oils exceed my old favorites by leaps and bounds. I just love them! Thanks so much to Mara and Danna, I am truly indebted to you both. I hope you know just how amazing you are. My favorites so far are: Love Potion Red, Scandalous (I got it over at Magical Omaha's site, Cindy recommended it to me and I love her for that!-among other things!, Sugared Roses, Sugared Patchouli, I am looking forward to trying SO many of the new scents, especially Love Potion Pink, and most all of the new Sugared Layerables. If anyone has any suggestions according to my favorites, I'd love to hear! About myself: I love my cat (my only child!), perfume, reading: fantasy, sci-fi, humor, and lots of non-fiction. I love cartoons. Right now I am way into The Venture Bros. I'm married. Thanks for reading this!
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