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    Voodoo Valentine

    i know it was intended for the ladies, but luna sent me a sniffie and i like it. i get grapefruit with a hint of vanilla, but more than the scent i like the effects. i felt kinda bubbly today (lots of smiling and laughing) and i got some attention, too. at one point, i caught four or five of my co-workers standing around (i mean, like, close to) me with goofy grins on their faces. too bad it is sold out, though.
  2. you have found a great source of sexy smells, potent pheros, and lovely ladies.
  3. busted out the sample vial for a change of pace after rocking the pheros for a few days. it is sort of like a softer, almost powdery version of an aftershave my father would wear. i get the moss & sandalwood, but there is the hint of violet peeking out, too. totally sexy man smell on me...a wrist-huffer for sure!
  4. exactly! my best friends have always been girls and reading about things like subtly putting them down to make the "artist" more appealing just to love 'em and leave 'em irked me.
  5. oh, no, you weren't. i just meant there was a lot of that PUA stuff and what not that didn't interest me.
  6. yes, i was using androtics. but here in texas, the pure alcohol products diffuse so fast & furious that it seemed like a waste of money...especially with the harsh "fragrances" they use and always running out of stock, etc. oh, and i couldn't stand what i saw on the boards, either...so hostile sometimes.
  7. yup, love the attention, but feel so tired when its all over...so, i probably won't wear it on a daily basis. at least not during the post-holiday rush at work.
  8. oooh, is miss luna thinking naughty? but, in all seriousness, i do recommend charisma for an all-purpose male phero blend...business, social, even sexual situations would benefit. g'night all!
  9. thanks, rosegirl, and many thanks to mara for gifting it to me in the first place. now for a warm shower and then night-night time.
  10. Ok, I must sing its praises before I retire for the evening. For self-effects, I get this energy & confidence boost. Not like, jittery or cocky, but capable. It made me feel like if I wanted to accomplish something, I could, but without any kind of chest-beating machismo about it. I TOTALLY got some star treatment, too. Strangers were greeting me, people let me cut ahead of them in lines, etc. Even at work, stupid thankless retail, every customer thanked me for MY time. Ladies smiled, men shook my hand. Supervisors that normally talk down to me were very courteous. THIS STUFF ROCKS MY SOCKS!! The only drawback is that when it wore off at the end of the night, I felt so drained. Respected, but drained.
  11. Thanks for trying it, SWB! On me, with the Charisma boosted one, I feel all "The professor is in, let's work on that 'A'!".
  12. it seems very male to me, but maybe layering it with something else might help? i know swbookworm ordered some, i wonder what she might get from it.
  13. My first PE! I ordered a bottle with Drop Your Guard and was gifted a second with Charisma (Actor's Magic for Men). *squeal* At first, I get the tartness of the red currant and the warm, earthiness of the spiced mahogany. After a while, there's a musky, vanilla tobacco smell...yummy!
  14. yay, i just got my stamps.com e-mail! i have been super busy at work and fighting a cold so this is blessed news!
  15. My PE looks perfect (the label was eerily like what I had mind).
  16. oh, there's not one. i originally thought intellectual man to go along with the whole sexysmarty theme...but, i think i saw people praising the nearly gone drop your guard, so that's what i put in the bottle i ordered!
  17. haha...yay! mark's sounds good too...we fellas like our tobacco scents, huh?
  18. So friggin' cool to see it online this morning! A big 'ole Christmas present to share with you all. I hope I'm not acting out of turn here, but if you search the cart for "Robert", this is what comes up. Robert's Attacked in the Stacks - 1/3 fl.oz. Robert wanted a "sexy librarian" scent for men, to set off what he describes as his "adorkable" personality. Cuuuute! Pipe Tobacco, Spiced Mahogany, Vanilla Musk and a dash of Red Currant tang on top. Phenomenally kissable!
  19. Robert


    ok, i have a little sniffy of this one and decided to see what it does on me. in the vial, i do get wet steel but on my skin, it smelled of liquid tide for half an hour and then the faintest floral note if i really huff the application point. the little bit left will make it into my next hot bath, though.
  20. i'm eagerly awaiting my box of yuletide yumminess and will describe as best as i can mes petits choux.
  21. thanks, i just know it will be love in a bottle, like every LP i've gotten.
  22. for my most recent order i got my private edition (pipe tobacco/spiced mohagany/vanilla musk w/ red currant top note) boosted with drop your guard and samples of ashes to dust 2 (felt like some bad mojo's hanging around) and boddice ripper (new men's scent to try).
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