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  1. Which is better to get back that head over heels in love sort of feeling with a guy back. LAM or BAM or something completely different altogether?
  2. Really am liking this. Very nice fruity festive smell. And my man and other boys have responded well. Have gotten many compliments so far.
  3. I'm need something that smells amazing (everyone is a fan of OCCO red on me) and has an attraction aspect, but not completely sexual. I'm looking for something that will make a certain guy in my life open up more emotionally, let me take on the more feminine role, and take the relationship to the next level. I love anything vanilla and foody scents seem to work well. Any suggestions for pheromone blends or pheromones + perfume combos? Thanks
  4. This is my first time posting, I'm new here. But I received OCCO Red a couple weeks ago and oh boy! I had a small gathering at my place and all of the guys were grabbing on to my wrists for a whiff! No joke! I have never gotten so many compliments on a perfume! Reactions have included: you smell amazing... like caramel, coffee, vanilla, hookah, the 60s, (insert perception here) you smell like hookah, can i smoke your wrist, multiple repeated sniffings again and again, as well as a veryyy friendly Apple employee that replaced my broken phone for free it's absolutely hilarious and wonderful at the same time, and for now I'm hooked
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