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  1. I sent 8/2 to LovePotionPerfume-Store@yahoo.com It also somehow automatically bcc’d another address with lots of question marks in it, for which I promptly got an “undeliverable” error😐
  2. ummm I haven’t gotten invoice... I know this is a beastly amount of work but just wanted to be sure I shouldn’t have gotten one yet? Self-elf:
  3. It’s small token of love and esteem compared to your relentless kindness to us 💕💕
  4. @Kayla awwwwwwwww you don’t have to but that is so sweet!!
  5. I’m bailing out on incandescence but am going to go donate $40 to raices right now in PM’s name as a thank you for this wonderful auction.
  6. Gack reserving a trial set of new occos please. I already asked for this in the email invoice request I sent the other day. Thank you!
  7. Ok @Eastwood22 I shall oblige. $35 incandescence
  8. Please reserve 5mls of fig, greenery, & wisteria sugareds THANK YOU
  9. Hmm have you met her before? If not I would vote OW. Since she is already disposed against you, IMO the priority is to counteract her suspicions and defensiveness, even more than gaining respect or eliciting “like.” In my experience, OW more reliably works more positively on more people than any other phero, and training her that being around you feels good sounds like the first step. My concern about TH is that she could read or steer it in the direction of NOT respecting you (this has happened to me), esp. since you said she’s bratty. And here’s an off the beaten path idea: Heart to Heart / Empathy potion if you have it. It really brings people out of their blinkered self-centered fears, suspicions, etc. It makes them open up emotionally. It makes people “goodwilled” & makes them presume good intentions. ETA if you have met her before, and you really are focused more on eliciting respect , I vote LFM.
  10. Now this is what I call fanservice. When can we order??? (ETA I saw you said 8/1)
  11. Tangerine! butterscotch! omg I would dah for an occo that smelled like your incredible lavender buttercream body butter
  12. tyvey

    Moon Sugar Candy

    I WORE THIS TODAY AND COULDNT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE ALL DAY. It is very crunchy now - maple creme brûlée, just the most burnt edges of the dish - and I would do terrible things for a bottle
  13. OMG IN 140 POINT FONT. this looooooooooves me. Dream skin scent!!!! I love every single note, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but as usual this is so much more than the sum of its parts. It is so harmonious - smells as though it has gorgeously aged - very settled-in and self-assured. It is transporting. It it is VERY coconutty on me, much more than anything else. It’s a COCONUT MONSTER with a heavy dose of cocoa butter, just flavored with the tdf flowers I love. pop potion doesn’t like me 😭 so i can’t do a bottle of this, but if by some wild chance any of this were lying around in virgin form I would be ALL OVER IT
  14. I got a kind gift sniffie of this and it is a stunner. Jasmine is not my favorite flower (bad associations, & it very occasionally gives me headaches), & in the sniffie I wasn’t too keen, but - AND THIS IS WHY YOU ALWAYS TRY THINGS ON! - on my skin it just kind of went “oh yes, I have always belonged here- I am at home now” - even though it is pretty “big” as white flowers tend to be, it is NOT stabby at all. It is a little creamy, in fact. It somehow feels like a skin scent. It has a very clean, classic vibe. It reminds of Last Holiday when she goes into the boutique and says “make me... INTERNATIONAL.” It is what the hallways and linens of Aaron Peel’s Roman palazzo in Killing Eve probably smell like (I mean this as a compliment).
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