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  1. Eeek, sorry didn't mean to open such a can'o'worms there! To me though online dating is where you find them, then you meet them. A bit like going to the library... I never considered that relationship being conducted entirely online. That's not what I'm looking for but I'm entirely for each picking their own way. Me - I'm hoping for some real-life sex again one day!qwwwwwqaw
  2. DOH!I just realised I have a sample of Garland and Lace, despite being too late to get a bottle. He said he loves the smell of cinnamon....perfect no??
  3. I haven't tried OCCO, but I think I may just go with the Ginger Green Tea plus Lace plus cops then! ROFL... I need to get me some super happy fun time one day!
  4. This thread warms my heart! there are people havign sex out there, aand online dating works...YAY!!!
  5. Thank you all! The Lace is plus cops-(no idea what I was typing below!!)...they're mixed together. Is that a bad idea to go with that? So excited!!
  6. So, I confess, I joined a dating site for a week and a half. I'm a single parent and have fibro so I don't exactly get out that much at night to meet anyone. However, in that week ONE guy I found both reasonably intelligent and cute looking messaged me. You don't want to know about some of the others!! So when we meet up soon, I wondered which phero togofor...I have enhanced perfumes -spicy carnation custom w/ dominance potion, custom vanilla/linen w/ heart and soul, and ginger green tea with lace plus COPS, southern gothic enhanced with cougar...what do I go for??? Heeeeelpp!! I also have cougar potion, eternal chain, sorceress.
  7. Oh mygoodnessthis one snuck up on me. It has an opening redcurrant smell but also strongly reminds me of something that was in my favourite Smell This Fluffy Pillow! I get a fizziness with lemon, backed by a clean but not 'white' musk with nutmeg (how much did I forget how much I love nutmeg in fragrance!), then an hour later a strong vanilla. I'd reapply this til the cows came home for the opening notes...I cannot stop myself sniffing my own wrist when wearing this...even in public. I am shameless.
  8. Uh oh...I knew I shoulda waited to order. Grrr...why am I so impatient!!! Can I second or third that minty cocoa sounds great!
  9. I absolutely love this initially, the freshness of it is lovely, unfortunately my skin turns it into a sickly fruitpunch, which isn't my kind of thing. However, I put this on just before going to bed one night (I have a sleep disorder, my brain won't regulate my sleep patterns, and it's made worse by stress, so this was an experiment to see if being more focused on say going to sleep lol, would help, as my medication doesn't seem to) and oh my goodness... I felt calm and relaxed, and felt myself slowly drifting into sleep....when...my littlest daughter sleeping next to me, turned and vomited on my face. If I get woken when I am just falling asleep, I am horrible normally, I feel really cross, but this time I was uber-calm, and I am a bit phobic about sick too. I was able to calmly strip and remake the bed, put the washing machine on, redress the baby and go back to sleep without feeling at all stressed. Pretty good huh! I want some of this in a custom
  10. I was kind of saddened by this one...I was sure this was going to be THE ONE. I really struggle picking notes out in this, so I'll just comment on the phero effects... I bumped into a lady I have chatted to once at the library, as we are walking the same way with our kids, we chat, only she seems to be convinced that my hair is different and compliments me for about 5 minutes, have I coloured it, etc..made me feel great. I'm not sure it has any effect on men though! Does anyone else get a slight headache when they put this on at first?
  11. I get honey from this ultimately, the initial notes don't last that long on me but I do love the feeling I get from the pherosin this, I feel much more confident. Not sure how much effect they have had on others...I will report back if I get anything extreme.
  12. cinnamonmel

    Turkish Delight

    This has to be my favourite scent so far...which is good as it is my first bottle! What do I get from it... It's like the most heavenly incense, unlit, with a smidge of patchouli, the sweetest rose turkish delight and a hint of mint tea on your breath. It's delicious! I gave this to my mum to try and she loved it also. She said "hmmmm,this takes meback a bit!"...followed later by "get me some!".
  13. I tried this the other night and was so sad when it turned into an uber-masculine tobacco on my skin. It had sweetness in the vial but myskin wrecked it!
  14. Well I can't wait to hear about this since i ordered it with cops also! I'm waiting for my first order of samples to come-hopefully any day now-so impatient. Can you tell i have a fairly empty life?! lol.
  15. Aaaaah gimme gimme gimmme! They all look GREAT!!
  16. No favourites yet as I haven't tried anything! Waiting for my order
  17. Hi! I'm from the UK, (single) mum to two girls, 6 and 3. I only just found love potions but have been avidly collecting scents for some time-my chemistry keeps changing and my tastes! Especially excited by the pheremone scents-after 6 years of baby raising I could use some help!
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