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  1. This is GORGEOUS! I love it on me, but I can’t wait to try it on Mr Perfect, too. It’s smooth and understated-sexy. Deep without being dark. If he likes it, I may get us a bottle to share.
  2. Bella15

    Cupid's Cathedral

    This one is the surprise hit of the bunch for me. I always thought I hated the smell of lilies. But stargazer lily is spicy! This perfume is soooo pretty. I couldn’t stop smelling my arm – I’d definitely like to have a bottle!
  3. Bella15

    Thatched Cottage

    (adding the description because from reading the notes above, I didn't remember that it had the ozone accord) I can't get any honey from this, or musk. On my arm, it's mostly honeysuckle and a tiny bit of blackberry. I do get the rain & ozone, it makes it a little sharp. Perhaps after drydown, it will even out a bit more.
  4. Mmmm... I can't wait to smell this on Mr Perfect! I do think it might be too masculine for me to wear, but I love smelling it! It's such a unique scent - the green notes with the spicy tobacco, and the aquatic/ozone vibe. It's got a lot going on, but it still works.
  5. I really like this one! It could definitely be unisex, although it does lean a bit masculine. Bright, slightly spicy wood - it kind of smells like it could be a fancy men's body care scent, I'd love to have this in a soap or lotion. Or a bath bomb!
  6. I had to go back and make sure I put this one on - I'm not getting any of the floral or fruity notes. At least, not really. I think I'm mostly getting teakwood - but you know what it smells like? It smells like when you go into a new age store, and you can smell the candles, and the books, and all the other cool scents, all mingled together. Maybe my nose is tired, lol. 🥴 I will try this one again soon.
  7. Unlike @luna65, I am not a fan of fizzy scents 🥺 Behind the fizz, I can detect some of the strawberry sweetness. I'll come back to this later, if I can, and hopefully describe it after the fizz calms down.
  8. Bella15

    Mount Pleasant

    To my nose, this is exactly how it's described. Fruity first, with the tang of grapefruit, then the soft coconut and sandalwood. It's kind of making me long for a tropical drink!
  9. Bella15

    Bower of Bliss

    I did not expect to like this as much as I do... the green notes and the seawater really make this an intriguing floral scent. I like honeysuckle, but gardenia is sometimes iffy on me. I could see myself wearing this, esp on an upcoming trip to the coast.
  10. I love Tunnel of Love, and the addition of the pikaki blossoms really changes it - the sweet creaminess is still there, but the floral is the star here. The honey makes itself known the first few hours but after it dries down, it's not as prominent.
  11. Bella15

    Fancy Article

    I think I might have to try this one again at some point. When I had it on, I couldn't even tell that it was pineapple, other than a bit of fruity-sweetness. The sage, musk, and vanilla stuck around the longest, and the drydown was nice.
  12. Bella15

    Tunnel of Love

    The coconut cream is so gorgeous, and the honey is almost light and airy. It smells amazing, and lasts pretty well on my skin. Mara hit this one out of the park 😍
  13. Bella15

    Pink Pearl

    Egods, this is good! So pink, so sweet, so fun.. it's mostly melon and musk to me. I don't know if I'd wear it enough to buy a bottle, but I'm going to keep and enjoy my sample.
  14. Bella15

    Petticoat Lane

    If you've tried Spider Silk or Gossamer Threads, this is very similar. Soft and slightly sweet. A bit powdery, and very much like a sheer veil of sweet musk..
  15. What phero is in this one? Or is Savage Beast the name of the phero? (sorry, I’m on my iPad and too lazy to go to the LP store site to look it up)
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