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  1. Ok, I know this is supposed to be a female fragrance, but I am a hopeless romantic and bought this one for intent. When I first put it on, I get great, big, stinking, old lady ROSE. But, that quickly dies down and it mellows into a barely there, softly sweet resinous scent. I have really only worn it a few times at home, but noticed there is a cuddly type vibe to it that makes me think it would go great with Perfect Match...which makes sense since it is the replacement for the Soul Mate blend which was in the original.

  2. Annnddd...I'm back, again. Stupid computer/ISP problems solved! Anyways, I think I must have overdone it with this one. Normally, I love resins, so I slathered it on when I got it. Either it was still in travel shock or there is something my chemistry doesn't like, because it had a SHARP metallic tinge to it. Plus, the longevity made it last into the next day, even after repeated scrubbing. I think this is one that needs to mellow and require only the lightest of application before I try it again. Bummer. <_<

  3. Ok, I've had this since last Friday, but I am currently having computer problems and have to use the business center in my apartment complex's leasing office. :msn_red_fox_smilies-09:


    Anyways, when I first put this on, the coffee and amber are most prominent, making me think that it is going be a deep, dark scent like Mark's Girl Nip, but that changes on drydown. That's when the slight tang of apricot brightens it a bit and those 3 notes dance around each other for most of the day until I start to get a whiff of the vanilla. Overall, I like it a lot and found myself huffing my wrists and acting a little, what's a manly word for demure? :party:

  4. OMG Babycakes, where ya been?! :)


    Quince asked for this one during his visit and I was really curious regarding what he finds so attractive about it...I knew I would love it on him but I was totally surprised at his reaction the first time he tried it.


    So we had this exchange:

    He said, "It makes me smell on the outside like I feel on the inside."

    I said, "You mean like an utterly delicious Limey studmuffin?"

    *clears throat* "Beg your pardon, miss, but that's studcrumpet to you."



    Hey lady! I've been sans-new-LP-money, but that is changing now. :P

  5. I got a vial mostly for the protection aspect as I was dealing with some stress at work (now alleviated by the source of negativity being fired). On me, it is a combo of clean and dirty...like I had my hands in some dirt and was washing them with a slightly floral soap...no cinnamon, though.

  6. Thanks Robert! Good to know for sure. I have a really hard time sleeping. I am a night owl, but deep sleep eludes me and a VERY active dream life which keeps me waking up. Get this , last night I dreamed I was in Florida w/ William S. Burroughs and we were talking and he took out his pipe, reached in his pocket to take out a lighter which turned out to be some sort of hand gun and he just kept talking and gesticulating with his hands while he spoke. I was half fascinated w/ listening to him ( he's one of my faves) and half terrified that the gun would go off. It was a trip alright and this was one of my MILD and happy dreams!

    I will seriously give this a try. Thanks again!


    well, your mileage may vary, but it always makes me sleep better if i slather it on before bed. i have an erratic sleeping schedule due to my retail job (closing shift one day/opening shift the next or maybe a long shift if it's a holiday weekend ;) )

  7. Hey there Dolly,

    You're right, we do seem to gravitate to the same fragrance types. I SO wanted this one to work on me, but alas it did not work well with mt chemistry. I had never tried the original Nox. but guess I expected this to be MUCH darker than it is. My skin needs really "dark" or it just seems to neutralize or turn icky powdery and do all kinds of crazy things.

    What I am getting on my skin, quickly turns to a fruity cough medicine type scent (just in time for cold and flu season!) then it just kinda fades out to not much at all. On me, this one disappears FAST.

    So many lovely descriptions of this one, that I must deem it to be my skin and not the fragrance, but definitely not a happening for me. Keep watching people, since I will likely be putting this one up for sale or trade ;)


    aww, that's too bad. i LOVE nox! it totally makes for a nice, deep sleep..which is great for me, because i occaisonally get sleep paralysis accompanied with hypnagogic hallucinations. :(

  8. ok, i like this one, too. it is very incense-y to me, but not as much as rajah. and i have noticed people seem to be eager to help me, so the "bend over" aspect seems to be working well.

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