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    Pretty much anything spiritual fascinates me. Lets just say for now that I work in counseling and communications and that impacts my spiritual beliefs.

    I am also something of a cologne hound and love to try new scents as well as new things in general.

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  1. Snoopyace

    Mark's Love God Blend

    I agree, it can be very dangerous! This has been the consensus of those of us in relationships that have been wearing it. The single guys are suddenly finding that women who were previously uninterested are also now suddenly available. It's been really fun to read all the stories. I can actually relate to the conversation you had because I've been fielding similar ones since really perfecting TLG. My bride also seems much more content when I wear this as well. The effects on her aren't nearly as OVERT as with other women but because I know her baseline behavior, I see that she is more comfortable, happy and attracted. Even more than her behavior, she will tell me how much she cares, etc. Not her normal.
  2. I would also recommend taking a look at The Love God. It is designed specifically for a man to enhance relationships in the way you are looking for.
  3. Personally, I'm a fan of Perfect Match for the vibe that you are describing. I've always seen a lot of fun attention from that. It is a very unisex blend but it definitely has a fun cuddly vibe.
  4. Snoopyace

    New Girl to the community

  5. Snoopyace

    Legend w/ Charisma

    I know I'd already reviewed this one but I have been wearing a sniffee of it over the past few days. I can't stress enough how much I really, really like this scent! It is so clean and slightly green without being a green scent per se. I also really enjoy the pheromone blend. People are always very nice whenever I wear it and it puts me into a very good mood as well. Nice!
  6. Snoopyace

    Love Potion #9

    Wearing some of my sample of LP #9 and I've already been told that I smell 'delicious.'
  7. Snoopyace

    North Pole 2017

    I had a sniffee of this that I have been wanting to try out. While my bride thought it smelled nice it wasn’t her favorite due to the ginger note (c’mon, it IS a gingerbread scent, after all!) I on the other hand found this to be an amazing gingerbread scent and if my bride was more enthusiastic, I would have a full bottle of this in a heartbeat. I do like that this is a bit vetiver forward and nice and woodsy on the drydown. Definitely a well crafted winter scent!
  8. Snoopyace

    WAX MELTS!!!!

    In my most recent order I'd gotten (apparently the last ?) package of Irish Coffee scented wax melts. Oh man, these smell amazing! My bride thinks they smell like coffee scented Tootsie Rolls but to me it does smell more like Irish Coffee (I'd like to think I am more of an authority since it combines two of my favorite things, coffee and whiskey.) I love how the scent just fills the room with a nice warm, rich scent. Really nice!
  9. Snoopyace

    Mark's Love God Blend

    I looked it up and yes, that's actually how it sort of felt! I tend to draw a crowd naturally anyhow but this was surreal. If I was someone who wasn't used to or comfortable with attention, this could have been a bit much. It really is a fun phero blend that makes everyone feel good, however. Isn't that the most important thing?
  10. Snoopyace

    Love Potion #9

    Thanks! In the meantime I am going to enjoy the sample vial I have of this. My bride seems to like this (and if she is actively telling me she enjoys a scent and not just 'not complaining' that is a good thing). I might have to get a full bottle but I can't decide between oil or spray. I'm experimenting with the sprays lately even though I think the oils are still my favorite.
  11. *note to self* This smells really nice. Really nice. And my bride approves!
  12. Snoopyace

    Love Potion #9

    Awww... thanks! Matchmaker is just one of the many hats I wear! Just womdering, has anyone tried this in a spray? I love it in the oil version of the scent (and apparently my bride did too) but this has to be spectacular as a spray. Anyone?
  13. Snoopyace

    Mark's Love God Blend

    This is such an awesome date night blend! Even if you have someone new that you want to impress and are going to be spending the evening together, this is what you need. I am seeing my bride actually bringing up the need for us to have more date nights since I've been wearing this. Prior to that happening, she never mentioned it. I love how The Love God brings our relationship back to feeling new again, before all the responsibilities got in the way.
  14. Snoopyace

    Mark's Love God Blend

    This is a ridiculous example of what happens every time I'm wearing The Love God. Watching my son do a choir concert at a local festival. Indoors and wearing 8" of LP: Homme scented oil Love God spread over my usual app points. The longer I stood there, the more women gravitated closer to me. To the point that my bride (who was originally standing next to me got pushed out. I was surrounded by 8-10 Moms (all with blond or dyed blond hair!) in riding boots and yoga pants. During this time, I was opened by at least 4 of them. As in, actively coming over to talk to me. Not just standing and gawking in the hopes I'd say 'hi.' These were women I HAD NEVER MET. My bride was just standing off to the side with my mother in law who was in shock at the crowd. My bride is used to this stuff and just stood there. It took me a moment to notice because I was watching my kid pretend he was singing but when I noticed, she told me to just stay where I was because they were enjoying the show! After we got outside, my mom in-law actually laughed and said the scene reminded her of the movie Michael (I have to go look that up). When these women saw me with my bride (according to her) there were a lot of disappointed faces when I ignored each of them and went to talk to her. *shrugs*
  15. Snoopyace


    Whoa... I might have to get a bottle of this. Boosted with the Love God, of course!