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  1. Mmmmmm! This is another must-have for me.. the lavender is perfect, it kind of reminds me of @halo0073's Lavender Musk at first. But after a few hours, it's mostly the dark Amber and Indian Musk. So sexy! I love it, because it will complement so many of my bedtime scents 😉
  2. GAH!!! This is so rich and decadent - I want to lick it! (Don't worry, I won't, @Eastwood22 LOL) It really is amazing, though - I want a donut with this type of yumminess inside! After drydown, I get mostly cocoa butter, with nary a hint of cops. Perfect cover! I'll bet this one lasts all day, too - right now, it's 6 hours in and still wafting up beautifully :love:
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    For my other two THREEBIES: Two Lips and a Kiss Petal Pusher
  4. At first, the cherry is super bright! It dries down and becomes more of a background note, though. The tobacco and oud are rich and deep. This is very sexy - RAWRR!
  5. Bella15

    OCCO Florale

    The rose is pretty prominent at first, but it dries down quite nicely. It ends up being a crisp, clean floral scent with no detectable cops peeking through.
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    It's under the Sets & Special Collections, I think.
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    THREEBIE: 1 FB Animal Crackers
  8. Bella15

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    I'd like to reserve an itty set too, please!
  9. On first sniff, this is my favorite of the bunch! I could wear this every day, lol. There is a certain musk that reminds me of scents my sister wore in the late 70s/early 80s, and this is reminiscent of that, to me. I wore it with EBIL-ish the other day, and it was perfect! I think it could be worn with a LOT of different scents. It's not a skin scent exactly, but it's what I would wish my skin naturally smelled like. I got whiffs of it all day, it lasted at least 16+ hours.
  10. On me, this is a creamy tropical pineapple - sweet, but not syrupy. I don't get any tartness, it feels very smooth. After a few minutes of drydown, I can't detect the cops at all!
  11. Bella15

    Jardin Tropique-Summer 2018

    This is definitely more floral than fruity. I do love orchid, and I like the real scent of gardenia (not always the perfume scent, though). I get mostly orchid here, because the pineapple runs away after a few minutes of drydown. It's not shouty, I even have it on here at work my boss is leaving in an hour or so, so chances are, she won't smell me.
  12. Bella15

    Cowabunga Gazunga-Summer 2018

    Mmm! This is mouth-wateringly fresh and yummy! If this was an alcohol drink, I’d be guzzling it right now 😍 🍹 The melon is sweet, the kumquat feels kind of tangy, and the amber gives a soft smoothness to hold it together. Perfect for hot summer days!
  13. Bella15

    Coco Chrissy's

    My skin just eats this one up!!! *cries* Or maybe I'm becoming nose-blind to yummy coconut vanilla musks? *cries harder* Hopefully I can wear it to work and not get in trouble, lol. I applied 20 minutes ago and all I can detect now is a slightly sweet musk on my skin.
  14. I’ll bet that was super fun!!! It was great! Saturday I wore a Tory Burch perfume and DHEAS, and Sunday I wore Cougar and OCCO Pink I miss Adrienne’s Tangy Ylang, that was fab!
  15. Bella15

    Melissa's Second Spark

    This is so perfect for my needs right now! It’s soft and musky, lays close to the skin, and lasts for hours. I’m limited to what I can wear at work, but this is perfect. I remember Spark in the Dark. It was a bit different, not as smooth as this version. I always wavered on getting a bottle. I’m glad I have a bottle of this one!