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  1. Bella15

    Marissa's Orchide Vanille

    This is soooo pretty! If you're a fan of Posset's soft vanillas, you'll love this one! It sticks around on me for about 4-5 hours, and blooms really nicely with body heat. On me, it's a soft, sweet vanilla with a hint of velvety orchid floating around it.
  2. Bella15

    Bernice's Pigeon Potion

    Ermahgerd!! This is gorgeous! I wish the rose stuck around longer, but I can't complain too much, because what's left is just AMAZING. It's so smooth (thank you sandalwood) and so soft and sweet and velvety (thank you amber). I don't really get any of the green stem, but I'm okay with that. I wish I had even a small bottle of this one. 😍
  3. Bella15

    Cheryl's Bee Happy w/ Aja

    I can appreciate the light airiness of this honey scent - but I have to say I prefer a richer, deeper honey. I thought I would love this, as I love tea and honey and flowers. But on my skin, it kind of falls flat. The honey is very muted, and the florals develop into a weird muddle. I've got a lot going on, health-wise, so it's probably my skin chemistry.
  4. Bella15

    Age of Aquarius

    I bought Mr Perfect a FB of this one, because it smells AMAZING on him... like, makes me not be able to THINK, amazing. He doesn't like it when he first puts it on, maybe it's the medicinal thing others have mentioned. Or maybe it's because he slathers like a mofo I don't know how to describe it other than it's how I want him to smell always. Snuggly warm ambery patch yumminess. (oh, and the mystery scent I fell in love with in my earlier review ended up being Virgin Dirty Old Man - long since sold out, sorry - but yes, I got a bottle)
  5. This one is perfect for Spring! The fresh floral reminds me of Spring Fever. I loved that one. I cant really pick out individual notes, it's blended so well. I'll be wearing this one for trips to the farmer's market!
  6. I wasn't sure what to expect from this one. I'm not usually one for powdery scents, and I thought this would be powdery. It's an elegant vanilla, with a bit of an edge from the lettuce and hay. I'm not able to pick out the sweet pea, but I think that's what gives it the fancy slightly floral flourish. I've only worn Pop Potion with Sweet Chic, so I'm excited to try it with Laloo!
  7. Bella15

    Lumine d'Terra

    I'm always scared of scents that say "earthy" LOL. I don't know why. This is gorgeous. Spicy, resiny - but in a clean way. It's not overwhelming or anything. A man could certainly wear it, and he would smell like a freshly washed sexy man. But I plan on wearing it too, and I smell like a sexy confident woman. I see a bottle on my future 😉
  8. I'm getting mostly honeysuckle, and it does feel perfumey. I can't pick out out any other individual notes, but it does have a creamy vibe to it. For the floral girls (Flowers Power!) this fabulous!
  9. Bella15

    Ohana w/ H&S

    Oh my goodness, this is stunning! The florals are just exquisite I can't really pick it apart, it's blended so perfectly! I love how it's both floral and aquatic it really would be perfect for a beach wedding (or beach vacation - this is definitely going with me to Belize!) I haven't worn H&S in a long time, I'm excited to try it out again!
  10. Bella15

    Soleil d'Or w/ Aja

    I looooovvvveeeeee this one! I didn't get to really smell it until it had dried down, because I was getting ready for work and running around, but it's settled into a gorgeous mellow honey scent. Not smutty, not sickly sweet, just perfect! I want to reapply later tonight so I can get the first stage - I want to smell lemon! And rose.. but I'm happy with the honey heaven I'm in right now!
  11. This is a super pretty cherry blossom scent! It is a bit strong at first, but not overpowering. Like Halo, I love cedar in perfume, and even though I never would have imagined it would go well with cherry blossom, this just shows Mara's genius. Myrrh always comes across as very dusty to me, but I don't really get that feeling here, so maybe it just has a little bit. As Tinkerbelle said, a very nice feminine scent for PM. I would try OCCO Pink with it!
  12. My nose is reading mostly peach here, but I can kind of sense the grapefruit too. I love tea scents, and this one is super fresh and fruity. Definitely a Spring/Summer mingling perfume. It dries down kind of light, but that's perfect for my needs at the moment.
  13. Eastwood linked them in her post up there... but she had emailed me awhile back, with a pic of these soaps in a store in the Bay Area - one of them is called "Mr Perfect" She was going to grab one for me, but the store was closed, I think.
  14. I might do it anyway, they're so cool... lol - thank you!
  15. Bella15

    Amethyst Haze

    The first perfume with wisteria that I discovered I love was Tattooed Lady. This one is altogether different. The dusty cocoa butter calms the floral down, and the oud and bakhoor (which I've never heard of or smelled) really give this a distinction. It would a fabulous fragrance for an evening out, it's grown-up and elegant. I feel like a confident, put-together woman, even though I forgot my phone today, and the rain caused a leak in my office ceiling and it smells like rusty metal pipes and wet drywall in here. I smell great, and that's all that matters.