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  1. This study is pretty amazing. It backs up everything I have known to be true about A1 for years. Especially important is the confirmation that it has a negative impact on mood for men. So many of my guy friends have known this for years due to testing but it hasn't been scientifically proven until now.
  2. Hot Cherry w/ Heart Throb

    What are these special soaps you speak of?
  3. Oooh this is nice! Cherry Blossoms are the opening blast but I get the woods right along with them and it lends an almost spicy in a woodsy kinda vibe. I love a bit of cedar in a perfume. I can’t tell if it’s the Cherry Blossom Bark or the Cedar that I’m smelling specifically so I’ll just say it’s woodsy. Lol. The Sweetgrass just kind of tempers the cherry blossom and starts taking it down a notch after a few minutes. I’m not getting the myrhh yet but that may come in the long drydown. If it does I’ll come back and update. This definitely softens as it dries down.
  4. Erin's Latte Peche

    Lol no I actually LOVE the peach in this one. It’s the coffee and caramel that ruin it for me. That’s the beauty of perfume. Scent is such a highly subjective sense. We don’t have to like it all. There is something for everyone. I mean thank god I don’t like them ALL.
  5. Petite Baie

    What a lovely little fragrance. Like Luna I get a tart berry while wet. Then the green notes take hold. It’s a very fresh, green, watery, but still slightly fruity scent. Thankfully for me the patch never shows up for me. It does lighten up considerably after drydown for me too.
  6. Fluffy

    I never got the marshmallow as a specific note. I’ll try again in a few days.
  7. Eastwood you have to at least try a sample of Sneaky Clean!
  8. Hot Cherry w/ Heart Throb

    Omg I love that he keeps his POD in a certain spot! All you guys with your cute SO LP stories are killing me.
  9. This is gorgeous! Honeysuckle is the most forward note which I do love. Wet it almost has a tinge of earthiness which I am guessing must be the teakwood. It dries down pretty quickly though. I get the green Vine peaking through just a touch. And the coconut is making it just a little creamier. This is not golden drippy honeysuckle. It’s cleaner. Less ripe. This is Spring honeysuckle with all the lush verdant greenery supporting it all on a bed of barely creamy coconut.
  10. Erin's Latte Peche

    This is a very cool PE! Wet the peach is juicy and glossy. It’s a lickable peach. Then the coffee comes in and while I love the idea on paper, it only muddles up the peach I was so enjoying a minute before. Then the caramel appears. If you like coffee and caramel do not miss this. The combination is so unique and it goes amazingly smoothly together. There was no way I was gonna love this for me personally with these notes but I did quite enjoy the journey. This is a clear example of how and why indie perfumes are such a joy.
  11. This one is quite lovely but is confusing my nose. I have had to put it on twice and go through the whole drydown twice to understand what I’m smelling. I am a grapefruit Ho for sure but this grapefruit is not reading as grapefruit usually does and I’ve determined that is because it’s mixed with peach. They go together so well that it smells like an entirely new fruit made up of both. I smell the tea and it’s pretty cool that it actually smells like hibiscus tea to me. When I was 17 and on vacation in Belize with my family I met this wonderful lady botanical Healer there. She had studied at the world famous botanical gardens on the mainland but came back to the tiny little key where we were staying. We became Fast friends and I hung out with her every day. I was having some extreme female problems going back to a surgery I had.She made me a hibiscus tea tincture and it cured me! I have never forgotten that trip because of her and ever since hibiscus tea holds a fair amount of magic for me. So anyway I digress, but that’s why it’s so amazing to me to be able to pick out hibiscus tea as a clear note here. I also very much get the bamboo as a green clean vibe. I don’t get the teakwood specifically but I’d be happy if I did as it reminds me of the Caribbean where I spent so much time in my childhood. Long Story Short: I love this!
  12. 10000% thought you were talking about pot there for a minute. I get it though THC is Very light so I can see if you were having olfactory difficulties that you might not be able to smell this one.
  13. I’d turn the wax off an hour or so before you want the evening to wrap up.
  14. Thats how I feel about Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy but I snagged the last bottle last night so I can’t give fair warning like you did.
  15. Agree with OW all the way! Both because it will create a great atmosphere and it will not super clash with your PM
  16. Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy

    WHAT is this sorcery??? Omg I love it so much. I need gallons and buckets and bathtubs full of this magic unicorn tears potion! It’s sweet and clean and I don’t know what. I don’t particularly love any of these ingredients on their own. I’m not a hedione ho at all. I like exactly one jasmine perfume ever. Omg I love this so hard but it’s already fading and I want to cry about that.
  17. Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    I NEED Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy!!! What is this magic??? I don’t really like any of these ingredients usually but I want 4.3 metric assloads of this please. Omg omg omg
  18. Fluffy

    I have been dying to try this one since Mara told me she was making a release for Bella. Not a PE but she knew she would love it. Wet it’s alllllll magnolias. I was sniffing so hard that the magnolia almost got stabby but only after the backend of a Super long sniff. So I stopped doing that. Lol. The magnolia is starting to soften and is being sweetened up by the sugar pretty quickly. The Musk is not sharp or piercing like a couple musks that could have been used for this can be and I’m soooooo happy it’s not one of those. That’s the only thing that could have killed it for me, so I am sighing a huge sigh of relief. I’m patiently waiting for the marshmallow but so far I’m not reading it as a particular note on it’s own. It has softened and sweetened quite a bit in the several minutes since I put it on. The Musk is indeed silky and smooth. Nothing is powdery. I’ll come back if the marshmallow ever shows itself as a clear marshmallow note but for now it’s all a sweet, silky but distinctly floral pillowy scent.
  19. Soleil d'Or w/ Aja

    This was my favorite in the Vial so I promptly tried it on. Swoooooon. It’s golden golden drippy honey with a beautiful Tea rose. I forgot how much I adore Tea rose and I’m kicking myself for ever selling anything containing it. I get a little spicy ginger kick in there too. The lemon is just a little zing at the opening of the perfume while wet. This is such a unique idea and yet smells almost familiar. OMG it’s gorgeous! I want it to be tomorrow so I can put this on again.
  20. I’m getting my package tomorrow morning! So so excited!
  21. Isn’t this the happiest thread?! It always has been and always will be. Got my notice too!
  22. Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    Wow some real stunners!
  23. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    They all look amazing! Especially excited for Fluffy and Paradisi!
  24. New Releases for APRIL 2018

    Congrats JLisa!!! All my friends who are grandmas and my own mom say that being a grandma is their absolute favorite thing ever. Yay for notes! I cannot wait for new releases!