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  1. Can’t wait to see pics of the new space!
  2. halo0073

    Hello! 😺

    Welcome to the forum! Can’t wait to read your reviews.
  3. I would like to request, okay beg for a couple of scrub scents. First the cotton candy margarita from a few years ago. Omg that was sooooo good. I neeeed it in my life. I will buy multiple. I’m using my Apple cotton candy now and while I love it, it doesn’t have the same invigorating aromatherapy effects like that punchy citrus in the cotton candy base did. I would love for the Lavender Buttercream line to be expanded to include a scrub. I need more massage butter as well but I’d also grab it in body butter if that were available instead. Or the skyclad!! Yessss. My heart would burst if we ever could get the OG marshmallow scrub that was one of the very first scrubs you made. Back when they were $7 for the little disposable solo cups. I still have one! Purely by accident as it just got hidden behind some other never used stuff ( because back then my kids kept eating the scrubs! Lol). But omg that one was so amazing that I’m still sitting here lusting after it after what, 8-9 years? Lol. GIMME! and also please make more of the lemon buttercream skyclad! I know several of us want that one back and soon!
  4. Hi @ElizabethOSP! You did an amazing job! Love your Batsy painting too!
  5. They look so amazing! I love the label art and the concept and the names and all of it! Well done ladies! A lot of people will be over the moon happy to see Whisker Wishes!!!!
  6. I agree! Please keep posting your hits and stories! We love seeing reviews and hits. And you are helping tons of people. There are soooo many customers who lurk and read the forum but never post. They tell me all the time how helpful our reviews are. I refer customers here to these threads in particular ALL the time!
  7. Those are great hits and definitely self effects! I am so glad you are having so much success and fun with them!
  8. I’m getting there myself. Just opened my last scrub, and I have one unopened body butter left, although I still have 2 opened that have a bit left. Massage butter too!
  9. It was NuTrix I believe who did the conversion.
  10. Omg Tyvey I think you are a little magic yourself. Because if I kept pointing my head at someone in a professional setting meeting, they’d likely assume I was delusional and impersonating a unicorn. Although with me a bull going at a matador is more apt. You have pulled off so many great hits in that setting that I truly don’t think most people could pull off.
  11. Our store in Vancouver will be closed Saturday-Monday in observance of Veteran’s Day. Regular hours will resume on Tuesday.
  12. That makes sense. Vetiver is definitely a distinctive note.
  13. Just get another sample. Lol. Maybe get it as one of your forum freebies next time you order.
  14. Wow I hope you have at least a full bottle! Sounds like a magic potion for you for sure!
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