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  1. Yeah, I'm stayin away from that one! My man got downright violent. Normally he just gets bitchy w/me when he's jealous about guys hittin on me( because it's my fault, lol).
  2. Ok so I went out for my husbands B-Day...I layered the happy water( 1st @ dinner), then girl-girl& popularity potion. I also sprayed my Erox pheros in my hair. The night was full of fun and games for me ( as always when I wear LP). However, I felt like I was in an episode of the twilight zone! This girl that almost beat me up once was trying to make out w/ me! My poor husband almost got into a fight. Since my hubby is 6'5"& 300lbs(weightlifter), I felt sorry for the other guy and joked them out of the fight. I had an Erox brand phero on him( I think it contains Androstonal), & I combined that Boheme( Mens) I thought that would offset the andro. Did I just O.D. on pheros ( I think I have a fair amount naturally anyway)? I know the andro. can make guys testy. On the other hand girls were all really nice and friendly to me(even the ones not trying to make out). I really wasn't trying to be a chemical tease, I just wanted 2 be the 'belle of the ball'.
  3. Yeah, he thinks its for his b-day (evil grin). Maybe it's not something I'd normally do....but that doesn't mean it isn't all about me anyway,lol I get to set the groundrules of course!
  4. I'm pretty lucky no crows feet, bags, or dark circles yet. Mainly, the nasolabial. Which i cannot cover with bangs(argh)! I have had some success w/ using fusion m-tox,smashbox hybrid(over that), bareminerals, and then finish w/ luminess airbrush(gets me 21& carded). However I thought the cougar would be awesome to give it that hollywood magic finish, so thanx 4 the advice. Maybe it'll shave some finish time offa my prep time. I know this is offtopic however I have facial scars from a dog-bite when I was 3, not that bad(think Blonde Tina Fey) Would it help w/that(Restlyne)
  5. I'm 28, I get away with telling people I'm 25. However, I have some premature aging from when I used to tan & party. It makes me really paranoid about my skin sometimes. I've thought about saving up for Restyline, but I'm scared of needles. Do you think the cougar would be right for me?
  6. I got a sample of the pherogirl, and my husband's a weightlifter. I dabbed it on, and it didn't take long before he dropped what he was doin& followed me 2 the bedroom. The more testosterone they're packin the funnier the reaction,lol.
  7. Do you have any tips on the best way my husband, and I can attract someone of your persuasion to join us for his B-Day(5-17) this saturday? I'm more of a trysexual, and thats what he wants for his b-day. Welcome to the forum, I'm new too. Sorry 2 be so forward, I'm just gettin desperate. I don't want anyone thinkin I'm crazy.
  8. I read that thread, I'm excited! I'm definitely getting an it unscented this time. I love Wildflower's effects, but it turns to vomit on my skin! I just cover it with Paris Hilton.
  9. So, you can get the pheros in a body lotion? Sweet!
  10. My husband and I want to attract in a new..um.. 'friend' for his birthday ( female). Can I use the Bosom Bows by itself, or is there something else I could layer it with. as far as pheros go, I've got Happy Water,Wildflower, & BosomBows. I've also got Realm, thats not LP but it's pheros. I wanted 2 add that his b-day is this saturday(5-17), so please get 2 me quickly ladies!
  11. I dunno, I was out @ the club wearin Wildflower. This hot white guy ( tall, dark, & handsome) shouted " Hey pretty girl" and grabbed my face to kiss me on the cheek. I went to our local comedy show wearin it, and the cowboy comedien was all over me.
  12. I really enjoy being a star when I go out....So which of the new ones are replacing popularity potions effects?
  13. About the silicone base...I read somewhere that you can actually build a tolerance to pheros, to where they quit working. Would a barrier delay that eventuality?
  14. I'm addicted to phero scents. It started w/ Realm in 2003, and then I found this website December 2008. I'm done now, ruined for any other perfumers! Paris Hilton, Erox, Burberry Gucci.......are all gonna have to tighten their belts this year!
  15. I love this scent it smells a gingersnap & I feel lucky when I wear it. I'm also addicted to: Happy Water, Cheap Girls, Belladonna Brew, Wildflower, & Sweet Revenge. Actually I think I'm just going to have to start an LP fragrances An. group!!!! :dancingfruits0nm:
  16. It smells exactly that way to me. I'm really lucky that fragrance doesn't interact with my chemistry,so I can wear everything I fancy. However, does anyone know what this potion is for. I'm a little confused? Is it like cougar minus pheros, or is it just a glamour potion in general?
  17. If I eat I within 2 hours before I go to bed, I have nightmares.
  18. Beccah

    Cheap Girls

    I love this one, got my sample yesterday. It does smell like bubblegum@ 1st, then it dries to an incense kinda strawberry. It's smells like this stuff i used to get when I was 16. I'm new so I'm not sure how the trading post works? This fragrance would be perfect if the popularity pheros were added!!!
  19. Beccah


    Thanx so much
  20. Oh no I just ordered a sample. My husband has a hard enough getting me to give him more attention than my ummm ~self ~lol.
  21. Thats weird. it must be a skin chemistry thing. I love wildflower (definitely works!), but it smells a little like vomit on my skin @ first ( I just spritz a little Paris Hilton over it, the 2 combine wonderfully)
  22. Beccah


    Thank you, I am. It's very lively.
  23. Beccah


    I'm new to this forum. I live in Missouri. I've been using the Phero blends for a couple of months now. I actually found this site by accident, searching for a better phero fragrance than Realm. I work nights so...I enjoy chatting to keep the sandman away. Anyway, Love Potion pheros are the absolute best ever! I tried Wildflower out @ the local comedy show ... Let's just say I felt like a superstar. That comedian was all over me ( I think they're all whores anyway lol). I now ignore the whole closet of perfumes I own in favor of LP fragrances. Now, if you guys could just make a lottery winning potion (hehe).
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