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  1. Bella15

    New Releases for JULY 2018 - SPECIAL SET!

    We contributed to worthy causes AND we smell amazing! Thank you, Mara!
  2. Bella15

    Dari Gold

    You know how when you're baking and you mix the butter and sugar together? Now if you folded in a jar of marshmallow creme, I think you'd end up with something like this.. it's so sweet and so soft and I haven't stopped huffing my arm since I put it on!
  3. Bella15

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    If there is a bottle of Dari Gold left, may I reserve it?
  4. Bella15

    Hello from sunny France!

    Welcome!! Glad you're joining us!!
  5. Bella15

    Private Editions for JULY 2018

    I think my daughter might love Dari Gold, I can't wait to get my itty set and have her try it!
  6. I can't wait to hear how it goes!
  7. When I use the droppers, I usually do 3 drops - 1 for each wrist and cleavage.
  8. Bella15

    Dukhan-Summer 2018

    This smells exactly like what it's supposed to - a coconut bonfire! The smoke is subtle, it doesn't take over the scent, which I was afraid of. The coconut is warm and rich and deep - I don't think it's masculine, but at the same time, I want to smell it on a man! I'll put this one out for Mr Perfect to try too 🙂
  9. Orchids sometimes feel "fuzzy" to my nose, like they're tickling it - that's how this feels to me at first. I applied and sniffed this at 7 am, and then forgot to check it until almost 4:30! But I can still detect it now, it's not fuzzy anymore. It's a warm, soft pink kind of scent. I must have missed the tangerine, or it's just hiding from me. I'll have to try this again and pay more attention, lol.
  10. I wish it could be permanent, too!! I want to wear it every day, lol
  11. Bella15

    OCCO: Choco

    Totally agree with Luna's review! Super rich chocolate with sexy amber yumminess 😍 the chocolate eventually fades a bit and lets the amber step forward. This is soooo fabulous! ❤️
  12. Mmmmmm! This is another must-have for me.. the lavender is perfect, it kind of reminds me of @halo0073's Lavender Musk at first. But after a few hours, it's mostly the dark Amber and Indian Musk. So sexy! I love it, because it will complement so many of my bedtime scents 😉
  13. GAH!!! This is so rich and decadent - I want to lick it! (Don't worry, I won't, @Eastwood22 LOL) It really is amazing, though - I want a donut with this type of yumminess inside! After drydown, I get mostly cocoa butter, with nary a hint of cops. Perfect cover! I'll bet this one lasts all day, too - right now, it's 6 hours in and still wafting up beautifully :love:
  14. At first, the cherry is super bright! It dries down and becomes more of a background note, though. The tobacco and oud are rich and deep. This is very sexy - RAWRR!
  15. Bella15

    OCCO Florale

    The rose is pretty prominent at first, but it dries down quite nicely. It ends up being a crisp, clean floral scent with no detectable cops peeking through.