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  1. I didn't know cops exist until I became interested in pheros about 5 years ago. I'm not entirely sure the % of women who are aware of this. I don't share this info with anyone except my sis as I'm selfish and I want to have a "competitive edge" over others. I think there are a handful of LP forum members who keep this phero/cops secret to themselves as well. I mean, seriously from a consumer's perspective, why let the cat out the bag when you're gaining advantages over others?
  2. I find Compromising Positions has some similarities to LP O on dry down. People here definitely won't know this is perfume. I'm still using a sample I requested for years ago. i'll have to crack open my first and one and only bottle which is over a year
  3. JOC

    Lick of Cream 2015

    I ordered an fb as I like the previous version. I guess with time, it will turn out nice.
  4. That is why I don't even wear cops around my son now. I'll wear it after I drop him off at school. At 13, there is enough of distractions already and there's no need for one more.
  5. JOC


    This is wonderfully light, vanilla marshmallow and sugar and not much smoke which is good news to me. I love that the potion changes colour when shaken.
  6. I have two bottles and a sample from the first batch and has anyone noticed any significant differences from the first batch. I tested LP White when it was first launched and I found it very sharp and stabby. The apricot never surfaced and what I was left was quite a stabby vanilla musk. I decided to take my bottle out to test again. On application, the jasmine is extremely forward with the tea and musk as supporting roles. After an hour or two, the jasmine kind of mellowed down and ending up as a very womanly, clean and classy scent. Something which I'd love to wear to dinner one day. I was really looking forward for the apricot to come out to play so as to sweeten the scent a little to make it more padded but she played hide and seek all through the last 4 hours. But I guess if she did make her presence felt, the scent would no longer project the planned image. Nevertheless, I was busy sniffing my arm throughout the last 4 hours, watching it very closely for changes. It was quite addictive, mind you. It's probably a scent which I will enjoy using some years down the road. I do hope that the big white flower will kind of mellow down with more time.
  7. This sounds so delicious and I can imagine your daughters could wear them!
  8. It's a shame my bottle didn't come with a pearl. Took this out two nights back as I'm considering getting a bottle of the new release. I ran the rollerball over my sheets a couple of times just before lying down. It is amazing. It's a fine balance between the fruits and flowers which have melded over the last two years. It smells quite similar to Tails except the latter is sweeter and perhaps more fruity. I wonder if Dolly has tried the latest version yet.
  9. This started as earthy, smokey and green like Christmas and I thought it was too masculine for me. It got sweeter after dry down and I can see why this is a unisex scent. I think this will smell wonderful on a man.
  10. Welcome to the world of great pheros!
  11. JOC

    Pumpkin Souffle

    Me too, I'm so tired of the hot and humid weather but there will be no cool weather for me anymore. In fact, the weather makes me miss the autumn scents so much that I crave for pumpkin, eggnog, etc scents. I use an electric oil diffuser and although it's been suggested to use neat oil with it, I prefer adding a little water to the oil, LP inclusive. Otherwise, I just add some oil to a small bottle of wwater and use it lIke a room air refresherner.
  12. I have two bottles of the original Sugared Egyptian Musk and wondering if it's different from this version.
  13. Which 'Sugared' will you be considering, Beach Goddess? I'm eyeing at the Sugared Peony, Orchid, Vanilla Velvet, Birthday Cake and Coconut.
  14. I'm thinking of getting some UN Gotcha and a couple from the sugared series.
  15. JOC

    Top Five

    Coconut Breeze LP O plus Sugared Apricots LP Pink Double O Road Opener
  16. During cooler weather and when i was naughty, I mixed some cops with body lotion and applied all over my body. I think I mentioned in one of the threads that I'm uncertain if this was a more "natural" to emit the scent of a woman from all parts of one's body than from one or a few spots of the body. If I have the patience, I'd do the torso and boobs way, otherwise, it's just my wrists and some on whatever's exposed by the neckline.
  17. Love BLAM and I do a little more LAM as well.
  18. I did an 'experiment' yesterday. I have mentioned that OCCO White, well at least my current bottle, seems to take a longer time to dry down than other OCCOs I use. As I had no intentions to go out and I wanted to layer something under LP Red + Sugared Apricots, I decided to test white, pink, red and BBM. Each scent was given a space on my arms and I dabbed two rows of 4cm. I know we should kind of smear and spread the cops/scents to expedite the dry down but as I had all the time in the world, I just let them dry on their own. It was a cool day yesterday, about 27C so I had the fan switched on to circulate the air in the room. White, indeed took much longer than the rest to be absorbed by my skin. I should have looked at the clock but I'm pretty sure when the rest have dried down, White was still gleaming and took at least a further 15 minutes. On the other hand, unless I apply OCCO Ambrosia on my torso, I feel that it's safe to dab it lightly on my wrists and chest even when I'm out of the house and that was what I did the day before. I even refreshed it in the bathroom while I was waiting to collect my car. So, the next time I wear White out, I'm going to make sure that I have a fan blowing directly at me until it is fully absorbed.
  19. I'm quite excited that a new version of this has been released. On the other hand, I've been a very good girl by putting a halt to ordering for more than a year now. It was difficult to convince myself not to order during last year's summer sale. I have a good stash of the original version and I'm still using that version. I had hits after hits with OCCO Ambrosia yesterday. I wore this to the car servicing center. It opened at 8.15am but I was there by 7.30am. The check-in staff were very polite and checked on me as I waited for the mechanics to arrive at work. Other owners started streaming in after that. I noticed that the men took turns to sit on the sofas around me (then they moved to other seats within the showroom) and kind of stare while two women sat beside me for a long time until they decided to leave the building and return when their car was ready. After close to 3.5 hrs' wait, my car was finally ready. The eyes of the guy who arrived after me followed me as I walk out of the building to collect my car. I went to my son's school in the late afternoon. A man walked in to pay the tuition fees in cash and overheard the accountant advising him to pay thr internet banking. As I had trouble keying in special symbols in the payee name, I told the man that it works perfectly even if the name does not correspondence with the one provided by the school, etc. He started chatting with me, introduced himself and asked if I was a guardian of a student. He walked out with me and everyone we met seems to know him. I excused myself and drove away. I went to the supermarket in the evening to pick up some veg for dinner. Just as I was able to enter the supermarket, a man came in the opposite direction. To my surprise, he stopped and stepped aside and gestured me to walk. That was nice. I haven't much chances to play with my pheros and cops even though I've moved to this city about half a year ago. I really look forward to phero bombing for a change.
  20. The LP pineapple variant sounds so exciting. I wonder if how different it is from LP Sunfire?
  21. If you need to concentrate on the drive then UN Focus might help you. What about some protection potion for a safe journey? If you're worried that your kids will bicker, perhaps you want to try some Peaceful Home. I use that on my kids and it seems to keep their bickering to the minimum. I was on a road trip from Switzerland to Italy four years ago. The longest drive was actually from Geneva to Venice with a couple of pit stops in between. Maybe you want to break the 8-hour drive into two by doing some sightseeing along the way and spend a night somewhere. I find snacks handy when on a road trip. It keeps the hunger pangs away plus the kids get occupied (especially when we get lost, etc). Enjoy your trip and don't forget to keep us updated on the fun you have!
  22. OCCO White used to be one of my favourite scented cops until one of my colleague "asked" me what was the stench every time I wear it. Then I realised that it takes much longer to dry down than other OCCOs and finally decided to stop wearing it as I didn't have the time for dry down in the morning. I decided to try BBM and there's no turning back. I have backup bottles as I don't want to be without it.
  23. I haven't converted any of my oils to spray on my own as it was impossible to get hold of perfumer alcohol until two summers ago (and I'm not sure if that shop is still around). I have hoarded some of the scents which were released in spray and I like them as they have that instant throw which I like, particularly when I want to apply the scent to my hair. I have ordered some of the UN pheros in spray to compliment the UN oils. This again, is to have a bigger "catchment" area at the beginning, either to draw people in or to allow me to walk in my own phero cloud. However, I would say my stash is mainly made up of roll ones. It's small and compact so it's easy to bring them wherever I go.
  24. Put a LP Black on the electric burner. It's nice but my children don't appreciate it as much as LP O and LP Pink. It could also be because of the hot and humid weather that they prefer something lighter and brighter. It is quite potent, considering that I used in the living area which is about 80sqm for sbout 4 hours.
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