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  1. Same! The lavender buttercream. I’d be good with any herbal lavender used not just that one. I need more of the body butter too! See I’m dreaming of a darker mocha coffee. Like Luna’s Sungold or the one recently that I loved but can’t wear cuz of the Dominance. Super creamy ones never work on me. And to me mocha implies darker and not as light, creamy and sweet.
  2. Definitely not spiced coffee. Prince and Showgirl was indeed super smutty honey and grapefruit. It was fairly polarizing as I recall, either a love or strong dislike. It was the latter for me and came off kinda cat uriney to me. Which was only one I have ever had that impression from. Two hands raised here for a lavender buttercream OCCO. I’m meh on the citrus salad one which reminds me of Dolly’s PE. I did like it but it was kinda simple ( obviously because it was a PE with only 4 notes) so if you did that, I think it needs a little something extra for depth and complexity especially as a cops cover. I think dreamsicle would be great for cops. Definitely bring back that sandalwood skin musk from last year.
  3. Happy Belated Snoop! Hope you had a great day.🎂🍰🧁
  4. Oh wow this is great info! My BF uses his initials constantly. Passing along.
  5. As far as I know the scent will be the same. It’s only changing phero because we no longer work with that particular supplier. Don’t worry it will be wonderful still!
  6. I would like a dark coffee or mocha OCCO. There used to be OCCO Green years ago but it was green floral stemmy type notes. I really liked it. No leather in it though
  7. I agree! One of my favorite collections all around in recent years
  8. halo0073

    Chant du Lac

    This is much better with a smaller dab application but I think it will disappear even more quickly this way. I do really like it though.
  9. YESSIR!!!! Holy shit I was so right that this beauty would smell amazing on my man. It absolutely does. I was actually about to go to bed because he’s been inexplicably cranky the last hour or so, so I was going to just remove myself rather than get upset or let him ruin the good day we have had. Then I remembered I had him put this on awhile ago so I went over and sniffed him. All is forgiven! He’s definitely getting laid tonight even though I feel pretty shitty physically. This may be my all time favorite LP on him and I am fond of quite a few. Part of it is that it’s a complex, gorgeously constructed work of art. But as I suspected, it’s extremely complimentary to his specific natural smell. Which is probably responsible for getting us through a few bad years, years ago. Lol. But back on topic this is SEXY AS FUCK! Instant classic.
  10. Make him send it to you. Lol. Bet he would if he thought it would get him into your good graces.
  11. Now you guys need to get it in spray!! It hits so much better in spray.
  12. Eastwood don’t worry. The old site was sooooo much better than the temp site. The temp site sucks. There is no doubt in my mind That the new site will be a million times better. Just think... search function.
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