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  1. I’d test BAM out a bunch more before I’d throw it into untested waters with an unknown guy. Bnol can be really great for sweet, open bonding and communication, but it can hit you hard yourself which can sometimes be counterproductive. As in YOU talk too much or get mushy in a way you would not normally be so soon. Like I said, it can definitely be amazing but it would be towards the bottom of my recommendations to wear in the situation you have described. Unless you hit it off Hugely, talk for 18 hours straight and are REALLY feeling each other, then maybe break it out towards the end. If you test Cougar and it feels like too much sass and sparkle for daytime then from what you have available I’d do Lumina during the day. They have similar vibes but Lumina is less sexy, more social. But also not really enough oomph for nighttime with what you are describing. I also Don’t get much of anything from Levitation, and I do from both DHEAS and OW, so I believe for my needs it’s not the right balance. You may be the same. People tend to super love it, or not get much at all.
  2. Omg That would definitely do it to me as well!!! It’s one of the few I just can’t wear. I’m overly empathetic as it is so I just don’t need any help in that area. I will never forget being in the beta tester group for that phero. Embarrassed the hell out of myself at my daughter’s school. I was a mess! At least you figured it out! So don’t beat yourself up.
  3. I wore this one yesterday. I think this is the most sophisticated of the ones I have tried. I have big love for raspberry but it rarely works for me as it often goes really perfumey on me. That was definitely the case with this one.
  4. We are running updates on main website tonight so it will be down tonight. Don’t be alarmed it’s just routine maintenance and will be back up tomorrow. If you need to make an order tonight just email an invoice request to Catalunalpmp@yahoo.com
  5. It’s more wearable for me than Liebchen. But I know my pickiness on that one was rare for most people. But I like this better.
  6. I say since you have some time, get to testing! Because the honest right answer is indeed, whatever makes you feel best. So I’d say it’s the perfect time to get to know your phero stash. If you can’t I’d honestly go Cougar across the board. But that’s based on how it makes me feel and the kinds of hits and attention I get while I’m wearing it. Levitation can give some people a somewhat ditzy vibe so just test it first.
  7. I’d send this question to the Cataluna email address. She is not likely to see it anytime soon here.
  8. I was wrong. It did not fade that quickly. The long drydown that stuck Around for hours and hours was not unlike BBM. Should be very satisfying for the vanilla lovers.
  9. Ooh nice! I knew I was missing something. Sounds very comforting.
  10. What is Alexi Relaxi? Is that a delightful autocorrect or am I missing something? I’m missing something I bet.
  11. Well they are 1/2 sized! And I know you. You are going to need those two and I would not be surprised if you need more. Lol. Just based on your big love for Liebchen.
  12. halo0073


    Thank you, I needed that. 💗
  13. Omg I’m really happy I ordered a bottle of this. My first impression in the vial was that this does indeed smell exactly like the Bath and Body product version. Confession: Mara made that scent for me after unabashed extended begging on my part. And it doesn’t actually smell like what I had been picturing( smelling in my brain I guess). But I use it and have grown to love it despite that. I think largely because I love that insanely decadent massage butter formula. So this smells like an exact match and all but it’s just slightly different... in a way I have not identified yet. And it could just be as simple as being different in a different medium/carrier for scent. But even though the difference is teeny weeny I think I actually love this even more. I did get a tiny quick hit of camphor when I first put this on so the Body Paint comparison is understandable. Beyond that this really doesn’t remind me of any other LPs.
  14. Couldn’t wait to try this one on today. It’s got the biggest most satisfying almond blast while wet. Of course that starts drying down immediately but boy is it fun while it lasts. This one is just how it sounds from the description. Almond, intense at first then subtle after a minute or two, thick creamy vanilla buttercream, and an undertone of smooth sandalwood. It’s not that sharp third eye poking sandalwood that occasionally vexes me, it’s blended seamlessly into the almond and vanilla. And it’s a necessary addition, as the vanilla would meld so quickly into your skin, it would disappear without that subtle sandalwood grounding it and providing a base. Beautiful. I have a strong feeling it’s going to fade rather quickly though. But that’s to be expected with simple lighter perfumes like this. Oh and the coconut peeks through after several minutes which adds some more dimension. Never strongly reads cocoa butter but I can sense it at least if not smell it as clearly as I usually can. This is a master class in blending light creamy smooth notes into an edible smelling perfume.
  15. This was the first of my sampler to test on my skin. I was probably most nervous about this one just because on paper I should always love but sometimes heavy buttercream dairy notes go wonky on me. I worried for nothing! The buttercream dominates for me and it’s my favorite kind. Smooth, decadent, creamy and sweet. I’d lick my arm if I didn’t know better. The lemon is pretty tame considering how clear and sharp lemon usually is. It’s more mellow dessert like lemon, not lemon extract or lemonade. It’s a little sunny but not super bright. It also lasts longer than your average lemon topnote. That said the whole perfume faded somewhat quickly. Maybe an hour? Vibe wise it reminded me most of Fairy Lure or Mothership ( I think that’s what I’m thinking of), more of a fruity cereal and milk scent than aggressively lemony. I truly think this is going to be one that gets gorgeous with age. Just like my current bottle of OCCO White that I ordered a year ago but just really fell in love with in the past month.
  16. Yes I got my OCCO sampler, yes I will post reviews as quickly as I can. Lol. Welp, this is the second one I have tried on my skin and will likely be the last for today since somehow about 1/2 my vial dumped out down my arm. Luckily I have a bottle coming and luckily I love it. I will say it’s disconcerting to smell as much of the cheesy cops smell as I can smell right now. I wear OCCOs a ton but never in this kinda amount so I’m going to do my best to review it without the cheeeeeeese factor coloring my thoughts too much. Okay well, first off, this is delicious! I’m really glad that I was pretty assertive campaigning for my specific want list for this one. I’m usually not, at all. But I felt really strongly that it should be less creamy sweet and darker, deeper coffee and chocolate. True mocha. I definitely wanted something in the veins of Mistress Mine and Luna’s Sungold Mocha which are by far my two favorite coffee LPs ever. I can’t wear MM cuz of the Dom and I’m heartbroken. OCCO Mocha is definitely going to help heal that hole in my heart. It’s dark, rich, smooth and deep and still a bit creamy and a bit sweet. I think it’s going to appeal to both sides of the coffee scent coin enough to satisfy a lot of people. The subtle creaminess blends really well with that cops smell. It’s got a fair amount of sweetness but not so much that it veers into cloying or sickly territory. Not a huge morpher but then OCCOs are not really designed that way as they are simpler. I’m glad of that because sometimes I love the journey but sometimes I just want to put something on and just know it smells great. I don’t always have the time or energy or attention span to appreciate the morphers. This is sheer enough for day wear ( like a coffee date! Groan-shoot me ) but also sultry enough to wear for sexy nighttime fun. It’s really really fun and delightful. You could definitely steer it lighter or darker by layering with another LP. And if you are one that wanted it lighter and creamier, just add a bit of OCCO White or BBM! You could add a dab of LP Black or another resinous scent to take it darker. It’s so nice and versatile! Totally perfect on its own also! Well done Mara! I can literally feel how hard you worked to balance the different requests on this one.
  17. Welcome to the forum! Can’t wait to see what you think of your new goodies. Be careful they have a tendency to multiply exponentially😉
  18. Yep same. I have pheros back to 2009 and some inherited ones that are even older. Still smell and work exactly the same as far as I can tell. Storage is definitely the key factor here.
  19. I’d love to agree with you because a deep seated cause and effect situation is literally my favorite thing in life and how I understand, cope with and manage every facet of my day to day existence with all the difficult people I’m surrounded by. However in this case I have seen sooooo many nonsensical, non scent memory, subconscious clue situations with his broken sense of smell that I know it’s just him indulging his stunted sense of smell. My whole life is ruled by smell so I’m positive on this. He’s exactly the same with his extremely poor facial recognition skills. Will insist to the death that we are watching Morgan Freeman and try to offer proof. I’m like okay dude that’s Bruce Willis and he was once in a movie with Lawrence Fishburn. You’re thinking of Lawrence Fishburn. Then I’ll have to walk him through his broken steam of associations on IMDB. I can say this is true in these two situations because they are two of my strongest talents in life and also two of his worst. He knows and accepts this now and will now just ask me. If you knew him and that he’s more convinced of his inherent rightness on every topic in the history of the world ( even stuff he knows nothing about) than any human I have ever met, you’d take my word for it. In just these two specific arenas, he’s so bad and nonsensical that even HE acknowledges it now. Only took 17+ years but we got here. I’m sure there is an association there down deep like everything in life but scent? You will never figure it out in a logical way. Neither will he.
  20. That’s okay Snoop said lover with a straight face in another thread. So I’m validated enough for one day. My SO could not wear this. It smells feminine on me but also it’s powdery enough that I would not ask him to try. I don’t know if you remember that story I told once about how incredibly fucking stupid his nose is, that he once walked in and started speak shouting about how the whole house smelled like “POOP!” Then elaborated that it was very specifically like a big hot dump in an old lady’s bathroom? Well that charming imagery was conjured up by him smelling a beautiful upscale floral with a soft unobtrusive powdery element to it. So NOTHING with even a hint of powder goes near that weirdo.
  21. Who? Oh you mean my lover? Eff him he gets nothing. Other than my undying passion and emotionally charged affections.
  22. That sounds like a lovely combo. You can always try with a scent locket too. I am guilty of forgetting that option fairly often myself despite having a lovely assortment of them waiting to be used.
  23. And I’m the worst of the lot. But I just sneakily enabled myself under the guise of enabling you. That’s some subversive ass bullshit on a new level even for me.
  24. Please reserve for me: bottle of Elementals Air bottle of Desperation and Djinn and per your instructions bottle Envirant
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