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  1. Yes, it does work with women. I get great selfies from Aja, myself. I think if another woman smelled like Aja I would find her interesting, if I still swung that way, lol.
  2. If you're really concerned, you could store them in a cooler. Like the type used for sodas & beers, but mine stay in good condition in my cupboard/closet & the a/c doesn't circulate as well in my room.
  3. Beccah

    Rose City Shampoo Bar

    😍 Adorable
  4. If Leather or Dom won't work, what about La Femme Mystere? There's also Treasured Hearts or Swimming w/ the Sharks. Maybe think outside the box w/ Empathy potion. He could wear the SWS as well...
  5. The orchid is very fleshy in this! I keep saying this about these OCCOs, but it's definitely my kind of scent. I felt like a sexpot wearing this, so I threw on some burgundy eyeshadow to match my outfit & owned it. Now I'm patiently awaiting my b/f to come over so I can let him think it's his idea to pounce on me.
  6. Beccah

    New Releases for AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2013

    I did snooze on grabbing a bottle of Ambre Amour. Everytime I try to get on in the trade threads, it gets snatched up before I've even had the chance to look.
  7. Beccah

    OCCO Florale

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I could not detect any cops. I keep saying this, but I don't know how she disguises the copulins in these lighter OCCO scents. The floral is light, but also kind of dense. I applied the teeniest, tiniest bit & it had a lot of throw. I also got a nice reaction from the b/f. I do find this to have a Betrothal Potion vibe as well.
  8. Yes, I've gotten my shipping notice. I'm very excited for my sale order.
  9. How did she manage to cover the cops so well in this type of scent??? I agree, I love this one. I wish I had tried it before I placed my order.
  10. Beccah

    Leisha-Summer 2018

    This is my favorite of the NRs. The BF was reading the sage note as mint? Idk, I knew that I loved this one, the sandalwood pulled me & combined with sage almost tricked my nose into detecting pine or mahogany. But I knew that wasn't it. Very exotic & definitely for me.
  11. Beccah

    Dari's Rocket Powder

  12. In the vein of our old fave, Pumpkin Juice Cocktail, this is a luscious pumpkin with a summery spin - teamed with tart and bright apple and pineapple, and a dash of spice.
  13. Cheryl's blend of white tea and multiple flower honeys, with a squirt of lemon and a splash of Aja.
  14. Beccah

    Dari Gold

    Dari Gold In the tradition of our beloved creamy spicy scents Ebil-ish and Lick of Cream, Dari has created a thick and buttery conglomeration of deliciousness, featuring our thickest most buttery vanillas blended with coconut cream, spiced with nutmeg, clove and cardamom EOs, with a dash of spiced amber in the base.
  15. Dari's Rocket Powder A summer take on the creamy spicy dream...creamed vanillas and coconuts, with a splash of boozy vanilla bean and caramelized sugar, teamed with tart pineapple and sweet mango butter , a dollop of sensual sandalwood in the base, and a sprinkling of chai spices on top.