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  1. @Potion Master Sorry to be a pest but do I have anything?
  2. And they are all REALLY good!
  3. Hello and welcome to this fun corner of the universe! Thanks for the review!
  4. This has become quite the favorite of mine for those times I want to play and help my beautiful bride feel like playing as well.
  5. That is just an AMAZING review! I have to try this one. Been having so much fun with the rebrews in this collection that the newest scents haven’t even gotten worn yet.
  6. That’s awesome! I don’t feel like this scent was as robust as the original but I do feel that it is going to be a lot more wearable for a lot of guys. Oh, and as you found out, it smells great and is a perfect companion for the Charisma phero blend.
  7. Oh yeah. I completely agree with both your assessments, Luna. I do feel as though the rebrew is a bit more pepper forward (at least right now) but both are wonderfully masculine scents and I have had no complaints from my bride. Actually, every time I've worn this so far has turned into a great, fun and playful evening!
  8. Hehehe! Yup. Smells amazing, doesn't it? I have so many new scents to try but just in the bottle this was amazing!
  9. Oh man. Man.... This smells so much like the last brew it is amazing. Which is to say that I cannot stop huffing my application point as I've tested this out. It really is amazing how attractive this scent is and the Heart Throb phero blend is perfect with the scent. If you want an amazing leather, vanilla scent with a phero blend that has a LOT of kick, this is the one for you!
  10. I have to agree completely with this assessment. On me it is a bit more apple forward than the original but I really think that is just fine by me! I am ecstatic with how this has turned out. I think anyone who wears this will be getting plenty of positive attention.
  11. Oh baby, this smells good! I'm not afraid to smell like baked goods (obviously) so this scent is right up my alley. I may need to get a full bottle of this one.
  12. Of the rebrewed men's releases this month, this one actually reminds me the most of the original scent with Girl Nip being a close second. If you were a fan of the original Adam's Nectar scent I highly recommend checking this one out as well. Really great scent that is very well blended (but aren't all of @Potion Master's) scents?) I really pick up the apple, the maple and the alcohols first. As it has dried down, I am starting to pick up more of the tobacco and amber but the apple and maple really stay strong. Oh yes, this is very, very, nice indeed!
  13. This sounds fascinating to me! I was a fan of Chris’s fragrances (when I had the money to spend on them).
  14. Sorry that you've been feeling lonely. This whole situation with the pandemic shelter in place orders has been very new and challenging for a lot of us. I'm glad that the pheros have been helping, I think I've finally gotten my wife to understand that they can also help her because she even said to me today that she used her bottle of Sunshine of Your Love that was boosted with Phero B2.2 so she didn't rip someone's head off at work. Actually (and this is so cute) what she said was, 'I had to put Mara on today.' I have learned what that means.
  15. Ob no! I am so sorry that happened! That sucks.
  16. She has such an amazing skill, I KNOW I'll love it (and I'm sure my bride will love it as well.)
  17. Me too! I cannot wait to smell the rebrews of all the scents I've loved over the years. @Beccah I am with you, I cannot believe that it's been ten years since my original Tonka Tobacum brew! I LOVE that scent and I think it is absolutely perfect that it is coming with Charisma. That and Pepperwood with Wanted Man? Oh baby.
  18. I missed a lot of the live feed right after the men's scents were talked about. My bride smelled the Adam's Nectar I was wearing. 🥰
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