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  1. The site looks GREAT. I can't get over how much work you had to have put in to get this together (along with the latest new releases). I've posted on 'the other place' to let them know as well about the new site update.
  2. @Potion Master The new site looks fantastic! Very user friendly! I didn't realize that there was still North Pole 2017 available! Ugh. Gonna have to get that one! Sorry wallet.
  3. LOVE the wax melts! Since we are piling on, I would LOVE anything in the vein of Adam's Nectar scented melts. Make my house smell appletastic. Hmmm... I wonder how well The Love God would work in a wax melt?
  4. Wow. Really? I wonder what he's afraid of. I get insane attention from both my Adam's Nectar in oil and spray (and when I'm working I use my virgin bottle and still get great results). Secretly boost it! Boost it, boost it, boost it!
  5. I get attention from Autumn but I get ATTENTION from Force du Poivre. ESPECIALLY since it's been boosted with The Love God.
  6. Welp, that always works for me when my bride wants to cheer me up!
  7. Hehehe! I knew the irony would not be lost on you.
  8. Whoo! AWESOME! Isn't it great when you find something that works? I love my website and it was super simple to put together.
  9. Awww... poor thing. My Samuel gets separation anxiety. Even with the kitten around to distract him.
  10. So sorry to hear it hasn’t been working! No wonder I felt like something has been going on. I hope it gets straightened out and moved quickly for you. ❤️
  11. That's GREAT!! Sounds pretty awesome for a first attempt. Do you feel that it really 'needs' tweaking?
  12. @Eastwood22 Is there any update on this subject? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!
  13. Honesty is the best policy. Be open and honest about your situation.
  14. Okay, from what I'm seeing here and this is going to sound absolutely insane, I'm sure but... He likes you TOO MUCH. He's not used to connecting with someone the way he has with you (beyond just the pheromones) although they definitely help. Lay off the copulins for a bit and if you wear pheromones, stick with the socials. The reason he may have seemed like he ghosted you is because he likes you TOO MUCH. He feels so intensely about how much he wants to be with you that he's afraid of contacting you too much or too often and being annoying. So he waits for you to contact him (with baited breath). Yes, he's damaged but I actually think he's worth trying to keep around as long as you continue to just allow things to unfold organically. If you do that, he'll open up more to you (which he already has and for him that is NOT EASY to do!) Hang in there, he really likes you and it is not JUST because of the copulin/phero cloud you bombed him with. Just my 2 cents.
  15. *fingers crossed* this works! It does help me quite a bit in that area.
  16. Can't wait to hear how it works for you @Potion Master. Ooh, I was not aware that Valerian worked that way on cats. Might have to try that for our Tiny cat so that the old guys can get some rest. She wears them out running them all over the house.
  17. I was thinking about it and yeah, I think keeping it simple and just going with a healthy dose of A1 with beta androstenol, copulins and maybe a splash of EST as a jumping off point would be a great way to start. I like DHEAS but I also think it might pull this away from the calming vibe and in a different direction.
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