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  1. Mine shipped today! My that was really fast! I'm so excited! Diane
  2. Well, some women misconstrue being easy with being irresistable. Guys will often go for the easy score. It doesn't mean they value her, in fact it means the opposite. Still I guess she has to paint it in some way that is easy on her psyche. It looks like she didn't have much else going for her, including appropriate boundaries!
  3. According to PET scan studies, Estratetraenol effects most men by stimulating oxytocin and vasopressin release from the hypothalmus. This effect is not seen in most women. The receptor for EST is unidentified. Oxytocin causes feelings of love, bonding and closeness. Diane
  4. They are great added to bath salts as well. The steam from the bath is a terrific diffuser, and an interesting way to put a nice touch on a romantic bath for two. Diane
  5. When is the funeral and when are you leaving if you decided definitely you are going? Diane
  6. I cant speak for Dr. Stone, but it has been shown that copulins (the main ingredient in EoW) increases testosterone production in men. It has been hypothesized that these elements work by increasing GnRH release from GnRH neurons in response to the pheromone signaling of the copulins. GnRH works directly on the hypothalmus to cause the release of LH and that affects the testicular tissue in men to produce more testosterone. Since these systems are the same in men and women it follows that GnRH would be released in women exposed to copulins as well (not tested). In women GnRH release of LH stimulates the ovaries, and increases the production of female hormones, rather than testosterone. You really don't want to be doing anything to upset your already pregnancy-regulated hormone levels during pregnancy. This may be a non issue, however, since women already produce much more copulins during pregnancy than they do even at ovulation (high estrogen=high copulin output). Back in the day when I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn't figure out why every male I came across was hitting on me... a lot of it very blatant. I felt like a swollen beach ball, but evidently they though I was sexy as all get out. Now I know why! I would also stay away from DHEA, DHEA-S, pregnenolone, androsterone, any of the estratetrienes, and all androgens like androstenone or androstanone. Alpha androstenol should be okay. Diane
  7. Puppified Strawberries, definitely. I can't wait! Diane
  8. Oh, I can't wait for Ally's Puppified Strawberries... zomg, zomg, zomg! Diane
  9. The target organ for pheromones is in the nose, so a stuffy nose from hay fever or a cold can seriously interfere with getting self-effects. But you can rest assured that those who are exposed to the pheromones will get effects, as long as their noses are clear and they haven't had any surgeries that damaged the nerve pathways for pheromones. The only time I don't get self effects from pheromones is if I've overused them; if I am sick; or if I'm taking prescription corticosteroids. Then I get no effects from anything. Oh, one other thing. I find that using pheromones unscented the effects are much less noticeable. With a good quality fragrance the effects can be 5 times as strong. So, I'm seconding Beccah's suggestion to go with an add-in rather than an unscented product. Diane
  10. Ooh, that is so awesome! My guy is like a mother hen when I wear it. He can go from stone cold, too busy to bother... straight to, "Honey, would you like some cocoa?" Diane
  11. I don't know of any scientific literature around this... and I think a lot has to do with individual responses, as well as starting base state, what the effects are/will be. For my husband, wearing cops has made him last longer. He seems more in control. But at the same time, he reports an increase in arousal. So for him it is the best of both worlds. This is really an issue I'd like to hear more about from people.... what their experiences are, because really who knows? Diane
  12. Actually, it depends on the concentration of the copulin fatty acids. Because they are so volatile a great deal of them can end up in the air space between the liquid and the cap. Unfortunately, even stored upright, the rubber will dissolve. Replacing the top with a tight sealing silicon-lined cap is really the only way to go. I've bought 2 bottles of EOW last year from LS, and Lor sent me a third, also from there. The first one I used up mostly in trying to blend a dilution that was low enough that it didn't overwhelm my fragrances. The second, I spilled part of and my hubby made me toss the rest. The third, I kept sealed in a lock top container. It was the only one I had for more than a few months and this one the rubber tip totally dissolved and fell into the bottle. Each of these smelled completely different, and I don't know why. The first smelled like rancid cheese. The second smelled like old fruit. The third smelled more like pure copulins in their acidic form, but it was also the one that ate the rubber. Diane
  13. I'm not sure where, but I think you can get the same size caps online with a silicone seal. I'd swap out the dropper for the silicone and rinse the dropper after use. Diane
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