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  1. This turned out to be very soft and light on my skin. I was hoping it has a little more throw but it turned out to be very soft and light on me. I should have expected that since it's the sugared range. It's definitely something which I can use at work, meals or shopping as it's not intrusive and nothing scream out loud that one is wearing a perfume. I get quite a fine balance of powdery sugar and vanilla behind the musk.
  2. JOC


    I've been curious how this scent smells like since I have a bottle of Dolly's Dark Side which I adore but don't use very often. However, I have to say that not every violet scent work on me. Some of them, somehow, smells like dirty pits and makes me want to throw up my lunch, so to speak. This reminds me of DDS except it's lighter and has a younger vibe to it. Perhaps it's the lavender in it that makes it so. It's versatile enough and I might wear this to work someday.
  3. JOC


    It's been a while since I used this. I got this through a trade with Cheesy and I am glad that I decided so. This time round, I can smell the strawberries and citrus behind the pink cotton candy. It is a fun and youthful scent, even better than Bubblegum Robot.
  4. JOC

    Any Colour You Like

    When this was launched, I didn't understand how this will turn out to be and thus didn't follow this thread. I received an unopened bottle from QG recently under the 'pay it forward' thread and I am so glad that I requested for this. With my recent craze for pink and cherry-based scents, this really works out well for me. Even my daughter went crazy when she smelled it last night. However, I do not get much coconut from this and I don't feel unhappy with its decision. Perhaps it will come out to play on another day and so be it.
  5. I love to combine Sugared Apricots with LP Red and OCCO Red together. In fact, I mixed some of these together in a sample vial so I can refresh when I'm out. However, as it's very warm and humid, I do not have much opportunities to use this combination as much as I would like.
  6. JOC

    Licorice Wands

    Love this very much as well even though I don't like licorice. I got this from the sale two years ago and was undecided. At that time, I was not into vanilla based scents and thus by sniffing on the oil stained label, I decided to shelve the bottle till the last weekend. It smells very close to Mara's Domino and Sogni Icantanti. It's creamy and cozy with a light chocolate and anise tone in the background. Will have to compare it with White Licorice someday.
  7. JOC

    Prophetic Pie

    Love this scent. Is so cozy and comforting and luckily the brown sugar didn't come on strong and hard on wet and after dry down.
  8. JOC

    Nookie Cookie

    On my skin, it turned out to be heavy, syrupy and has a burnt scent in the background. It kind of reminds me of MFR, Fade to Black, etc. which I can't do as perfumes.
  9. JOC


    I love, love, love this! I can't do dragon's blood and on my skin, the fig balances the smoke, leaves and woods. It has a tad of spiciness from the pepper, giving the scent the warm and protective vibe. I'll definitely wear this on cool rainy days now.
  10. Love the labels, especially Invi's October Laundry. I wonder what's in the musk though.
  11. I got no vanilla as well but something sharp and minty went up my nose on when gave it a few good sniff when wet then a slight pink rose floated at the back. My nose kind of hurts from the first few sniffs and I'm keeping away from the scent till it's gone.
  12. I bought one during the recent sale and I hope it will be sufficiently aged before I finish the current one. I think LP Red is better when aged too and I have a few on standby a couple of years ago. I wonder what about LP Pink as I have backups from the same period. It's kind of ridiculous that I hoarded the permanent ones. Lol!
  13. I've been guarding my fb of LPO for at least 3 years now and I caved in yesterday. Opened my vault and cracked open it. Gosh! It seems so different from the samples which I have had in the past. I guess they may not be as aged as the bottle but it was different to my nose both when wet and after dry down. It seemed to be rounder, sweeter and fruitier but has less throw. With the samples, all I need is a light dab from the wand and it's sufficient to scent me and my bedroom or car while with the fb, I did the lollipop application to achieve the same 'throw'. I read that LPO smells better as it ages. I think I will be reaching out to this more often and I'll soon run out of aged LPO and I'll be quite sad, really.
  14. I saw the photos on fb this morning. Lovely labels and I'll be reading the reviews from the side line for now.
  15. JOC

    Coconut Breeze

    I know this is one of your favourite. I'm definitely going to try it a couple of times more before making a judgement if it loves me as much as i love it.
  16. JOC

    Coconut Breeze

    This smells a combination of cocoa butter and coconut in the bottle. On wet, i had a full blast of cocoa butter with the coconut and musk accords behind it. On drydown, the cocoa butter faded fast and never came back on my skin. All that I was left with was the musk which seems to be very similar to the musk in my Almond PE. In fact, i thought I was wearing my PE. I wish the cocoa butter lasted longer so I might layer this over my cocoa butter in the future.
  17. I guess it depends on which industry you're in and your role. Clean office scents and SWS are safe choices in any case. I was in a Sales and Marketing role in the education industry and I wore mostly fruit, flora and clean scents to work but played around with my pheros. My favourite work pheros were SWS, SS4W and PP with a dash of cops. I pulled it off as I do quite a bit of public speaking and sometimes come up with bold and crazy ideas.
  18. I'll let you know when i lay my hands on the Vanilla Velvet .
  19. I can't believe why and how can my LP O samples keep breaking on me. The sample label held my first vial together for months with minimal leak till i decided to take a closer look at the vial and it fell apart. My second sample was on my bedroom floor, snapped at the neck. It probably dropped out of my pocket during the night. Ass luck, perhaps?
  20. This might sound silly but how does this compare with LP White? I was intrigued by this one but decided to play safe and ordered more LP White since i already have tested that one.
  21. JOC

    Babe in the Woods

    I've never tried SB but I totally agree with you that it smells fresh and approachable and great for a warm day. It took me some time to learn to like this scent. In fact, on my skin it seems so close to Sneaky Clean.
  22. Was in a hurry to leave for dinner and my bottle slipped out of my hand and crashed on the floor. Mopped up and smeared some on my body. Five minutes later, my torso is feeling the "burning" sensation. It's definitely coming from the spices.
  23. This sounds so good. I was going to order it at the beginning and decided to order the Sugared Vanilla Velvet instead.
  24. Welcome back, LV! You'll get to see your cooch in no time!!!
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