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  1. I use the UN Focus pheros which I believe is discontinued and also fragrances boosted with it like Focus Pocus.
  2. I wore quite a bit of BBM on my torso and topped up with a couple of sprays of Frosted (couldn't find my Autumn 2011 spray) last Friday. I went to the bank to open an account to facilitate payment of my credit card bill while my daughter finished her lunch at the Japanese restaurant. This was 3-4 hours after application. Less than 1 minute after stepping into the private banker's room, a young chap in his mid 20s tops, he asked me if I mind that he asked me what perfume I was wearing. He was super friendly, cheerful and even over the top helpful. He gave me a priority queue number and even hurried through the process as I 'looked very tired and that my daughter was waiting for me alone in the restaurant upstairs". And I am a new client with no prior relationship with the bank except for the 2-month old credit card which I hardly use.
  3. This is one of my favourite vanilla scent and I usually use it on its own. It's versatile and non-intrusive and can be passed off as scented body lotion. A while back, my (male) vendor complimented me on the scent as he loves vanilla based scents and uses lots of candles.
  4. It's been ages, like 4-5 years, since I last wore my bottle of 60/40 UN Leather. Dug it out recently and wore it for my runs. I don't know if it's because of that (and the combination of yoga recently), I'm running faster, breaking my personal 10km record. I wore 3 sprays on my chest and my shoulder so, hopefully, I'm exposed to the effects. I don't feel like some big time bad ass or spunky self effects and will try to bring it out for a spin in a non office environment sometime.
  5. I love this scent and wear OCCO Ambrosia under it as I love cops. I wore it over the weekend to drop something off at an acquaintance's house. He wasn't around and his helper answered the door and was very kind to accept the package (gift for her master) even though she hasn't met me. She even volunteered some information about his whereabouts. So maybe scent LFM works better than UN for me.
  6. I hated this when I received it years old. The sample leaked on its way to my place and the moment I took a sniff at it, I chucked it away for years. I don't remember why it smelled so repulsive. I decided to revisit this sample recently and fell in love with it. It lasts for a long time, like 10 hours or so and smells very much like how Sugared Honeycomb would on my skin except it does not become totally baby powder. It is addictive and I ended up sniffing my application spot, all the time. The sample still leaks and it has scented the lining of my bag and I get constant whiff of the addictive honey scent when I go through my bag.
  7. I don't think I have will viewed this yet as I have only recently started to test this out. I have not been getting consistent results from UN LFM. I've tested this with 2-3 sprays of UN LFM over a scent and I feel great. It makes me feel very sassy and gives me that extra spring/boost in my walk and I know that people noticed me from far. I've tried with the same scent but minus the UN LFM, the selfie was not as prominent so I guess I'll probably use both from now onwards.
  8. I don't know about getting favours but SS4W works very well for me. I got extra attention from both male and female cabin crew on my recent flights.
  9. I feel so bumped that I had to cancel the bottles I reserved and not stock up this summer, after staying away for 2 summer sales.
  10. JOC


    Hi Chessy,I've applied quite liberally but the scent still won't stick. The scent has changed over the years, it is a little sweeter than I recall and seems more balanced. It's probably my skin.
  11. JOC


    The only Almond Musk which I own is my PE. I remember that it didn't stick for too long. I'm still smelling my potion of the day so I can wear my PE tomorrow and let you know.
  12. I got this through a trade long ago and I guess I've only worn it once and it's probably been sitting in my drawer in the office for over a year now. Swiped this on my torso about 1/2 hour before a meeting with my boss. It was quite an important discussion as I'm drawing up new JDs (and work processes) for his entire team. He was very happy with my proposal and my justifications (and I'll have the most team members and work load .... ). Last week, he was a little defensive and didn't quite support/agree with concerns which I brought up however, today, he absolutely agreed with these concerns. A total buy-in. This is the first time I bombed him with SWS so looks like this is going to be my arsenal around him.
  13. 10 sprays! That's a lot but it's a nice scent so it should not be overwhelming.
  14. JOC

    Double O

    I stopped using this for a while and it seems like the pink tone is now missing and I amp the patch.
  15. JOC


    I like this when it has completely dried down. With the soft spices in the background, I get a warm, soft and comforting vanilla-berrish in the foreground.
  16. JOC

    Body Paint 2015

    Finally cracked open my bottle last night to test. The lavender and honey came out very strong at the beginning but mellowed down long after dry down to become a soft and very cozy scent.
  17. Love Potion varient looks good. I don't know why I read the "SilkenGlow" as Broken Pillow as I was scrolling down the page.
  18. I really didn't like it when I sniffed it a few weeks ago. I decided to try it out today and it was better than in the vial. The honey did surface an hour or so and although it was quite pleasant. It is on the smutty side so I am unlikely to use at work or around my son who has preferences for lighter scents.
  19. JOC

    Hi there I'm new!

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your journey as you discover the wonders pheros could do.
  20. JOC


    I've been eyeing an fb since it was launched but never got down to getting one till the recent sale. This one turned out to be really deep, dark and mysterious on me and I guess it's because I amped resins. I did get a blast of cherry on wet but the currant surfaced together with the resins which eventually dominated the rest of the notes. At certain stage I got the scent of incense in the background. The red mica added a nice touch to the bottle. I'm not sure if I will wear Blackstone as it's way too dark for me although I think I could wear this for Halloween.
  21. JOC

    Top Five

    Sneaky Clean LP O with Sugared Apricots LP Autumn 2011 LP Pink Unreasonable Pumpkin
  22. This slipped under my radar as I wanted to hoard no more. For some reason I have a sample vial in my arsenal and I discovered this scent during the recent sale. I started to develop this strong feeling for foody scents, particularly pumpkin about 12 months ago. So naturally, I went through my small stash of samples, looking for foody scents. I love the pinkness among the spicy pumpkin scent and what makes this work is the sweetness in it. It makes it a fun and upbeat scent to wear. I've been wearing this with BBM these two weeks. I'm like a giant pink pumpkin pie walking around.
  23. JOC

    Fairy Cake: Orchid

    The orchid note reminds me of Sugared Orchids and I got lots more orchid than cake on me. It's a lovely scent but I might want to tone it down with some vanilla or Pure Sugar the next time I wear this.
  24. I had a sample vial of the original version and this version smells very similar. It definitely reminds me of Jo Anna's Orchid de Peche which was one of my favourite when I first found LP. I was really worried about the brown sugar as I tend to amp it in other scents but this didn't happen. This is very strong, sweet and feminine but a little too loud for me to use at work in the education industry. Maybe, I should just dab lightly the next time or perhaps I'll layer it with some Pure Sugar to tone it down a notch.
  25. I was debating between getting an unsniffed fb of this or Sugared Vanilla Bean and went for this in the end due to the reviews that this is a perfumery vanilla. It smells rather familiar, along the Fleur de Vanille or A Treasure of Silver. However, on dry down, the scent turned a little 'sour' and I'm uncertain if vanilla is the culprit. I'm going try it again and if things doesn't work out, I'll probably wear it on my clothes instead of my skin.
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