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  1. They are not technically as potent Scented as they are UNscented. UNs have 1000mcg of pheros whereas Phero enhanced fragrances contain 333mcg of the Phero blend. I think Eastwood means that many people find them just as effective given that the fragrance is brewed to be congruent with the Phero blend.
  2. halo0073

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    The Limited Edition OCCOs are almost sold out!Sandal Musk is down to the last 5 bottles. If you are on the fence, it’s time to hop off because once they are gone they are gone!
  3. halo0073

    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    There are review threads for every perfume and Phero blend in the review sections of the Forum. Pheros are in the pheromone subforum. To get a journal you will need to make regular posts for several months before you can request one.
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    Cheryl's Summer Tea w/ Aja

    It reminds me of Supernatural also in the Vial. I have not tested it on Skin yet though.
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    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    We call that Sweetspot Testing. But you don’t have to go a whole week before going up if you are not getting results. I’d say 3 wears is enough to know.
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    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    Nah you are all set. All of those that you got are Phero enhanced Perfumes so no cover is necessary.
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    I love Charisma! It’s my favorite LP Men’s Phero. I suggest it all the time to customers.
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    New lovely lady to the mones community :)

    Welcome! I helped you with your customer service questions. Glad to see that you made it to the Forum.
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    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    Yes please!
  10. halo0073

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    No more after that though right?
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    1 bottle Boo Berry please!
  12. halo0073

    Cotton Candy Peach

    There was a mix up with those several months ago. I think it’s really Buttercream Peach.
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    Hello from sunny France!

    Welcome from Raining cats and dogs Indiana
  14. Wel there is also the distinct possibility that smelling cops on your man makes you feel bad. That is normal to a degree for most committed couples. Because he’s signaling that he’s just had sex with a woman. Another woman. So this may just not be a blend for you guys.
  15. halo0073

    Rik's Southern Lights

    There’s still time... lol sorry I’ll be quiet. I love it myself
  16. I’d definitely note that to keep in mind next time he tries it. If it repels you again it could well be the Phero. There is one I won in a contest on another Forum years ago. For men. So I gave BF the bottle and he wore it out on a big date night. I was so uncomfortable and edgy and weird all night. But he still got laid. Lol. So effective I guess but it was not a good experience for me. It actually made me think about the whole social engineering aspect of this stuff and I wondered if I’d made people feel that way wearing my pheros. Still wear em. Lol. But I wondered.
  17. Fuck em up Eastwood. I like where this is going lol. But seriously I do agree. That’s amazing advice.
  18. halo0073

    OCCO: Pineapple

    For the first hour or so I love this. The pineapple is swoon worthy and I was contemplating how many bottles to hoard. Way late in the dry down ( might have been several hours later actually), something starts to irritate me just a bit. It could well be the coconut after the pineapple is gone. Still contemplating a FB but I need to test it again.
  19. This is my favorite of the OCCO Collection as well. I’d also love to see it become Permanent. Literally some of my favorite notes. The vanilla is rich but still sheer enough to not be overwhelming or bakery. The Musk...omg there are no words. Sensual, smooth, skin like, gorgeous, Okay there are a few words. Sandalwood can go one of two ways for me, good or pointy and headache inducing. This is the good kind. I think this would be a lovely addition to the permanent Line because as much as I like TMI, I like this better. The cops just make it a little more femme.
  20. halo0073

    Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy

    I am not a big floral fan myself so my love for THC also caught me off guard. It’s stunning.
  21. halo0073

    Pie in the Sky 2016

    I think it’s a good snuggly type of scent DD. I’ve worn it to bed many times.
  22. halo0073

    Justin's Spirit Wolf

    YAY Snoop! So glad you like it. OceanJewel that was incredibly kind of you to gift a bottle to Snoop!💗
  23. halo0073

    OCCO Florale

    This is just exactly what I wanted when I asked for a floral OCCO with a bit of green. But way better. I’m sooooo picky about Rose notes but I really like this one. It’s more like pink rosebuds than a deeper richer red rose. No attar type rose here. The green just elevates it. It IS verdant but not so overwhelmingly green that it becomes more a fresh green scent. As always Mara amazes me with her ability to blend notes to perfection. The green Musk comes through as it dries down further. It’s a bit deeper green and almost a tad fuzzy while serving as an excellent grounding note. Love this!🌹
  24. You can definitely wear over lotion if the scents smell good to you together. I have never come close to using an entire Vial at once. Some are strong enough that I just swipe the Vial wand on both wrists. My usual method if I know I like something is to pour a little bit down one wrist then smoosh my wrists together and distribute evenly on both arms. Let your nose be the guide. This one is pretty potent though. Some last a few hours, others last til the next day for me. It depends on the notes, your body chemistry, weather etc.
  25. Wet I really love the cherry! It’s vibrant and tart and sweet without being fake or cloying. The cherry fades pretty quickly though. The tobacco element is nice and smooth. Very rich. Mingling with the cherry it’s sweet but not too sweet. After long dry down the oud just takes it a teensy but into irritating territory. But even so I still keep compulsively smelling my wrists. Deeply at that. If this wasn’t loaded with cops I’d actually like to smell this on BF.