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  1. At first this version seems different because it’s mango heavy. Which I love, then through various stages I catch whiffs of other notes like the passion fruit, coconut and ginger and of course cherry and chocolate. In the long drydown I get more patch in this version than usual so for that reason it’s not a full bottle for me. But the mango, cherry, passionfruit are sooooo yummy.
  2. Hmm This might be my favorite version of Darling Catalina. I love orange citrus and the opening soft blast is delicious. It soon fades though and leaves behind a true vanilla cupcake. The cake aspect amps and amps but never gets cloying or overwhelmingly sweet. The extreme long drydown is fabulous though when just a sweet Skin like remnant remains.
  3. halo0073

    Cananga Coco Cacao w/ Aja-Summer 2018

    The ylang did come out just a bit more in this after long drydown and the Aja came in big time to add considerable sweetness. Unusual really for Aja to not appear til this late in the game but quite a nice surprise👌🏼
  4. halo0073

    Leisha-Summer 2018

    This is my favorite of the summer releases so far which is funny because I initially put it into my no or maybe pile when I first sniffed them all from the Vial. Then realized it was the one I was most looking forward to. So I went back specifically for it and upon smelling it again from the Vial it struck me as being perfumey. Wet it does smell a bit perfumey but that part changes fairly quickly. It’s sweet sticky figs with spice and resins. It smells a good deal like Exotica to me Fig wise. And it smells like incense. But no patch in this one. It may be the Musk that is reading perfumey on me. In any case I love it. I’m not getting much sage which is good for me. Erin’s Hot Honeyed Fig was my first hardcore LP Love all those years ago and this reminds me of that mixed with Exotica which I also love. I’ve slathered this beauty at least 10 times in the last few days.
  5. halo0073

    Evening Breeze-Summer 2018

    Evening Breeze is really really pretty. The florals are elegant and cool. The greens are watery and refreshing. Together they remind me of what a $2000 a night hotel’s shampoo would smell of. Not quite laundry, not quite soapy but what a very expensive spa type of place would have as their house scent. Luxe.
  6. I don’t typically love peach so when I like one it really stands out. This is that standout! It’s just bright tangy peachy goodness. It’s not that ripe or juicy though so I agree with Luna saying green peach. I get a bit of the tiare but it’s exceptionally well blended with the sandalwood creating a soft grounding framework which works well as the brightness of the peach fades into a softer more gentle peach.
  7. halo0073

    Cananga Coco Cacao w/ Aja-Summer 2018

    Wet this Cocoa Butter is exactly the same as my Angelique! It’s definitely the most forward note. I get the coconut as well as it starts drying down and it’s melded so completely with the cocoa butter that they really merge into one Coco/Cocoa Note. The ylang is very light on me but just ever so slightly there. It’s not really reminding me of Sweet Little Pussy at all because the musk in that one just made it smell completely differently than this. I can barely detect the myrrh or Aja but just there is a bit of grounding and deepening going on. The ylang is coming out more and more as it dries but I’d like more. I have a feeling that it might come out more after travel shock has worn off though. I’ll be back to update if the super long dry down changes this significantly. Perfect summer perfume!
  8. OMG you guys buy a Soap Cutter!! They are only like $5 on Amazon or at Michael’s if you have the weekly coupon. I use mine constantly for my biz and it’s great for cutting wax as well as soap. I have the wavy one that makes the soap chunks look really pretty too so an added bonus! Also if a soap is that hard to cut that you need a butchers knife then you can generally microwave them for 5-10 seconds at a time depending on size. I would not do it long at all for glycerin soap though.
  9. halo0073

    Time Travel: Somewhere in Time

    We used to sell a liquid silicone that you could apply before your perfume/pheros and it could help make your perfume last longer. I had decent luck with it, sometimes it helped a lot, sometimes not much. Also sometimes ones that fade quickly one develop into ones that last longer or are not so light wearing on me. I don’t think it’s only a question of aging in my case so it might be a skin chemistry or hormone level fluctuations issue.
  10. I just got my package and I’m so excited!!! SQUEEEEE
  11. halo0073

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Exceptional Treat is right! This collection is STUNNING! I have never put so many into my Yes pile just from my initial sniff from the Vial upon arrival. If you are on the fence about ordering the Sampler, just do it. Amazing month to try them all and you just can’t tell until you actually smell them. Bravo Mara!!!!
  12. I’m so happy that things went well Eastwood! What a bunch of bitches.
  13. halo0073

    Private Editions for JUNE 2018

    If you do itty sets I’d love one
  14. You guys are so cute💕💕💕
  15. halo0073

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    They are so amazing this month! I can’t wait to smell them all.
  16. Times are hard. LMAO. Get to testing woman and bring about better days.
  17. halo0073

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    Come play for the chance to win awesome prizes just for guessing notes in the new Releases here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1523514571283339 see full details in my announcement
  18. halo0073

    Stalk Talk!

    Come play in our Guessing Game Giveaway here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1523514571283339
  19. Hey everyone! I just posted a really fun contest game in the LP Chat Group on Facebook. I have posted all the labels and we are giving prizes to the top 3 people who guess correct notes. 1st Place will receive a signed Oracle Deck from this month’s label artist Callie L French ( also our special guest at June’s First Friday Party!) value: $30 2nd and 3rd places will each receive a $10 GC to use on anything they like from the Perfumerie or the Shop! We all do this anyway so come earn prizes for your insightful guesses this month! I’ll be dropping some hints along the way so you dong want to miss this! find the contest here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1523514571283339
  20. halo0073

    Elementary Ch.6 w/B2.2

    To me Teddy is the softest one.
  21. halo0073

    New Releases for JUNE 2018 - Summer!

    The labels are just stunning! Having seen all the notes for these perfumes I can promise you guys that the perfumes are as gorgeous as the labels and Callie’s cards! I’m working on a new release game for the LP Chat group on Facebook and I’ll link it here as soon as I’m ready to post the contest.
  22. halo0073

    Stalk Talk!

    I’m working on a guessing game for new release notes that I’ll be posting in the Facebook Chat group tomorrow. I’ll post a link to it tomorrow!
  23. halo0073

    Hi from melisse in california!

    Oh also a wipe will not fully remove pheros. A witch hazel pad works best in my opinion. Rubbing alcohol will work too but is much harsher for the skin. Pheros are really sticky. Some molecules have been known to hang around even after a shower the next day.
  24. halo0073

    Hi from melisse in california!

    Lol no worries. A couple other points. One, if you do Levitation and Balm Bomb together they cancel each other out. Two, blends affect men and women differently. So it would be unusual for you both to react in the exact same manner from the same blend. And yes, that’s a selfie, the relaxation you feel. I wear pheros for the selfies primarily, so not unusual at all😊