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    Pretty much anything spiritual fascinates me. Lets just say for now that I work in counseling and communications and that impacts my spiritual beliefs.

    I am also something of a cologne hound and love to try new scents as well as new things in general.

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  1. It is also a great Love God scent!
  2. Ooh... Yes. Definitely. Absolutely.
  3. @Potion Master That is AMAZING. I really have come LONG way in my life. Deb is definitely more passionate about things in general but I have found that I need to be like water to be as zen as possible. THANK YOU!! 😊
  4. @Potion Master That was AMAZING!!! Makes perfect sense to both of us. I feel silly but Deb wants you to do my hands if you don’t mind. Oh, and I’m a Southpaw.
  5. she is right handed and she says THANK YOU!!
  6. Hooray! Gonna post her hands in a minute. Or should I just FB message you?
  7. Can I post my brides hands? She’s always wanted a palm reading!
  8. Why did that one and Intellectual Man go away? I liked Intellectual Man as well.
  9. Can I respectfully request a rebrew of Adam’s Nectar? I know some of the ingredients would need to be substituted.
  10. Had a great day yesterday wearing this scent. The leather is a fantastic note that fades to the background on me after about 20 or so minutes. Then the scent dries down to a sort of sweeter, slightly tobacco forward scent. I love when a random stranger catchees a whiff of my cologne and comments about how good I smell. Happens to me all the time with LPMP and yesterday was no exception. And, what can be said about Wanted Man that hasn't already been said? It is a great attractive pheromone blend that attracts a younger crowd (not necessarily what I'm looking for) but will also attract women with a bit more maturity. It also has a surprising 'hook' romantically considering how simple this product really is. It's more than just attractive, it also seems to create some more lovey feelings as well.
  11. Thanks for the review @luna65! Sorry, wallet.
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