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  1. *obscene noises* 8 for 8 on loving these OCCOs but this one... I don’t like Indian or Egyptian musks but this is indescribably good. It’s sweeter than I expected, and the vanilla isn’t that obvious on me yet though it’s sill drying down. The cops smell didn’t fade in zero seconds on me the way it usually does- took a couple of minutes *gasp*. Of course it reminds of sensual harmony but perhaps a bit more unisex on me. This seems to just beg to be layered with other things - first to mind for me was sugared black pepper but as I think about it I can’t think of anything it wouldn’t go well with.
  2. GAH THIS IS SO GOOD it’s filmy, like a gauzy veil. It is very sweet on me, which I love. Candied flowers!!! It is the scent equivalent of sighing with contentment and swooning gracefully onto an embroidery covered divan with the many-layered skirt of one’s silk gown floofing all around one. Instant love
  3. Thank you LFM, the snob de-gooifier. Had to socialize tonight with 3 people who ordinarily ignore or look down on me for various reasons, and tonight (with only a little elbow grease on my part - which by itself hadn’t been enough in the past, btw) ALL of them were MUCH friendlier and two of them even showed interest in my existence by *asking questions about me*, which in the past they had extremely NOT done. (ETA 1 of those 2 was a straight dude and the other a straight woman. The third is also a straight woman but quite shy and I have never seen her ask ANYONE about themselves so her greatly improved friendliness was itself a huge win.) It happened to be in the form of PIROUETTE, which is aging so fabulously. It had a sharpness before that I liked, but the edge has come off that. It’s still big and very sweet now.
  4. Oh! The whole reason I came here though was to comment on what a great social the OW was for me - great selfies (relaxed, confident, being totally myself) and someone who usually is polite enough but I’ve always sensed thought he was better than me - enough so, that he felt talking to me was doing me a favor - was fascinated by me and kept seeking me out to initiate conversation, which he has NEVER done in the many years I’ve known him.
  5. Mmmmm love. I’ve enjoyed this all along but today I was in the mood for some cops and I smeared it with Amazonian Zee and I have sniffed my arm off
  6. tyvey

    Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy

    @ halo I know!! It’s a million times more than the sum of its parts, right? If it weren’t my PE I’m not sure I’d have been able to identify ANY of the notes. I don’t generally tend to prefer straight up florals so even as I was writing the invoice email I was like “what am I doing” lol and didn’t have a very clear idea what it would smell like or what I myself wanted, but as usual PM knew. She always knows.
  7. tyvey

    Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy

    IT IS EASILY A PERMANENT TOP 5 EVER. In the potion and the picture you so totally nailed the feeling and mood and even that cool dry luxuriant feeling of early evening drinks on a patio in LA. It’s heaven.
  8. tyvey

    Tyvey’s Hollywood Candy

    I have no idea what’s going on with the wacky font size changes there
  9. I’ve had this for almost two months and it has just about killed me this whole time to not come on here and fling myself to the ground shouting and weeping over how much I love this perfume. My description was: “heliotrope; a lick of your softest, creamiest, most skin-scent-ish, & LEAST heady tuberose; hedione; all smothered with a dump truck's worth of white sugar” It is incredible how precisely Mara captured the intention, and yet what she conjured is a 3D, no more like 8D version of it. What I wanted only so much better. She even chose a label that shows the exact time of day that I put together the notes for this. Terrifying I was at a window at a hotel in (SURPRISE) Hollywood, looking out over the city being its maddeningly lovely and elusive and glorious self at not-quite-dusk, and I had just put on the hotel’s lotion, which had heliotrope (which I love - it’s so fruity and desserty on me) and tuberose (which is iffy on me) but it was kind of ruined for me with a too-sharp lemon, and a fig that took it sideways, among a bunch of other stuff. So in my mind’s nose I pumped up the first, dampened and smoothed the second to its least pointy possible self, threw out the rest, added hedione because I am severely addicted to it and it seemed it’d play nicely with those two flowers, and then pictured turning it into a translucent jewel-like hard candy. I hadn’t said that last part in my order, but clairvoyant Mara made PRECISELY that: a 35 carat emerald cut amethyst candy; luxurious and glittery and gorgeous and just a little intimidating It has a decadent, roll around on silk sheets, very self-indulgent feel. WARNING: it is seriously addictive. I have worn it at least once a day every day since getting it. Excuse me as I need to go put it on again.
  10. tyvey

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    “After determining that I was not the subject of a sting operation” ? YES I WANT ANOTHER CANDY PLEASE ! THANK YOU and a peach latte please !
  11. tyvey

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

    IDK if I’m allowed ? before the official description? and anyway, pretty sure Mara did a ton of magick and other stuff to it - no way my simple little idea made this fairy dust. I will say it will be an absolute must for any hedione addict like me.
  12. tyvey

    New Releases for APRIL 2018

  13. tyvey

    Private Editions for APRIL 2018

  14. tyvey

    Buttercream Lemon B&B

    OK I have used the butterscream lemon shampoo bar on ALTERNATING days for the past week or so - and on the days, and ONLY the days, I used it, I get compliments on my hair all day. "so shiny!" "looks so soft!" "your hair is so thick I hate you." etc. It lathers like crazy, esp. compared to other shampoo bars I've used ... this thing is going to last forever. Today I used it as body soap as well and even though I did not follow with lotion, I am not itchy. And needless to say as it starts lathering I shout YUM and/or KANARY KREMES! which it reminds me of a lot. swoon
  15. tyvey

    Time Travel: 1942

    This is heaven. In blind test it gave me ultra-vivid image of a dim, hushed victorian-furniture-and-wallpaper boudoir, various silky nightclothes and lingerie scattered about including over the top of a tall tasseled privacy screen, gorgeous ancient wooden dresser on which an open jewelry case is spilling tons of pearls and a large, very fluffy, very soft cat is sprawled out and purring loudly. About an hour in I was able to recognize rose, but otherwise this is one of those LPs in which the notes feel extremely integrated and "fully baked" from day one. Mid-drydown it is quiet and powdery and demure and wears close. I just said something similar re 1890 but again, here, this is a chypre for people who don't like chypre - I generally don't go for them and they're very not me, but I am enjoying the heck out of this. Even though I am not picking it up consciously, maybe it's the leather that is giving it a little edge, or buffering the super ladylikeness of the blend, just enough to make it work for me.