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  1. Wow I hope you have at least a full bottle! Sounds like a magic potion for you for sure!
  2. I am not into PDA at all myself. Very very occasionally if BF and I are drinking together. Just us. Lol so I guess that’s not public. I guess every so often if we are out and drinking as a couple and are out with other couples or just the two of us. He is not into PDA or emotions at all regularly which suits me just fine but when drinking he gets all emo and sappy and wants to drag me around by the hand calling me mi Amor . We really rarely speak Spanish to each other so it’s the drinking that brings it out. Except he says loving emo sappy shit and I largely say funny stuff peppered heavily with curse words. If any Spanish speaking people are around ( like his family) they find it highly amusing. Sometimes we talk about other people in Spanish though.
  3. Yes alcohol will definitely hit you way harder if you are wearing pheros. Particularly if you are loaded up on socials.
  4. I ordered a Virgin bottle of Velvet Kisses, a bottle of Pippin Potion, a sample of Velvet Kisses so I can wear it occasionally with CB and another sample I can’t remember. Possibly Toys in the Attic so I can give one to BF to wear and keep mine for when I want to wear it.
  5. I agree this smells like pumpkin pie but with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I get what you are saying about being sheer luna. It’s kind of mid weight and mid spice level on me. Exactly matches description, true foodie pumpkin with spices, vanilla and cream. I can’t smell the cops at all, even while wet.
  6. This starts out with a blast of fresh cool pine and spruce. The eucalyptus comes in pretty quickly and makes it a little less bracing. It comes off a little less medicinal than it usually does with the sharper pine notes. Gradually the oak moss starts softening the over all impression and then the green musk comes to the party and really smooths out the pointier edges. It’s quite the little journey all in a matter of minutes. Really interesting combination of notes. I can’t remember anything quite like it before. If you like crisp winter scents you definitely need this.
  7. Oh wow! As always it’s so interesting what different people get due to personal chemistry! It’s literally ALL creamy buttercream mocha ( mostly chocolate) for me. No earthiness or orange at all!
  8. O.M.G. I’m in love. Previous versions have not worked for me due to my sensitivity to frank and myrrh, but this, this is perfection. Stunningly delicious. If I didn’t know better I’d be gnawing on my arm. Rich warm cocoa and the perfect amount of coffee to balance it. And oh wow the Buttercream. This just easily jumped to all time favorite chocolate LP status. I think I have To get a bottle of this. Even though CB is not a phero I reach for due to my dude being a non responder to est. The phero is irrelevant though at this point.
  9. Pippin Potion is my favorite of this collection. I love tart apple and Butterbeer is one of my all time favorite LPs. Wet I get a huge blast of apple. For a quick second it almost smells like nail polish to me but not in an overpowering unpleasant way. For the next several minutes it’s all apple and it smells a little earthy to me in addition to just straight up apple. The ginger ale bubbles are there but in the background. After the wonderful apple dries down a bit, this smells very very similar to Butterbeer. I’m so glad to know that I will have this for when I run out of my beloved Butterbeer bottle. But it’s different enough that I must have bottles of both. This perfume has mood elevating properties for me. Without a phero!
  10. This is one of those examples of why getting the sampler every month( or 2 these days) changed my LP experience forever. On paper there is NO way I should like this. It’s loaded with several death notes for me. And while pear isn’t a death note for me, it’s just not my thing. I don’t think I have one single pear perfume. That said, this smells really nice to me! It’s spicy fruity foodie with the woods and smoke in the background. So just further proof that you just can’t tell what you will like all the time just by reading notes. Great fall and winter perfume.
  11. Absolutely intoxicating perfume. This is my favorite type of honey but I think that it is waaaaay more prominent than usual. Addictive level wrist huffing here. It has a good amount of throw for me and it lasts quite a long time. Not smutty coochie honey but still quite sexy in my opinion. Not from the honey smut factor just that it smells soooo good that it’s sexy by default. The pumpkin is in the background most of the time. After several hours after the honey fades to a wisp, I’m left with Mellow creamy pumpkin vanilla dessert like base notes. Definitely a true gourmand. And unlike most pumpkins I would wear this year round. I expected to like this as I like all the notes, but I didn’t expect to love it in such a compulsive deep manner.
  12. This is a pretty intriguing fragrance. Don’t let the dusty in the description scare you. It kind of reminds me of Desperation and Djinn. Not the specific notes per se but the tone and weight and feel of it. It’s really smooth and sophisticated but also satisfyingly deep which feels perfect for Autumn. Very rich with the resins and woods. The black currant gives it a little lift on the edges. I’m enjoying wearing it but I think I’m going to find it irresistible on the man child. Yeah this is huffable. You really really have to get this on skin and go through the dry down and melding with warm skin. The vanilla and amber really shine through after the long drydown. Dead sexy.
  13. I want to love this one so much. It has so many lovely notes that I like. However the maple amps on me to a sickly place so all I can smell is super sweet treacley darker sugars. But I know that most people love this type of fragrance so I think it will be very popular.
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