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  1. Cool!!! I'll order merlin's blend along with LP#9. Thanks Beccah1
  2. Thanks, I haven't really tried any fragrance just yet, just the unscented phero blends (which are GREAT by the way). I'm looking for a fresh, not sweet fragrance, or something similar to Boss by Hugo Boss or Burberry Brit for Men. Any thoughts????
  3. Thanks Beccah1 !!! That's the one I was considering, so, should I order 2 (I want to stock up) or should I try another perfume blend??? I don't see too many men perfumes that would fit Actors Magic Cheers!
  4. Hello girls, I was considering on ordering a custom blend of "Actors Magic" (Charisma) for Men, but I didn't know what cologne would fit this phero blend. Hope to read some thoughts about it. Thanks Dave
  5. Any ideas on when will Super Sexy for Men be back in stock again??? That one got me curious... Dave
  6. Thanks! I'll place my order soon. Dave
  7. Hello, I'm new on this site. I was wondering, if there's 2 weeks to prepare an order. When is my credit card charged?? when the items are shipped or the moment I place the order??? Cheers! Dave
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