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  1. 1 large Sugared Green Musk Store
  2. 1 Trial- One True Love-Spells 2015 replacement
  3. 7 Chakra: heart Trials Gravenstein - Trial. Store
  4. 1 trial Gossomer's Threads Store
  5. Invoice for Ganesh: 1-Unscented Love God (1/3 oz roll on) - 44.95 1-Trial (Lilela) - $5.00 FREEBIES 1-Trial (Hot Cherry w/Heart Throb) 2-Trials (Legend w/Charisma) 1-Trial (Wild Side w/Hunter Trapper) 1-Trial (Stormy Weather w/True Confessions) INVOICED, THANK YOU!
  6. hi guys! I just got word from Mara that we are extending the Flash Sale through tomorrow, Saturday, until midnight, . Just request an invoice via email, and if the order is $20 or more use the code "RUNBARRYRUN" and receive the 20% discount.
  7. That is correct! But you must scan the list to make sure they are available too! Have fun choosing!
  8. These are the cutest labels ever!!! I Love Delectable.
  9. I have to say, there is one upside to all this. I am taking a lot of phone orders and getting to speak with people I have typed to for years and I finally get to talk to them. It's been great hearing your voices!!!!
  10. My business has actually been with Vox Domains for the last decade or more. I just found out that they are now letting Go Daddy administrate some of their services. I never liked them.
  11. OMG, YES!!! What I NEED is someone who can do background stuff. Is he familiar at all with Django? What the host screwed up was not transfering the Python Platform and the My SQL when they moved the site, so someone has to reinstall this and "restart" the Django. Thanks for mentioning this!
  12. This is Mara, writing from John's computer... The archive will be on the new permanent site. It's just the temp site that has no place to put it. So, hopefully, you will have it back in the not too distant future, and thankfully we still have the message board reviews in the meantime! ETA: Thanks, Lisa for thinking of us!
  13. Hi Cherise - this is Mara on John's computer today, just sent you an invoice. thanks, honey! xoxoxox
  14. Stacy, the PEs will be up again sometime in Sept, but that means you won't receive it until the beginning of October, so if you want it for Sept, you should order this week. ~ Mara, posting from John's account.
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