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  1. Yeah or I should be folding laundry @ work, ha!
  2. Yes, Cheezie it is the Sedgwick. My avi's not as good as yours, though
  3. Let me give you my review on effects. I tried BB on my (foreigm) female boss. To no avail. However, w/ sorceress I have great effects. She is more likely to respect what i have to say about things. It is mahvelous. People are less likely to argue w/ me also. Being that I am 5 ft. tall & 110lbs., I think that it just gives me a 'taller' & more in charge presence. Pray there is a rebrew when this runs out.
  4. lol @ cheezie. I needs everything that sounds yummy, ha.
  5. Beccah

    Sugared Roses

    I think if you used a really mild butter(i.e. grassfed, also known as 'pasture'butter). It would prolly improve flavor. The less an ingredient is processed, the better it tastes.
  6. Beccah


    Yep I am also A cartoon junkie. I think i have a t.v. addiction in general. I was recovering working days. Until I discovered BBC America.
  7. Yes they will. I know they will. Is okay having sale is so worth waiting for new releases.
  8. Beccah


    Oh I hate superjail!!! Love Donna, have you seen the Catherine Tate show? Hilarious! Look around was just kinda, eh for me. The Mighty Boosh gets funnier each episode I see. I didn't get it @ first. I was like where's mah Aqua Teen Hunger force? But now I watch the Boosh every chance I get!
  9. Beccah


    Teddyman is wonderful. I love torchwood,dr.who, sara chronicles(?). Do you ever watch the Mighty Boosh(sunday nights, adultswim which is cartoon network during the day)?
  10. I loved in bottle. Sadly did not work for me on Is up on my trading post ladies.
  11. I'm rolling w/ laughter @ A_E!!! Begging for your life, BWAHAHAHA!!! Esmie always makes me laugh!! This thread has become my comic relief.
  12. thank you so much. I know my TT will not be receiving any now. He is already to aggressive
  13. I know what you mean. I'm 28, & it almost feels like 20s have been worse than teen years. Not quite as sulky, yet no parents to guide you
  14. Checking back in to further stalk new releases. Due to reasons unforseen, will be sampler pack for me. Grateful to @ least get to enjoy that. Wishing for full sizes!!!
  15. Yesssssss.......priorities. My preciou....I mean LPs.
  16. Always get empty sniffees & pipettes!!! Thataways you cans be generous n keep that precious bottle, ha.
  17. Yes it is very much like that. Like waiting for christmas+ stalking your mailman.
  18. I use this to calm my toddler, along with the Bach's Rescue Remedy drops, the potion is based on. You really should try those drops. Mayday is nice, because at times my little monkey refuses to take said drops.
  19. Well i amped LpRed w/ H&S. The only time I've tested it thus far. Has been returning home from work. I took my clothes off, slathered. Then went & proceeded to cling to TTs back, shoving my arms under his nose. He awoke twenty minutes later after i was bath & washed wanting some love. He was in a good mood, though. Lacking his usual crabbiness.
  20. I wore DD4Her over Sandalwood LAM. I smelled so wonderful. I love the effects. The Terrible Taurus couldn't keep his hands off of me.
  21. Nabbed a bottle ( saw it dwindling). Love it!!
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