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    I have many intrest with disabilites,crafting,shopping horoscopes,movies,going out with my friends,love potions

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  1. Tee


    omg these amazing beautiful I will never be able to decide
  2. Tee


    Yeah I did Beccah so happy i d0 believeI have # 9 Thanks everyone
  3. Tee


    These are so awsome how do decide lol
  4. Tee


    Ok guys and gales I nothing about the mens scent so I need some thoughts as I want to buy one for my SO thank love, Tee
  5. OMG these are amazing,I love,love,love them all ohhman decisions Help on tight budget but I need some smellies so bad Thank-you, your are so awesome got to set up my paypal bear with me ladies and save me some goodies
  6. Tee

    Stalk Talk!

    @quietguy you always giving me a laugh,So where is this sale located at I could use me a pick me up. Ohhh and new releases my oh my I can hardly contain myself So here is to the sale and August new releases Tee
  7. Tee

    New & Saying Hello!

    Welcome :thbf54f4bf:I would have to agree with Bluebear, Enjoy!!!!!
  8. I would go with popularity and your favorite scent......
  9. OMG I love this I used this I got roller bottle with SS4W ~ last time I went out I had a blast totally forgot I was wearing this combo until I got home this couple came into the bar to get a bottle and each of them took a picture with me.I danced all night they had I got so drunk a great band. I got so drunk I fell on the floor from my wheelchair. I did not drive got dropped off and took a cab home.
  10. Tee

    Tee is back

    So how did you do your nails that me inspired???????????????
  11. Tee

    New Releases for JUNE 2013

    @Katz mine toooooo
  12. Tee

    New Releases for JUNE 2013

    OMG so excited I get to order something!!!!!!!!!! TEE
  13. Tee

    Stalk Talk!

    how about a little lime with that
  14. Tee

    Tee is back

    I have so missed you all,can't wait to get caught up with my family,missed everyone so much.Can't wait to meet all the new members too.And now too figure out this reply,lol :kyrii_faerie_action: and if I need to know anything good let me know
  15. Tee

    Tee is back

    Thanks cant wait to get caught up