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    Thumbs up and welcome to the forum!
  2. I vote for SS4W and Cougar too. A tiny bit of cops might not hurt but as the ladies said, he might be hiding his reactions since you guys are at work. Maybe the pheros will swing him in the direction you want, maybe not. Try to go out for a casual meal or something. If the ice cannot be broken, maybe he's just not interested for professional or personal reasons. There are plenty of fishes in the ocean and you'll soon have fun experimenting pheros on them.
  3. Bang is sexual sexy while Gotcha is intriguing social although i have to admit that i have only experimented Gotcha in Fuzzy Wuzzy. Its even got my ex-bitchy boss interested in listening to me. I dont know if this makes sense to you.
  4. I already had lots of fun in my 20s and if I had access to LPs and pheros ..... I love using SS4W for social events. Before BANG! was available, I would use some cops under it. Have fun and welcome to the forum!
  5. I don't usually wear pheros around my kids. In the past, besides cops (which makes me feel extra feminine) which I applied at home and which my kids were exposed to since we travelled together to school, I applied the rest of the pheros upon arrival at my office. I don't want to mess them up since they are still developing. Although I worked in a school (non-teaching role) my target audience were the adults and my colleagues so the K-12 kids are rarely exposed to my phero cloud as well. I lighted scented candles and used essential oil in my private office. If I were to be in a direct-contact role, I might diffuse essential oil instead. I don't know if that will bring about any allergic risks, etc. As for our pet dog, she was given the same treatment as my children. However, she loved to watch me when I get ready to go out (say on a weekend without the kids), so she would have been exposed to whatever I put on in the bathroom which were usually SS4W, PP or BLAM. There was a rare occasion when we were exposed to prolong period of pheros. A bottle of scented TMI broke and it spilled all over the bathroom, etc. and I swiped some of it on my pair of jeans hanging at the back of the bathroom door. I had intense headache for a while and it took us more than a week to remove the lingering scent.
  6. Taking a shower and a change of clothes is what I'd do if time permits. Otherwise, I will either reapply (I used to wear SWS, PP and SS4W at work), add some cops or wear a new phero which is congruent to the phero I wore earlier in the day. Since I don't usually refresh UN pheros outside and the work day is a minimum of 8 hours, the pheros which I have applied in the morning would have burnt off a fair bit.
  7. My list hasn't changed as I haven't tried the pheros introduced in the last year and a half. I have PM boosted scent but have not cracked opened it. I might have more opportunities to wear pheros when I'm back at work and I'm certain "Gotcha" will be something that I'd like to use.
  8. i get quite a bit of hits with LP Pink. I lost my bottle of Pink while moving here and thus currently making do with my sample which I sometimes keep in my bag. Was at a traditional hand-made shoe maker two days back. I called them just before dropping by and the elderly gentleman didn't sound very pleasant and happy since it was about 4.30pm then. Well, after all, he and his dad used to make shoes for our first prime minister (and probably quite a number of cabinet ministers) so I can understand and I will tolerate in order to get myself some decent shoes. When I got there, his even more elderly worker was not very friendly. He asked me to wait and his boss, in his sixties, came out a while later. His first question was how did i get to know about his business and I told him that it was from the newspapers. He went on to tell me about how his clients are, etc .... However a few minutes later, he started to warm up, showing me all kinds of shoes, how to rectify my feet issues, how they run their business, what I should do to my kids' shoes, etc. Total change in behavior! In the end, I spent close to an hour at the shop and had to make an excuse to leave.
  9. JOC

    shelf life

    Welcome to the club, Dream! I used to keep my opened scents in covered wooden boxes made for port and they were kept in the cabinet in the bathroom. Unopened ones goes into a heavy duty vanity box stored in the wardrobe. Now that I have moved to a tropical country, I leave all the boxes in the wardrobe. It's inconvient but at least I know the scents and pheros will be in good shape when I whip them out years later.
  10. Thanks, Rose! As I have a very narrow range of mainly GGG scents and I haven't purchased new ones for a year now, there aren't a lot that I can contribute to the reviews but will post any interesting hits since I'm test driving pheros in this new city.
  11. JOC

    Top Five

    Have been using these rather often during the last couple of months: Sneaky Clean Musky White Orchid Caramel Musk Orchidacious LP Pink
  12. I wore "Shu Up and Get A Job" and Topper to a job interview yesterday. It turned out great and I'll be busy doing some research over these two weeks before I meet up with then prof again. I planned to go home after the interview. Two gentlemen, in their late 30s, was waiting to enter the lift as I walked out and so i held the door for them. As I was on the wrong floor, I waited for the next lift to come and they walked out. They were looking for the staff lounge and asked if I would like to join them, well, why not? So together, we looked for the lounge and found it. Anyway, to keep it short, the Italian guy was hitting on me, asking about China, etc. I told him that I love Europe,, etc. and its difficult to work there without being fluent in another working language there. Then he said that his university is hiring and that the fastest way to learn a language is to get myself a boyfriend!!! I said that it will be difficult as I'm already married and showed him my rings. He said that he saw my rings but didnt think they were my engagment and wedding bands. He went total silent (and his Chinese friend too). I added relocation with two kids make it even more difficult .... That's when his friend came to his rescue, saying that someone was coming to pick him up for a meeting.
  13. JOC

    Lusty Licious

    On wet, I got lots of berries, which reminded me of That Kind of Girl. The pumpkin and spice slowly show up and melded with the berries on dry down. Interesting scent and will probably wear it during the cooler weather.
  14. I usually spend quite a bit during the sale but this year, I have not decided if I am going to purchase anything as I willbe repatriating back at the end of this year and I have no intentions for my LPs to be shipped back in our 40" container. So if I were to order something, it'll be UN Gotcha since I don't have that one and perhaps a bottle of UN Cougar since I'm running low in that one.
  15. Perhaps you would like to try SS4W, Cougar and OCCO. Cops gives me self effects, stronger if I have not used it for a couple of weeks. I use it less regularly now as I'm back home on vacation with my kids. Otherwise, I wear on about 3 out of 5 work days, less in winter as I don't like to stay naked for the drydown in my cold bathroom
  16. Can see the labels in the first page but I can see when the ladies use the labels as avatars.
  17. I can't see the labels and I'm so sad ....... I'll try the shopping cart later and hopefully they show up there for me.
  18. JOC

    Top Five

    It's getting hot and humid here so I've been reaching out for the lighter scents. Top five favourites are Sneaky Clean, Caramel Musk, Babes in the Woods, Pleasure Valley and Pure Sugar
  19. I get self effects from cops, particularly after a gap between uses, say a few weeks. With sufficient application of cops, I might feel horny and definitely more feminine and swaying of hips when I walk.
  20. JOC

    Top Five

    LP Autumn 2011 LP White Blushing Embers Sparkle Fuschia LP O
  21. My hub who is not a believer and my sister know that I use pheros. My kids know that some of my LPs contains "chemical" but they don't know what they do. I gave a bunch of LPs away at my ex-work place but non of them gave a hoot so too bad! The issue is that ,ost of these girls (who reported to me) are very materialistic. They earn about USD$1000 per month yet they will only use "branded" stuff. They scrimp and save to buy a branded bag they could carry around. I have also given away to some ex-colleagues who were very happy and asked for more.
  22. I've never worn cops on my hair due to the multiple warnings on this board but I have had my fair share of cops not having enough time to dry down and thus stank like crazy for the rest of the day. If I were to wear non-cops enhanced pheros, I will often put some on my hair. It may be the same phero, like PP, or a different one, like Topper. I either wear it on my parting or run the roller ball along my hair. I have, however, diluted EoW into my body lotion and spread it all over my body. This was under the assumption that it will be more natural to be lightly "oozing" sexual signals "all over" then just down under. Anyway, ive only done that twice or three times so I can't tell if it makes a big difference and if people I encountered thought I was dirty.
  23. I recall those diaper changing days and playing peekaboo with the "fountain". The first time my hub changed my son's diaper, he got christened. Lol!
  24. Bravo, Moonholly! So sweet of him to look you up and leave you a message on Facebook.
  25. I'll go with a small dab of cops with SWS or PP to "show" them that I have the capability to do the job or to wow the "clients". Good luck with the interview.
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