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  1. I could use Dom, and with my already aggressive mean ol' self, who knows what mayhem would ensue. Oh what fun.. I think I'll use Teddy or Balm Bomb for this application.
  2. I see. Thanks! Can Heart's Ease be worn with Jubilee? It seems like the combined effects would be nice.
  3. Actually, I may need to know~ what's the difference between B2 and BB?
  4. Hello, I'm somewhat new here, well, I joined years ago but haven't posted much because I've been trying to sort this life of mine out. 6 years ago everything was so different... So, my question~what would be the best phero for that time of the month that manages to turn me into a monster? I get agitated, aggravated, aggressive, etc...So, I bought a sample of Heart's Ease, but now that I think of it, it seems like maybe it's more for feeling sad than feeling rabid. Was that one a good choice? Oh, and the grrreat! thing is, my husband and I will be going away on vacation this month a week before my monthly special. I'd love something that could tame the nasties so we can have a good time. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Thanks for that. it really explained the difference! Since I'm so new to this whole thing,, I need to know all about what I'm getting into before buying. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Curiouschic. Just wondering if you notice a difference in the effects of BI versus Magnet. In actuality, I was thinking of Love Potion with the BI additive not the BI alone. I should have stated that in my post intead.
  7. What would the difference be between the Love Potion with the BI added and the Like a Magnet?
  8. You're helping, I'm just wondering what the main difference is between Magnet and Blatant. What are the effects with Magnet? What are the effects with Blatant? The biggest difference between the two?
  9. I was thinking of getting Essence, but wonder if I should go for a cops~pheromone mix. I'm wondering what to expect from either one of these blends. I'm leaning towards Magnet, but want to hear what your experiences are before buying. Please help!
  10. Did it again, I should have put this in general phero questions... ~sigh~ Also, in addition to the question, I'm not looking for any "cuddly" type effects.
  11. Hello. Brand new to 'mones, and I want some copulins. Hubs and I need a boost big time. I'm about to order, but need to know the difference between Essence and Phero Girl. I want to feel turned on, those feelings have been long dormant. I need something to revive what I used to be. Also, what effects can I expect out in public with either? Would it be a popularity type response? ~Help~ Because Frigid Isn't Fun!
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