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  1. I carry this with me when I work. It absolutely can turn a bad day around for me and those around me. There are a few people at work that do know I use pheromones and have asked to be sprayed because of having a bad day. It's incredible to see how quickly it works. I will never be without this.
  2. The combination of Chocolate/ amber/ vetiver in this is incredibly sexy. I've never been a huge fan of chocolate but that has changed since trying Wild Cherry. I put it on in the morning and I still had people commenting in the evening about it. I absolutely need a FB of this ASAP because my trial won't last long enough.
  3. circusrose

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Mystic Dewdrop is definitely a FB.
  4. circusrose

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Even without the notes, I can tell I will be ordering FBs. This will have to be a belated happy birthday to me order.
  5. circusrose

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    That's great. Thank you so much
  6. circusrose

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    How do you think Topper work in an oil base. If you standardized it with the others, how much of a change in effect would there be? I'd be interested to find out the cost of the concentration that you use in the sprays vs it being standardized.
  7. circusrose

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    Is Topper available in trial size as well?
  8. circusrose

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2018 - Pherotine!

    The labels are absolutely amazing. I can't wait for the notes.
  9. circusrose

    Back by popular demand!

    I just went through my bottles and found Midnight Cravings, A rebrew of this or Constant Cravings would be incredible.
  10. circusrose

    New Releases for FEBRUARY 2017 - PHEROTINE!

    I was looking for Perfect Match in the phero trials and I can't seem to find it. Is that not available? I was also wondering if the single molecule pheros are available as a trial size?
  11. circusrose

    Private Editions for JULY 2016

    Thank you so very much. I can't wait to try them
  12. circusrose

    Spring Giveaway on Facebook!!!

  13. I received my package yesterday. Talk about doing a happy dance. I had just got home from vacation, which usually is depressing. I never expected my oder to come in so early. I was thinking that it would be more like 3 weeks instead of 2. When the door bell rang and the mailman was standing there with a box for me, it was all I could do to not start dancing right there. I don't think he's ever had someone so excited to sign for a package. I know he had to hear all the OMG's as I was closing the door..All I can say is that getting my order, made a day which is normally depressing into a very happy day.
  14. circusrose


    I absolutely love this. Unfortunately, my bottle broke in my handbag. The bottle broke right at the bottom of the cap and the oil seeped into the leather. You can definitely smell the cops. I now have a SLF bag... lol... I'm definitely ordering another bottle as this is a favorite.