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  1. Hi, Miss Mara! I got 2 stamps.com e-mails with different tracking numbers.
  2. And I just placed an order for a couple vials of Unisexy (have to pay rent before I can make any bottle purchases).
  3. Really? With B2? Oh, sweet androgyny...I think this might be for me!
  4. I just got some Body Bubbles scented with Eanie, Meany Miney! and this stuff is awesome. It makes for a great aromatherapy shower, but the scent on left on skin is light enough to allow for wearing something else. Also, it is not super-sudsy, but that is fine because stuff that is can also be super-drying...which this is not.
  5. I got my box of LP happy today. The Eanie, Meany Miney! shower gel smells so yummy!
  6. Robert

    Evil in Carnation

    A little scrawny for my tastes, but flattering.
  7. Robert

    Evil in Carnation

    I have taken to the scent and find a little dab'll do me. Times when I have worn this, I have calmly gotten people to back the hell off when they try to boss me around. Ooh, and another time I wore it, I was playing with the Wii demo at work before I had to clock in and this guy sorta plopped down and asked if he could play with me.
  8. I have decided that I want some body wash with either Eanie, Meany Miney! or Boddice Ripper. I can't order until I get paid on Friday, so that gives the opportunity for whatever new releases there are to tempt me, too.
  9. I'm not alone in that regard, eh?
  10. I got a little sample to try out, but I was hesitant because I'm not really into smelling like shrubbery, which is what I think of when I see words like "green" and "woodsy" being used to describe it. It doesn't make me smell like a shrub, but it does remind me of my dad getting groomed...like a Brylcreem/aftershave kinda smell. Not bad by any means...just kinda iffy about equating sexy with smelling like the Captain.
  11. Ok, so besides enhancing moods wherever I go, it is great for sleep. When I have put some on before bed or sprayed my pillow, I sleep really well...almost too well. I wake up before my alarm goes off and can't go back to sleep, but don't wanna get outta the comfy, phero-laden bed, either.
  12. Robert

    Eanie Meaney Miney

    Mmm...thanks for the sniffie in my last order! This starts off as a kinda fruity-smelling rum drink, then the cinnamon kicks in, but in a really light, balanced way. I put this on with some B2 and smell/feel like I have been boozing it up a little.
  13. Yes, I have a bottle of Down & Dirty for Him boosted with Boy/Boy and I think they are pretty darn close with how the fellas react to me wearing it, but I do get a more pronounced self-effect of being put at ease with the B2.
  14. I just got some B2 in an unscented beta spray (2x strength). I tried some out at work yesterday with one spray to the chest/throat and another on the back of the neck. It had me feeling super-relaxed all afternoon and I had a following...every time I turned around, there were guys hovering and horsing around!
  15. Robert

    Hi everyone

    Hi new person!
  16. OMG! I wasn't expecting it so soon and with the extras, too?
  17. I ordered B2 in an unscented Beta spray on the 19th and the anticipation is starting to kick in. Must maintain sanity while awaiting new toy!
  18. Sorry Miss J, I'm just not a green scent kinda guy. Musks, resins, foodie scents (former "husky" kid), some florals (Boddice Ripper)?
  19. I was not calling you a ho...not that there's anything wrong with that.
  20. I do get some spice out of it, but the lemon is what I get most. Not like, LEMON, but maybe a lemon square kinda smell. It was awfully comforting to cuddle up in a blanket with this going because of the First Day of Spring Snow that we had here. Oh, ho...tempting me with cookies are you? I do have a British foods section at my supermarket and they have these tins of lemon "biscuits" which still sounds funny to me, even though I know they don't mean the kind that come with sausage & gravy.
  21. I was lucky enough to win this and a cute warmer that looks like a chimenea for the most recent trivia contest. I just put a dropper-full in the top and within a minute or two, the smell of lemon pastry goodness was wafting through my apartment. (Note to self: don't use on an empty stomach or there will be carb cravings!)
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