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    Chakra Oils: Heart

    I wear this quite often because I love it, but I thought of a new way to use it today. I tried it with my honey jar & I liked the energy it lent to my prayer candle today. It's kind of a no-brainer for honey jar work, but I didn't think of it until today. I have definitely felt a more loving vibe in my day.
  2. I usually spray pheromones down my back so I don't accidentally OD myself on them. Maybe you could do that with perfume, so it's not in your face?
  3. That quite clearly was a hit. Your self esteem must be in the gutter. See, I'm the opposite. I automatically assume everyone thinks I'm great. Maybe I have too much self-esteem? Must be that Mars in Aries placement in my chart, really helps me feel sure of myself. Either way. In my experience, most men react well to Cougar. It's like man-nip! I have witnessed a full circle of men, surrounding me, hanging off of my every word. (Reads more dramatic than it actually was IRL, but them's the facts, baby!) So in my experience men don't invite you out to be nice. They're not like us, constantly being told to cram down their personilities and "be nice." Maybe you're not a big phero responder, so you don't get selfies. Doesn't mean it's not working on other people. Try the Bang though. I do like how extra nice men are when I wear it. Hope you get something from it.
  4. I kind of didn't like Levitation for the second date. I got a weird feeling of slight dread. It was brief, but there. Not sure if it was a weird phero reaction or no. We are going boating w/ his friends & my friend this weekend, so we'll see. I hope the off feeling was due to the Levitation, although Levitation hasn't ever turned on me before.
  5. Sorry I disappeared! Yes, our date has went well. He wants to spend more time with me. I went with my Topper boosted Cougar for our first date, Levitation poition for the second.
  6. I really had questions about the notes in OCCO form, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I enjoyed it more than the Orang Droolicious (no surprise) and the Raspberry (big surprise). This almost becomes an incense tinged skin musk to my nose. A man can wear this, but there's a definite feminine edge in this to me.
  7. @luna65 "strenuous" I knew this was going to be my nose's soulmate when I read the description. A glorious incense type blend, with a deceptively small hint of sex in the air. The lizard brain registers what the nose does not, lol.
  8. My thoughts are to stick with socials, so you don't skew your chemistry with him, with selfies from the blend you're wearing. That way you won't be feeling him a little too much & wondering if you're good enough for him, when you gotta be asking what he brings to the table. So Levitation or Lumina, maybe Cougar if you are feeling him. I wouldn't go with Gotcha unless things head to relationship territory. I will hopefully be taking my own advice & wearing something like I'm recommending to you, for my date tomorrow. But the new OCCOs smell soooo goood... Although I'll be meeting in a public place, not staying at his house.
  9. I owuld go with Open Windows & Love Potion Original. Maybe Cougar, if things go well. I wouldn't pull out the heavy cops unless you're wanting to go "there." You know the drill, lol. In my experience, if a guy likes you the age thing doesn't matter to them. Actually, it is mostly younger guys that hit on me. I am excited to have a date w/ a guy that's turning the big 4-0, next month! So don't let the age thing bother you because he won't if there's chemistry!
  10. For the very first time in our OCCO! realm of wonders, we have created a unisex type with a fragrance which sure to appeal to any gender. A bold blending with an herbal-woody character, featuring the desert vibe of sage and Indian paintbrush on top of thick sandalwood and myrrh attars plus a touch of oakmoss, layered with dry vanilla. And for those gentlemen who enjoy experimenting with copulins, may we suggest you give this OCCO! variant a try – you might find it even more effective than “unflavored” EoW for selfies and other, more amorous, pursuits.
  11. For those who believe there is nothing more arousing than to resonate with the one they desire on a particularly deep frequency, slather this earthy reverie of gorgeously resinous notes from around the world…Tunisian amber and patchouli, Arabian oud and Indonesian sandalwood plus dragon’s blood, then melded with cocoa butter and a sweet splash of golden Summer honey.
  12. Give the one you desire a teasing razz with this rousing roseate blushing berry, an absolute jewel-like delight. We celebrate this Summer favorite OCCO-style: a harmonious blend of ripe black raspberry in a sweet-tart tango with rich Bourbon vanilla and vanilla bean.
  13. So many of our beloved customers dream of this classic pairing of orange and vanilla, and we’ve made it happen with additional allure! The always sunny aura of essential oils of Tangerine, Mandarin and Clementine freshly-squeezed into numerous rich buttery vanillas and buttercreams, with just a touch of amber and a sprinkle of crispy sugar on top. Positively lickable (but please remember it’s perfume)!
  14. Get ready to PERK his interest with this enlivening OCCO! It’s our irresistible brew of numerous coffee oils, with a trio of mouthwatering chocolates and a shot of steamed milk aroma plus a dollop of sweet cream accord…mmm, perfect for a coffee date too tempting to resist!
  15. A bona-fide customer favorite now reimagined as an OCCO! Numerous varieties of lovely lavender and fluffy buttercream with a sugary swirl of Creme Brulee, a dusting of vanilla and powdered sugar with sweet skin musk in the base for extra sexiness.
  16. For those who thoroughly crave our creamed concoctions – experience everything you love in this deeply delicious OCCO variant! Warm almond and fluffy coconut cream folded into thick buttercream and cocoa butter with additional delights of sweet vanilla and smooth sandalwood. Simply luscious!
  17. For those of you who aspire to being the cherry on top of a Love Sundae, look no further than our latest cherry-chocolate fantasy featuring numerous varieties of juicy sweet cherries and creamy chocolate topped with a tart kiss of red currant and a drop of cedar in the base.
  18. When Passion is at play, things can get downright…sticky. And what better accompaniment for all the fun and games an OCCO! can provoke than our gooey scrumptious blending of three butterscotch accords with warm sugar, sweetened vanilla and just the tiniest drop of Summer honey.
  19. One of our most popular combinations is now available as an OCCO! Give the target of your affections a squeeze of three types of lively lemon stirred into the most delectable mix of buttercreams and rich vanilla varieties with just a drop of amber in the base.
  20. I think I will give Sexology & Cuddle Bunny trials around him. He would probably prefer to skip the wrestling, it's mainly just me climbing on him to annoy him, while he's exhausted from work.
  21. @HipGrrrl I also avoid wearing H&S to get any type of mechanical repairs. I had a very unpleasant experience with a mechanic being very patronizing & trying to force a transmission flush on me. As to the "advocate," I've encountered that with 20 yr old before, at the bank when he was 17. That teller was keen on making sure he knew he didn't need me to cash his paycheck. 🙄 Ok, when he gets his own car n doesn't need me on his checking acct with you guys, then we can talk what his adult options are. Thinking about trying H&S with the boyfriend who isn't. I've been so focused on sexual blends with him, I haven't even tested to see if he's an Est responder yet, but I bet he is.
  22. My 12 yr old is a Capricorn n he's been hilarious since he could toddle around the living room. I remember when he was 1 or 2, I would be eating cookies n he would naturally want one. I would give him one, n he would hold out teh other hand, like "since you're handing out free cookies, lady." I still adore Cougar. It was one of my 1st loves from LP & it still does the trick. What's not to love about a magic youth-glamour potion? I am 38 & I get guessed to be in my early 20s when I have Cougar on.
  23. I decided to try Sexpionage with the on again, off again male friend, last night. My target & I both suspect that he is suffering from low testosterone, so he is not often in the mood. Definitely not as much as I am. I thought I would try Sexpionage. It eventually worked, after I used strategic measures to get it in his face. ( I lifted up my shirt & titty slapped his face when we were wrestling, y'all.) I think I got a little too into things & I accidentally slammed him in the nose w/ my knee. (Don't ask.) Thankfully, that didn't take him out of the moment & we still both felt like it was a good time overall. It was really funny because we were doing our nromal routine & he asked if I did something different. Of course not, I just hadn't yet hit him with Sexpionage over the past year. Also, I will say that my reaction to Sexpionage was that I was more responsive than usual. Also, anyone have any phero suggestions for men w/ low T?
  24. I have a hard time with the smutty honeys as well. Aja works well for me (not honey or cops but similar sweetnes & effect). Aja goes to a curry type smell on my best friend though. I don't think I would layer EoW w/ an OCCO, that might put you into overload territory. I would layer EoW with a non-phero scent. I'm going to be layering the Cherry OCCO w/ the Almond. These are gonna be yummy smelling, maybe someone will get tempted to try an get a taste if I'm wearing these.
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