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  1. Thanks, Beccah! That's an interesting thought. Isn't LP#9 like a better (of course, 'cuz it's an LP) version of a CK kinda scent?
  2. OK, I was just wearing this today because I like the light smell and it seemed appropriate for a nice, sunny day like today. However, the phero blend has had me feeling antsy all day. So, I took care of that darn Census form, went to the bank, went to the supermarket, and now I'm busting out the freaking vacuum cleaner...somebody stop me!
  3. I just got a little bonus for scoring 100% on my secret shopper evaluation. So, there is some splurging to be had! I'm thinking of getting some B2 in a spray.
  4. Robert


    hehe...i meant like when i want something subtle.
  5. Robert


    I started going through my not-yet-tried sniffies and decided on this one for today. I did not get berry or wood at all. When first applied to my skin it is really lemony, but soon dries down to a light musk that lingered most of my work shift. This would be good for days when I just don't want to stink.
  6. Welcome! Always glad to see someone spreading the smelly love. Everyone here is so nice and we only bite a little bit...hehe.
  7. I got a sniffie of this one and found it to be like a softer version of Pumpkin Shake, Rattle & Roll. I smell pumpkin, but not as much spice. The vanilla and amber smooth it out to make it less foody and more feminine.
  8. I have been wearing this off and on since I got it. I like that it is a real fresh, clean scent that isn't overly one thing or another (spicy, sweet, etc). It does make for a nice cover for the pheromones (which, incidentally, I should avoid when doing manual labor...got a 'none headache yesterday). Probably not a full bottle purchase anytime soon, but I think this might make its way into some shower gel on my next order.
  9. I'm glad you at least like it on you, Pony. I'm wearing some of the Charisma-boosted one right now. It tends to morph back and forth on my skin in some cool ways. Tangy currant, then spicy wood, tangy currant again, settling into vanilla tobacco...mmm.
  10. Robert

    Evil in Carnation

    I get spicy floral hanging out in the background with this, but there's something earthy on top of it all on me..maybe the anise? I dunno, but I was working on very little sleep when I tried it yesterday, so more testing needed.
  11. Mmm..thanks Danna! It really is a good exfoliating bar. Even softened my stupid-retail-making-me-stand-all-day feet!
  12. I ordered last friday and I got it today! As always, thanks for the sniffies and the V-Day card, too. Now, off to scrub down with Danna's yummy (yet wickedly ebil) Vamp Cafe bar.
  13. I just ordered some Legend and Evil In Carnation and a Vamp Cafe Scrub Bar!
  14. I love Teddy Man, so that is awesome! A name change might be in order to avoid confusion/broaden appeal, but nothing pops out at me, yet.
  15. Ooh, something new to play with and a replacement for boy/boy being completed, too?
  16. i only got it as a gift of a boosted bottle of my pe (thanks again mara), so i can't speak on the coverage issue. but, i personally got effects from swipes between wrists, behind ears, and on the back of the neck.
  17. aww, thanks. you take care of yourself, ya hear?
  18. well, on my skin, i don't get the candy-like smell mark got. at first it smells really boozy, then almost leather-like, but then it settles into a nice, kinda faint cigar-smell. not too shabby!
  19. oh, thanks for the review. i got a little sniffie of yours, too.
  20. ok, i was wearing my pe w/ dyg today and thought i'd share the effects. i felt at ease most of the day and so did anyone who got caught in the cloud. definitely had alpha-androstenol chattiness all around me all day and the accompanying lower tolerance to alcohol...tipsy from one blackberry mojito? shameful! and i think i was getting some of the effects from the est, too. i had men asking to help me when i was carrying things and complimenting my supervisor on my performance (both kinda "taking care of" behaviors). although, one customer seemed to flip out over something small today and i think it might have been from the pheros...there's one in every crowd!
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