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  1. Hi traderneil sincity 04/28/10 I would like to purchase a sample set of pheros for my wife for Mothers Day...They all look great! Can I get a shout out from someone who has enjoyed these perfumes so I know what to order . Thanks Neil
  2. I just wanted to say thank you for the warm welcome..I remember many of you lovely ladies also....Since I am new here I would welcome any recommendations from the forum for mens products....I would be happy to test and report my experiences to you all. traderneil Sin City
  3. 01/06/10 Hi to all the members of this forum.... My screen name is traderneil and some of you may have read some of my posts on other Forums... I have been using pheromones for many years with great success... I beleive that pheromones could be referred to as the Great Equalizer between men and women.... I started with Realm for men and then added other products....Most have worked well for me... Currently I am testing Nude Alpha, and Aqua Vitae. My on hand supplies are SOE,Chakra,and Edge. A314,TAA,and experimone products as well....I use body spray,and Realm as cover scents,they seem to work better for me then expensive colognes.. I am looking foward to using products from this site as well... Tks and Happy 2010 traderneil
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