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  1. halo0073

    New Girl to the community

  2. halo0073

    Cauldron Cake

    Lol yep that’s what happens to me with almost every perfume containing patch. Less than a handful in 9+ years here that I can wear and those usually don’t stay good for me after the newness factor wears off.
  3. halo0073


    Nobody said dirty is bad lol. Pretty much the most addictive smell type in the world for at least half the population. It is definitely fun when you discover the power of the dirty.
  4. halo0073


    Luckygirl I see the reviews you left. Please email me at address above and we will get the samples added to your order.
  5. halo0073


    Hi Luckygirl. I’m Heather from Customer Service. So, all you have to do is next time you order, ask for your two top choices for your Forum freebies in the notes or email for an invoice. The order must be $25 at least and you have to have posted respectable reviews( no one liners for instance) in the 2 weeks previous. Do not post your choices here as they wont be seen or added to your order. If you have any more questions email me at: lpfragrancescustomersrvc@ymail.com. hope that helps
  6. halo0073


    Truly truly love this magic called Z-Day. The first time I wore this I threw caution to the wind and did a big slather. That was a bit much and I now know to wear a little less. When I did that big slather it was almost all berries with just a little crust. Now that I’m wearing a more reasonable amount I get the almond, buttery crust and the berries are different. The first time it was largely blackberries with hint of blueberries making them almost sickly sweet. Now I smell them both equally and they are not sickly at all. Just very balanced with the crust. Z-Day reminds me of if Mayberry and Tombstone Tart and one other pie scent that’s slipping my mind ( ugh) had a baby. Perhaps my favorite pie LP since Mayberry.
  7. halo0073


    This is a really cool blend. The Apple is most prominent which I definitely appreciate. It’s a crisp apple to my nose. The chocolate kind of hangs out on the bottom, just grounding this. I had forgotten there were raspberries until I came here and read notes again, but as soon as I saw them, I could instantly identify them. The chocolate/raspberry/amber combo in this reminds me of some old NA blends but the addition of the apple makes this less sickly sweet and adds some fruity type freshness. Thankfully the caramel aspect does not really show itself in a detectable way, as it’s often a death note for me. Really lovely, complex blend.
  8. halo0073

    EBIL-ish! 2018

    Egyptian Musk can definitely go soapy. Remember ladies, that the second brew of Ebil-ish 2018 is now available!
  9. halo0073

    Moondust Cocoa

    Ugh I want to love this so much but I can’t. I love it in the Vial but as soon as it makes contact with my skin, the sugars amp in a bad way. Certain sugars do this weird piercing but in a fuzzy way type thing on me. It’s why I can’t even wear the Sugared that my face is on much to my disappointment. The cocoa is glorious while wet but the powdered sugar makes it read a bit dusty to me after dry down mainly because the sugar amps so much. But I washed it off as well as I could a few minutes ago and though I got the majority off, a sheer remnant of it remains on my arms and THAT smells amazing. I can almost see repeating the process every so often just for the part that lingers after scrubbing. And I don’t think I’ve ever said that before. Lol
  10. You should definitely email John and Mara at catalunalpmp@yahoo.com. I don’t deal with Etsy much so I don’t know the answer. I think you have a good point with the two different emails being a factor. Also I know there is no shipping info or tracking info available until several day after you order, so that may be a factor as well.
  11. halo0073

    Elume w/ Perfect Match

    Swooooooon! Allumette is one of my all time favorites that I still wear. I treasure my 1/2 bottle. Elume comes very very close to it. For as long as it’s been between brews I think Mara really nailed it. The first time I wore it it smelled significantly different while wet and in beginning dry down and I think it’s the oud. That’s calmed way down though every other time I’ve worn it so it could have been travel shock. This version is a bit less Smokey and is lighter overall but I do still get decent throw. If you like smooth vanilla musk with a little tiny bit of edge, you must absolutely get Elume.
  12. halo0073

    Baby Boo

    Baby Boo fooled me. I had to come check notes because I thought I was smelling Musk but knew that couldn’t be right. It’s the maple which I usually hate. But it makes Baby Boo. The rest is just as it sounds, spices( that don’t turn my arm red for once), pumpkin, cream. Just yum. I really don’t get oats on the skin though I do in the Vial. Might need a full bottle of this beauty!
  13. halo0073

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    The first brew of Ebil-ish 2018 sold out in a few days. Mara has made a second brew and says it is extremely close but as always with hand blended perfumes there could be subtle variations. I’m sure it’s amazing though.
  14. Got my shipping notice last night! So excited to smell the Weenies!
  15. halo0073

    complete newbie!

    LP Black, OCCO Black, LP Red Or OCCO Red if you’d like a little cinnamon kick. It drives men wild so I’d start there.