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    Pretty much anything spiritual fascinates me. Lets just say for now that I work in counseling and communications and that impacts my spiritual beliefs.

    I am also something of a cologne hound and love to try new scents as well as new things in general.

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  1. I love this scent. It's the perfect kind of green scent with a woodsy drydown that has a hint of amber in the background adding just a hint of sweet depth to the dry woods. This lasted all day on my skin and it was really fun smelling it evolve as the day wore on. My bride seemed to really enjoy the scent on me as well. I also really enjoyed the Hunter Trapper phero blend but I always do. My bride seems to have a natural affinity for beta-androstenol so this helped her to be upbeat and cheerful while also being a bit more affectionate than normal. Just a smooth blend that is bonding and attractive.
  2. Won’t be home until Monday to review this fully but seriously, how does this not have more reviews? Although I really do appreciate Luna’s review because that is what inspired me to try this. NICE!!
  3. YES!! Got my parcel just in time for vacation! Now... Do I try my Excalibur boosted with Charisma or do I try out Autumn. Can't wait to actually sniff that one.
  4. I honestly don't remember getting a full bottle of this but there it was, hiding under some other LP's in the back of my stinky stuff drawer. This is a great leathery scent that dries down into a tobacco forward leather scent on me. It is supremely masculine and completely matches the Wanted Man phero blend. This is a great example of scent and pheros complimenting each other amazingly well. The Wanted Man blend is a very masculine signature with a lot of attraction and masculine sex appeal. I have a bottle of Merlin's Blend that is boosted with Wanted Man and it's hilarious to see the reactions from people (women in particular). Awesome respect from the guys and the women literally twirl their hair and lick their lips like I"m a piece of meat. I'm okay with that.
  5. Got my shipping notice today! *fingers crossed* that it comes here on Saturday!
  6. Thanks! It was pretty low key.
  7. That's hilarious! I love your 'lurker' emoji.
  8. AHAHA! That quote right there just made my weekend.
  9. Whoo! Just put my order in (through email). Boring by my standards. No mad scientist mixes or anything! Happy Birthday to me!
  10. Hooray! I was just putting together my birthday present to myself but I couldn't decide so this gives me more time.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds this works very well for sleep. I can definitely tell the difference between Teddy BB and B2.2, especially on how it affects my bride. Teddy BB makes my bride relaxed and upbeat and B2.2 just gets her very snuggly and loving towards me. ESPECIALLY when I combine it 1:1 with Wanted Man in UN for Men scent. I have a Mad Scientist spray that I've been calling MSMv4 with that combination and it is great for snuggle time. Nothing sexual, just a sweet, warm, romantic vibe. Oh wow, I'm glad that the Nox worked well to help your daughter fall asleep as well!
  12. I have too many things in my wishlist! Time to prioritize. And check with the boss to see if she wants anything.
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