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  1. Yes, the temporary site is sometimes hard to navigate. The new one will be up soon! I couldn't find Sneaky Clean either... one Google page took me to a Sold Out listing. Maybe it's out of stock? You can email to check: CataLunaLPMP@yahoo.com
  2. Bella15

    Rain Flower w/Hedione

    I really like this one. It's fresh and lightly floral. It *feels* like rain! I can close my eyes and imagine sitting on the back porch, the rain coming down, a slight breeze bringing the scent of the rosebushes and honeysuckle to me from the garden. I love the woods/leaves that really keep it from being too floral. It's a fall garden in the rain type of scent, all aspects of the garden. So pretty!
  3. I might try that today 😉
  4. Bella15

    EBIL-ish! 2018

    Eek. I don't really remember. I bought some 5 ml roller balls from Pilot Vial and I *think* maybe they hold 2-3 trial vials.. I made a 10 ml bottle from 5-6 samples, when I couldn't find a back up of my beloved Carbon Black. Grand Parfum on Etsy has a lot of vials/supplies too.
  5. Bella15

    EBIL-ish! 2018

    2014 is my favorite! I had a hoard of trial vials and made a little roller ball ETA: a scent blackout ?
  6. Bella15

    EBIL-ish! 2018

    I have loved all the versions of EBIL-ish.. it is just so pretty! The Egyptian musk is amazing.. is the Scotch accord new?? I don't remember that from before. But I think I wear this too much, because I might have become nose-blind to it ? it seems like it disappears on me.
  7. Bella15


    All I remembered about this one was that it had apple in it, so I couldn't figure out why I kept smelling berries and chocolate! The chocolate is in the forefront on me, and the apple fades quickly. I'm left with berries and super sweet ambery chocolate. I get a bit of caramel, but it's not overpowering. This one is super yummy!
  8. Bella15

    Moondust Cocoa

    On me, this seems mostly to be powdery hot cocoa! Perfect PMS or bedtime scent, lol. I don't get much amber, either. Milk scents don't really agree with my skin, so I'll pass this on, but it's very yummy in the vial.
  9. Bella15


    Mmmmm! I love this! Reading the notes, I wouldn't have thought I would like it this much. I've always been leery of vetiver, and myrhh is not always good on my skin. But they both work so well here! I wonder if it's the white musk that keeps it from being too deep and dark? Anyway, on me, this is the perfect Autumn scent. The patch and coffee are amazing together - Mara is a genius! I can't wait to try this on Mr Perfect! He already put on Dark Fyre or I would swipe it on him right now..
  10. I love pear, but I haven't really found a pear I like to wear as a perfume. I always think I want a thick syrupy pear, but this one works way better on my skin. The hay and teak really ground it and give a great base. The pear is so pretty! It's perfect for this sunny fall day. I'll be needing a perfume with MLH in it soon and this one seems perfect!
  11. Bella15

    Elume w/ Perfect Match

    I know I tried Allumette, but it was so long ago, I don't really remember it, so I won't make a comparison. On me, this is a beautiful vanilla sandalwood, with just a hint of smokiness. It's soft and understated, but has good longevity. I've worn it to work for the last 3 days, and everybody wants to be my best friend.
  12. Bella15


    ? I tried this one on before reading the notes. I am not a nut-lover. This isn't bad, though. A little spice, a lot of sweet berries, and the nutty, gooey base.
  13. Bella15

    Baby Boo

    Mmmm! This is delicious! At least, it smells delicious ? I'm waiting to see if the spices go crazy on my skin like they sometimes do but as of right now, everything is playing nicely together. Pumpkin Scotchies, for sure!
  14. Bella15

    Soul Food 2018

    I wasn't always a fan of resin-y blends. My nose has evolved over the years, and I can truly appreciate this now. This is a comforting scent. It envelops me, and calms me. Definitely one I want in my arsenal! The benzoin stands out on my skin, with whispers of the cinnamon and myrrh.
  15. Bella15

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    We contributed to worthy causes AND we smell amazing! Thank you, Mara!