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    Pretty much anything spiritual fascinates me. Lets just say for now that I work in counseling and communications and that impacts my spiritual beliefs.

    I am also something of a cologne hound and love to try new scents as well as new things in general.

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  1. Snoopyace

    Mark's Love God Blend

    First, a little background. I spent over a year as well as a considerable (for me) amount of time and financial resources looking to recreate an extinct phero blend that had everything that I was looking for in a blend. I was looking for a product that no longer existed. I got tired of looking and decided to get creative. Thank you to Mara's patience with me during my creative process! The Love God is meant to be more of a date or one on one relationship enhancing blend. Having said that, I've also discovered that it works surprisingly well as an icebreaker for meeting new people and can be easily steered sexual. It's primary focus, however is to be a relationship enhancer/date situation type of phero blend. To make interactions where you are one on one with a romantic partner or potential one go as smoothly as possible. I've worn this in both oil and spray versions as well as scented and unscented. I definitely recommend either getting it scented or utilizing a good cover scent if you get it unscented. I find that the spray version definitely works at a greater range so quite often it appears to start working more quickly but I've not noticed a difference between oil and spray as far as how strong the effects are. I've worn this at anywhere from 1" to 20" and from 1 spray (of the 60/40 alcohol/oil version) up to 10 sprays 😳 and for me, my sweet spot is about 12- 16" (about 30 cm to 40 cm) and 4 -5 sprays. I know some guys who routinely wear more but I find that for me, any more than what I previously stated is just overkill without any increase in effects. For me, the effects of the oil last much longer than the spray with the oil really lasting about 8 hours before a strong dropoff in effect. The sprays for me last about 4 or so hours depending on temperature, humidity, ect. I love the self effects I get from this. I feel strong, confident, relaxed and in charge. I have a very strong sense of just not worrying about what people think. Just enjoying the moment. I find that I feel much more eloquent when I am wearing this as well. The effects I see on others are actually dependent on the length of their exposure to The Love God's charms. People I don't know: I do get quite a bit of a shock and awe type of reaction from women in particular. Most people would call it the, Deer In Headlights Look. That is generally followed by a head snap to see who just caught their attention. This is followed by them starting to follow me. No really. I get a lot of hovering near me behavior. People who are more extroverted will generally try to strike up conversation with me and before long it turns to relationship status or a sudden complaint about their romantic partner. The longer someone is in your cloud the more interested they become. It can get a bit crazy. Other guys just see you as the coolest guy in the room and they want to be cool by association. That generally means trying to show you how great they are and why they are worthy of your time. If you wear this around people you know, especially women you've had any sort of history with, the process is sped up considerably. I have had to fend off a few women I've known for years that have never shown any sort of romantic interest who after being exposed to Love God were suddenly interested and open about expressing it. In my experience, this will create stalkers. I LOVE wearing Love God around my bride because she is just happy, affectionate and wanting to linger very closely to me. It also has a more sexual side that was very welcome but unexpected. I'll just leave it at that.
  2. Snoopyace

    Mark's Love God Blend

    I believe it is! 😀
  3. Snoopyace

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Been reading over some of the scent notes and they sound AMAZING.
  4. Snoopyace

    New Releases for Autumn 2018 - 'WEENIES!

    Beautiful labels! And a rebrew of Soul Food? Whoohoo!
  5. Snoopyace


    Those are hits! 😀
  6. I got a 60/40 spray of Love God in Excalibur scent (I smell awesome!) and an oil of Love God in UN for men scent. UN is SUCH an underrated men’s scent!
  7. Snoopyace

    Rebel w/ Wanted Man

    I like Rebel, it does smell really nice!
  8. Snoopyace

    Justin's Spirit Wolf

    Hooray! This really is a great clean scent.
  9. Snoopyace

    Iskandar-Summer 2018

    I just saw this scent mentioned in another thread and was hoping to see more reviews of it. I appreciate Luna's review! Is there anyone else who's tried this? It sounds very interesting to me!
  10. I Just got my shipping notice!! I may Swoon.
  11. Snoopyace


    Of those, I am only familiar with Merlin’s Blend but that is a winner in my book. If you are getting him a spray it also translates well to that.
  12. Snoopyace


    If he likes that one, he may go for LP: Homme. They are both more gourmand type scents. That’s my ‘signature’ scent. I wear it more than any other and it complements the phero blend quite nicely.
  13. Snoopyace


    Maybe you just need to make an executive decision and choose for him!
  14. Snoopyace


    Ahahaha! Be afraid... be very afraid... Seriously, though, I think you'll find it works at least as well as V2. I have found that especially for shy people, V3/Love God is a bit more social, that it also brings out the attentiveness of others even more than V2 did. In other words, other people will be more likely to open the wearer. The um, more fun aspects that are present in V2 seem to still be present in Love God.
  15. Snoopyace

    Love Potion: Red

    I know that I'm a guy hanging out in the women's section but I just had to comment. I had gotten my bride a bottle of LP: Red a month or so ago that was boosted with Balm Bomb (what she calls Calm Balm). She was stressed about going to work this morning so I'd suggested she put some on. She's REALLY conservative about wearing scents so I helped her out a bit 😁 I rolled on as much as I normally wear and in the same places. She finished getting ready for work and walked past me and I DIHL'd, lol. She smelled AMAZING. Ladies, from a gents perspective, I highly recommend this scent. It is warm and sexy and just an all around amazing scent. Having said that, you should always wear a scent FOR YOU even more than for someone else and according to my bride, LP: Red makes her feel strong, empowered and positive. She wears Red when she needs to feel a boost. It helps her to feel more confident (even when not boosted by pheromones). That's why I got it with the Balm Bomb, to help enhance that calm, strong feeling in her. *fingers crossed* that she now understands how to wear the oils and is happy to do so more often. I will also say that the calm balm absolutely improved her mood. Always a good thing.