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    Pretty much anything spiritual fascinates me. Lets just say for now that I work in counseling and communications and that impacts my spiritual beliefs.

    I am also something of a cologne hound and love to try new scents as well as new things in general.

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  1. Snoopyace

    Wanted Man

    It's entirely possible that you just respond more to the relationship type pheros. Either that or the sexy phero blends when combined with the relationship ones. You said you react very well to Love God and that is a combination of Hunter Trapper and Perfect Match.
  2. AHAHAHA! Fancy. 😎
  3. Snoopyace


    I’m glad your husband likes Charisma as well! I really feel like this doesn’t get nearly enough attention. It is an excellent ‘social lubricant’ that just spotlights the wearer and shines a light on their positive attributes.
  4. Snoopyace

    Legend w/ Charisma

    Even though I am already wearing LP: Homme I walked past my sniffee of Legend and decided to put on just a little so I could see how it wears. I was a big fan of the original but never got to buy a full bottle because I hesitated and it sold out. Now that I've gotten a sniff of the rebrew of Legend, I LOVE the scent and don't want to miss out this time. I am not sure this is a scent my bride would appreciate because she is not necessarily a fan of clean scents but this is a clean, green tea and musk scent that smells like Summer to me. It reminds me ever so slightly of Eternal Sunshine (in spirit only) because it smells clean without smelling soapy. I could really see myself wearing this scent pretty much anywhere and to paraphrase the scent description, it can take you from the boardroom to bedroom. Yeah, I could actually see that. I keep sniffing my app point because I just love how it smells. Gonna have to see what my Bride thinks of this and if it passes her sniff test, I see a full bottle in my future. I have to laugh. As I said, I have a sniffee of this and I was thinking to myself how amazing this would smell in a spray. I went to the LPMP webstore to check it out and discovered that it can only be had in the full bottle spray! 😃 Okay, the Charisma phero blend. I would be remiss if I didn't mention this. My first experience with Charisma was in an old LPMP scent called Ms Right... Now! I LOVED that scent but I was also amazed at how the Charisma phero blend put a spotlight on me. It is just a very fun, easy to work with phero blend that is a very smooth social and attractive phero blend. It is also one that is very natural. People just genuinely seem to find you interesting and attractive and want to be closer to you. Charisma is a very underrated phero blend, in my opinion. I'm going to have to play with it more going forward.
  5. Got my shipping notice!! Whoo! Bloodroot here I come!
  6. Snoopyace


    Hi, can I reserve- 1 bottle of Bloodroot 1 bottle of Columbia Yeah, I know I said I wasn't going to participate in the sale but I haven't found 'just the right' space for an office so I figured, 'Why not splurge a little?!!' COMPLETE
  7. Snoopyace

    Dark Desires w/ Heart Throb

    Halo makes a good point. Dry down time DEFINITELY makes a difference.
  8. Snoopyace

    Justin's Spirit Wolf

    Yes it was! Thanks again!
  9. Snoopyace

    Dark Desires w/ Heart Throb

    Yup, you might have just been overwhelmed to begin with and this amplified it. Glad you are doing a bit better.
  10. Snoopyace

    Dark Desires w/ Heart Throb

    I have very occasionally seen this reaction before. Heart Throb has a way of amplifying a woman’s mood. I’ve seen it with my bride as well as other women I dated. Not it sure if it is cycle related or totally mood but normally no issues. I’ve started using V2 a LOT and honestly haven’t looked back.
  11. Snoopyace

    Justin's Spirit Wolf

    Before I get into a quick review I have to say a very big thank you to @oceanjewel for gifting me a bottle of this scent. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really do appreciate it and I have to say that I love the scent! My bride has a very unique knack for describing things and she described this as smelling like, 'an expensive Renaissance Faire soap.' I would agree that it is a very clean, slightly soapy (in a good way) scent that to my nose, anyhow would be equally at home in an office setting as well as at a garden party. It is a very refined, very nuanced scent. I've only been wearing this for about 6 hours but I've noticed it evolving as I've worn it. Surprisingly, the hedione has been a very mild yet constant presence. It adds a slight floral feel to the scent without being FLOWERY. Overall, I smell this as being a clean, green scent that is perfect for when you want to just smell good without being too over the top. In other words, this seems perfect for Summer! Between this one and the vintage bottle of Eternal Sunshine I found in my stinky drawer, I have my summer scents taken care of.
  12. Snoopyace

    UN for Men

    I really enjoy the attention I get from this scent. I have it boosted 3:1 with Perfect Match to Wanted Man and it's just fun to wear. Men almost unanimously find it too sweet but women almost unanimously say it smells very sexy. My bride makes the joke that it is my maple syrup scent but then will ask why I haven't worn it for a few days. 😄 I wore it today since the heat wave of 100 degree F. days finally broke and we were in the low 70's here. Is it sweet? Yes. Is it a 'traditionally' masculine scent? Probably not. Do I smell great and get lots of attention from my bride? Most definitely. 🤗
  13. Snoopyace

    Mark's Tonka Tobacum

    AHAHA!! No kidding!
  14. Snoopyace

    Mark's Tonka Tobacum

    Ahaha! I know Mara is a little busy right now but we’ll have to formally request a rented very soon.
  15. Snoopyace

    Justin's Spirit Wolf

    Ohhhhhh... this sounds really good. I might have to give this one a try. A masculine scent with with green tea? Sign me up!!