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  1. What if you do shift work& you don't want your coworkers to stick around any longer than necessary? I think this blend would be good for my terrible taurus, however he has one of those. A grumpy old man, he comes in early & won't work. Just sits around till it's time to clock on. Not that he should work for free, you know if it's busy. Clock on early & help! So would my husband have to reapply often if he sweats a lot?
  2. I'll throw my hat in :banana054: for sexology & bosom bows. Never got to try sexology went to quick! I'd like to get a matching body cream for a ll my phero scents.
  3. I haven't tried this yet. However my answer is always yes to more sandlewood!!!
  4. Beccah

    Top Five

    Let's see my top 5 until June releases/ sale order.... 1.Thief of hearts 2.Breaking the ceiling 3.Money Honey 4.Happy water 5.Sweet Revenge
  5. Did you ask for A journal sub-forum? Mara & Dana said we could have them.
  6. So if I don't feel like deeply bonding with my better half @ this juncture. should I just stick with LAM? Or is there a way to where BAM where you won't get any self effects?
  7. I know I want LAM in the shea body butter, sadly I know the sale does not cover B&B. :dogg4: Is okay any LP sale better than no LP sale.
  8. thanx for the report I am really coveting the LAM sandalwood now. I transferred money to my paypal account so now I really have to wait for the sale since it takes 3-5 days for money to go thru.
  9. The anticipation always kills me here. These ladies definitely know how to leave you wanting more. Lord have mercy on the gents in their lives.
  10. I got my happy pkg. today & they definitely did right by me. I hope sweet revenge is on the freebies list. Cuz methinks I want to hoard this'un.
  11. And if not? I guess we won't like each anymore, lol. Like that movie Love Potion #9. I wonder what's in Mr. Right Now?
  12. I have question about remind me again. If you are talking to somebody & you feel a connection to them woulfd remind me again help you to know if they are your soulmate?
  13. Isn't that potion called 'resolution'. Like anyone would use that to control their LP addiction. If loving LP is wrong I don't wanna be right. Got my stamps notice the anticipation is more exciting than waiting to see when the kids are going to let us do 'it'. Not the LP wait, the other one, LOL.
  14. Yeah, I've gotta list ready to just grab & take to work with me. So I can get the ordering done in a couple of hours. Money honey is @ the tip top of my list. I'll need it after this sale My fav. icon now.
  15. I was just wondering on the self effects. Would this one make me too chatty w/ people? Alcohol makes my lips loose enough! Also my ten yr. & I are having problems. I'm not good @ demonstrating affection w/ people(him especially), would this blend make me less of an ice queen?
  16. :angelstar-kaos058: We know, I've promised her decants.
  17. Hey wassup Djac this is my dear cuz. I'll pass along your email address.
  18. Hello, dear cuz. Sorry I missed your post :abvb:
  19. LMFAO!!!! I had no idea that skank was in use across the Pond. Can't wait for the sale to order som LAM in sandalwood.
  20. There is a Tonka Bean. I think it subs as vanilla in some things
  21. Yes, the only smart man is a quiet one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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