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  1. @Eggers the discount is practically guaranteed with LFM! It is FASCINATING to me how it makes people want to shower you with gifts and such.
  2. Dom was my first thought too, especially because you said she is a NICE person - it might help send a different, needed signal. (I have a hunch that something conciliatory or friendly or beta-feeling would make it worse. It seems like making the roommate want to be friendly would be much harder than simply making her RESPECT your friend.) She would have to try to act at least somewhat congruently with it though. My other slight concern is that it MIGHT make the problem roommate up the ante to (eek) violence if it makes her feel challenged. Dom turns me into the Hulk, so I am afraid of it, haven’t used it much, & don’t know too well from personal experience whether that effect ever happens...? Maybe she could try it on the roommate in a relatively safe situation, ideally in public with lots of witnesses... Next to mind are BI for its no-nonsense vibe, LFN for its YOU *WILL* RESPECT ME effect, and maybe SWS - that would probably be the most “credible” and least jarring “signature” change she could try.
  3. I think about this “carpet swan” thing most times I wear LFM, and it happened quite dramatically today. I went to see a celebrity hairstylist - had never been there before. Upon first meeting he was crabby, didn’t really make eye contact, and didn’t smile at all. As I got shampooed by someone else, I thought resentfully, “I’m gonna LFM this mf’er... that’ll show HIM.” I had Bonflower on me so I put a dab on my forehead. When I got back to his chair, in the mirror I saw his eyes widen as if he were suddenly getting alarming news - it was comical - in a comic strip it would have said over our heads, “AND THEN THE LFM HITS....” - and from that point on the LFM resulted in him asking me lots of personal questions, and telling ME all kinds of personal crap I didn’t want to know, including exactly where he LIVES, and sharing various personal concerns and motivations he has to an uncomfortable degree, and calling over every type of specialist present and basically making them pitch themselves to me and offer me their specialized services for FREE, and announcing that they would let me come in before or after regular salon hours so they could do their whatever, “ANYTIME, just call us, please call us,” and BEAMING at me at random as if I had just told him he had won the lottery. AND I got free product, which I didn’t see offered to anyone else.
  5. @anchoredinopulence 🤣 nobody wants that!!
  6. Definitely not me ... way too impatient to ever do any math ... trial and error. I will say that with audacious I have to use micro micro microscopic amounts, which gives me serene haughty confidence - or else it is not good
  7. Oh Halo I deserve no credit! I just believe in getting the phero into their face by whatever means necessary and then the phero does all the work of overcoming whatever bizarre impression those means may have created 😁
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 I’m sure it looked bonkers. We can add this to the LONG list of odd phero- and scent-related behaviors I have tried over the years.
  9. Relationship saver!!My colleague who I’m reasonably good friends with, had an inexplicable snit at me over email a few weeks ago. I was semi dreading a meeting I was having with him earlier this week. The only phero I had on me was LFM but I was pretty confident it would be a good choice in any case. It is a little homemade spray with LP Original, very aged - I made it when LFM first came out, so however old that is. So I put a little spritz on my head (he’s taller than me). After fainting because nothing on earth smells better than aged LP O, I went to the meeting. He studiously and totally ignored me at first, while others said hello. But I kept pointing the top of my head his way and he started looking at me, then engaging during the meeting, and afterward waited outside for me, and was weirdly mushy and vulnerable, and more agreeable and outward-focused than even his normal self. It was as if the snit never happened. MAGICK + CHEMISTRY can’t be beat. Yet again thank you to the master of potions for making our lives so much better. 💕
  10. Somebody has to explain how you were able to ship so quickly in the middle of everything else! It seemed as though I placed my order, then went directly to the mailbox and it was there.
  11. ^ everything sk said. “BAM MINIMIZING SPELL” - SO CUTE and so generous!!!
  12. @Eastwood22 this is very very funny. You’re silently side-eyeing your seat mate, and fuming at the flight attendant, and meanwhile you’re the one probably driving everyone mad with the delicious scent 🤣
  13. I’m so jealous... I’d love to smell like cilantro
  14. Dragon’s blood is the deathest of death notes for me. Vial sniff: I said “nope.” Wet: I did not like. But just for kicks I kept it on, and the dragon’s blood had faded in a few hours, and it was just a dark, you might even say blood, red juicy spooky cloud around me for a while. Then it disappeared. Then about 6 hours in I started saying crossly “What smells so good??” and stomping around trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. It was coming from me. It was the Blud. This freaking collection I did however make the huge mistake of not checking/realizing before WEARING IT TO WORK that this had not just pheros but sexpionage 😱 All day I thought “boy everyone is in a good mood today”... Women were chatty, super happy to see me, and hung on my every word. I also noticed they seemed to keep repeating themselves - a lot! I know them all pretty well, and none of them are like that usually. So it was notable. One male colleague, we’re pretty good friends, & he’s never made a secret of being attracted to me but has never been inappropriate & it’s, just not a thing. He’s usually extremely socially competent, but today, I came into a room and sat down across from him and he loudly blurted out something not exactly sexual or inappropriate but... kind of weird, while getting halfway up out of his seat and seeming to just barely stop himself from diving across the table. A belated DIH/dazed expression crossed his face and he sat down, looking very confused. Several others of us exchanged glances. It was bizarre. Another male colleague, who is pretty reserved, the type who frequently shyly drops eye contact, was sitting kitty corner to me but increasingly leaned WAY back, away from me, to a sort of hilarious degree, like 45 degrees, but did not take his eyes off me for like 15 minutes straight, staring with the intensity of a starving Big Cat. It was super unnerving, and it’s what made me finally think to check what was in this, and then I was like oh ok well that explains ... everything. So, no more sexpionage at work for me. ETA I just looked at the notes and there are no red fruits anywhere. There is no accounting for my nose’s imagination. ETA forgot to mention! I got way too little sleep last night and was pleasantly surprised how not miserable I was all day. I think the sexpionage kept me going!
  15. He’s already repeatedly demonstrated violence. This doesn’t appear to alarm you so I’m kind of at a loss honestly.
  16. This smelled 95% the same to me as the original version I have except that I’m getting a tiny bit more resins than my mind’s nose recalls of the original. Deep and delicious. I forgot about the phero and was feeling a paranoid sort of “what is UP with everybody?” all day (people being super attentive and helpful #EST) and only just remembered the CB 🙃 it has been 10+ hours since I put it on and it’s still very present chocolate amber powder *snorrrrrrf*
  17. Yummmmmy Yet again: in vial I thought “this is the kind of sandalwood I don’t like” and “too masculine!” But when I put it on, I thought of melted gold, and golden cashmere wraps, and for some reason Estée Lauder ?? Maybe one of their perfumes has similar notes. A smooth, self-assured, commercial feel (without any of the alcohol sting or chemical-y fakeness I now dread in many commercial scents). I get how it could be unisex, but with my chemistry it comes off pretty classically feminine. It lifted my mood and made me feel positively queenly. As it’s drying it’s also intermittently quite sweet! Maybe it’s the vanilla. It also periodically gives me a white flower feel. Anyway, even if sandalwood isn’t your favorite, try this- it’s gorgeous. It reads on me as the skin scent of someone who, to be crass, is made of money but doesn’t need anyone to know it.
  18. The latest of many proofs that you HAVE to try things ON. In the vial I was like “Nope, men’s body wash” but tried it anyway. It was unrecognizably different once it was on. It was NOT pointy at all. Sure it was a *little* masculine, and a little too much so for everyday wear for my taste, but not unacceptably so. I happily wore it for several hours. The smell had a green tint, yes, but mainly a chewy - like caramel chewy - sweet smoke pushed forward and billowed around and before me. It was huge and very present and made me think of the LOST smoke monster, but benevolent. I am a smoke fiend so this is a compliment. But most curiously this seemed to have a respect / popularity effect ?! Ok now that I’m reading the notes, it makes sense. Of course. The magic!
  19. Gah this is killer. Of course I love it. Made me thinking of a PSL milkshake, and pumpkin spice cake, and frosting. Absolutely scrumptious. Covers the cops invisibly.
  20. Oh noes, wet my skin made this quite stabby, like intense lemongrass or something - I’d have sworn there was lemon in it. Must be something about the ginger+cream combo. The apple was unripe green apples, which I liked but together with the stabby aspect was too much. It faded quickly so I didn’t get to catch what it did in drydown. Will try again.... I often amp ginger so I think it’s that, and as it settles down a bit I bet I’ll get the soda everyone else gets 😩
  21. This doesn’t evoke winter for me particularly. In feel and mood it reminded me instantly of Soie et Fourrure - it dropped me into a hushed, fancy department store, surrounded by expensive luxurious things. It evokes those textures, and velvet, and plush throws. It itself smells verrrry expensive in a classic timeless way. As it dried down it turned more pillowy and plush. I thought of chinchilla. It’s serene and confident. In later drydown it is very unisex - a dude in this could knock me down with a feather. Ok now looking at notes - I guess it’s mostly the oakmoss and musk I’m getting. I’d never have thought there was eucalyptus or pine - didn’t pick them up, and this has none of the sharpness I associate with those. This is that rare blend that I’m convinced would smell good on anybody, anywhere, anytime. Could probably even get away with it in scent free workplaces - it could pass for a skin scent almost (assuming you're an angora bunny 😛). Instant classic. Now in later drydown it is making me think of dudes in tennis whites and white sneakers and white framed sunglasses.
  22. @Eastwood22YOU ARE RIGHT TO FEAR
  23. WTF AM I GOING TO HAVE TO BUY A FB SET FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER?? This is yet another home run. It’s a grand slam. I like pear in theory but for some reason it never feels like “me” on and I can’t really get that into it. But this one is heaven. Wet it immediately felt like slipping on a thick cashmere onesie while holding a mug of spiced pear cider next to a roaring fire. It was so so so cozy. I’m reading the ingredients and I have no idea where the leaf and wood stuff went – I didn’t notice any of that. All day I just kept getting big pillowy wafts of smooth warm bakery goodness. Cupcakes and such. As was the case with all the others I’ve tried, this one is lasting forever – 12 hours and still going strong.
  24. obviously this was the first one I tried, and obviously it is incredible. I thought I knew how good it’d be - it’s one of those that you can smell in your mind’s nose - but the reality. I put it in and immediately said loudly “WTF.” It is creamy sweet spicy perfection. Yet another in this collection that feels matured already.
  25. tyvey

    Midnight Rider

    Wet, I thought “it’s jam… Evil jam.“ It felt occultish and devious. These are not necessarily insults. It was chewy, very sweet, perhaps possessed, stewed fruit. I felt like there was something in it that I didn’t like, and now that I see the ingredients I know that it was oud. Still, I liked it enough to leave it on and see where it went. As it dried down the whisper of oud went away, and it became quite straightforward dark red fruit. Got multiple compliments during this period of the “OMG, what smells so good?? Where is that coming from??“ variety. . But now, many many hours later, it is still going strong, and it smells like dark almost yellow vanilla ice cream — no, maybe even custard — with cherry or similar syrup all over it. I have no idea where the intensely creamy impression is coming from, but I’m loving it. ETA pherowise I feel like this would be amazing with Leather!!
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