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  1. Right? I don’t remember if I ever tried it, but I feel like I’d wear it every day now, LOL
  2. I'm starting the journey, too. I don't have any tips yet, but we can use this thread to report back, for now. I love using cops, more for the way they make me feel than for any reaction. I feel more confident and hip-swingy when I wear them. My bf responds best to Dom & Leather, but I like to wear other pheros too. Lumina is a favorite, it's a mood-lifter and sparkle-maker for me.
  3. At first, this is the cherry in the cherry cordial. Sweet, delicious with just a hint of the chocolate surrounding it. The cherry fades pretty quickly on me, but the gooey sweetness and chocolate stick around. Super yummy!
  4. Bella15

    Toujours Belle

    I thought I would really like this one, but I'm getting the "fizzy" that Luna mentioned, and I am just not a fan of scents that tickle my nose like that. I'll see how the drydown goes, but for now, this is a no-go for me.
  5. Mmm.. this is a gorgeous clean, herbal type of scent. A titch masculine, but not so much I would hesitate to wear it. I'll let Mr Perfect try it this week, if he likes it, we can get a bottle to share 😉
  6. I’d like to request a $50 mystery box, please! You know what I like: black cats, moons, smell good stuff, witchy stuff, spirit animal (pelican, orca, wolf, owl, bear) stuff, Halloween 🎃... surprise me!
  7. I can see several of these I will need! Do we need to reserve a trial set, or just order on the website?
  8. (Quote from Mara in the New Website thread)
  9. Do we make a new account, or does it link with our user ID here?
  10. Welcome, Sophie! I can’t wait to hear your reviews I would maybe try wearing one phero for a few days at a time, rather than switch around all willy-nilly. That was the best advice I was given at the beginning, LOL.
  11. I’d be interested to have him try it on its own or in other scents, but it sure seems to draw me to him, to want to be close to him.
  12. all right, all right... I'm getting a bottle of this. Sheesh. Mr Perfect keeps wearing this one because it keeps getting him results. I know when to give in, lol
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