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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous fragrance!!! The tobacco is rich, almost nutty, and very present upon application. The oud is a dark undercurrent, and I like the description of the vanilla being a cool stream running through the middle. I didn't get much orchid at first, but as this wears on, everything begins to blend seamlessly, and I can sense the orchid in there. It makes the blend silky smooth, very sensuous. This is so richly masculine, yet just enough sweet that I wouldn't hesitate wearing it. Full bottle for me! Could it be the phero you're smelling? First on, I could smell the PM, but I did not shake my vial before trying. I will try it again later and see if I get it.
  2. Yeah...I once had a box go from Cali (when LP was there) and take a tour of the eastern seaboard before making its way to the Midwest to where it was addressed. I wouldn't worry just yet, especially since Monday was a postal holiday. That can throw a wrench in things.
  3. Well, my skin turned this into something much different than everyone else is getting!! On me, this is a sweet almost fruity floral for the first hour or so. At the same time, it is decidedly unisex, so don't let that statement scare you, fellows. As the bright floral note fades, it's replaced by a green muskiness that is fresh and clean. The frankincense and chocolate meld into something that is neither, not too incensey, not too foody, just a rich undercurrent. Like others said, it's a great everyday scent and the perfect carrier for Open Windows.
  4. I am pleasantly surprised by this one! The first Cherry Divinity had an intense, syrupy cherry blast on me and deepened into a rich, white chocolately cherry scent. This one is the opposite. It's so light and fluffy going on with a hint of cherry. I get a lot more marshmallow fluff, and the amber doesn't come out until waaaaay later, but over all, it's less intense on my skin than its predecessor. I might have to get a bottle! (And perhaps craft a recipe!)
  5. This...is...MAGNIFICENT!! I didn't read any notes going into this so I was a little caught off guard by the floral blast I got going in, but it was a pleasant surprise. It was mildly green and fresh. The first hint of musk that I got wasn't particularly animalistic, it was more skin like and masculine, but as it dried down, I started to get the deep, rich exotic feel. Despite that, the overall scent wears really light on me, and I get no patch at all. Absolutely wonderful!
  6. First on, this is so fruity and delicious!!! Lots of apricot and orange blossom, which is sweet and softly floral on my skin. I get quite a bit more patch in this variant than any of the others I've tried. But as Luna said, the scent is so sheer, it's not a total patch overload. It dies down as the musk comes out and this turns into a beautiful, musky LP.
  7. First on, this was lovely. It was equal parts honey and a wonderful whipped cream, like the spray kind from the can. However, I amp honey so within a half hour it's all I got. I can get whiffs of the lovely amber everyone else is talking about but the honey wins out. Honey lovers will love this!
  8. Okay Black Wolf. One last comment from me and then I'm out, because we're all talking in circles here and it's becoming futile. No one said it is bad to want a girlfriend. Wanting a girlfriend in and of itself is not desperate. However, your approach may be. Read Equinox's post. She does an excellent job at describing the creepy factor. What is your approach? Seriously, what do you do to meet women? If the answer is nothing, that's problem #1 right there. All over this board, people have given you great advice. In your Love potion with Heart Throb thread, you mentioned shyness. I told you explicitly how I conquered my shyness. Have you tried that? If not, that is your task today. Get up from the computer, get dressed, go to the mall or large store. Browse the music section since that is your thing. Or heck, if you live in a larger city, go to Guitar Center if guitars are your thing and play a great guitar. Smile at one person. That's it! You never know what might happen. I know I typically always compliment the people playing in the acoustic room because I think it takes guts! You mention you don't have friends. We've told you how to meet people. Do it! Hearts made an excellent point about romantic relationships being a special type of friendship. You have to learn to friend before you can learn to boyfriend. I will also point out that a relationship WILL NOT (all caps!) fix any deep seated unhappiness you have. Relationships are hard work. Mine has presented issues that I would not have if I were single. Obviously they are worth it or I wouldn't be with him but again, they are not a cure-all for what ails you. I think you're getting upset with us because we're not saying "okay, to get a girlfriend you have to do this." We're not because it's not that easy. A functioning romantic relationship is like a the roof of a well built house. You're trying to slap the roof on and you don't even have any walls or a foundation. Platonic friendships are the walls and a healthy sense of self is the foundation. So first work on your foundation first. Work on your shyness. You say music is your hobby, your life, your work. Does it provide an income? If not, figure out how it can do that. Also, do you have some sort of access to health care? If so, consider seeing a therapist. They can help you with the self part. My therapist is a godsend. Again, go back and read EVERYTHING that's been said to you. We're not just spouting things off. We've been there too. Good luck.
  9. Just from my experience.... My husband has back pain issues. The cops definitely work their magic but he doesn't act on it because he knows he'll be practically immobile from back pain. So what I'm saying is that sometimes there are other issues going on in his head or body that could be throwing up a roadblock. Or maybe it actually was too little. If you only tried it that one time with him, that's not really enough to say it didn't work. Like others said, keep testing! It took me about a year to get the hang of pheros!
  10. Okay, dude, simmer down a little bit! We're answering questions you asked. No one said it was an evil thing. Go places and play your music. Go places and listen to live music. Go places to learn more about music. Like Missdarlyn suggested, look up music lovers or performance groups on Meet up. You'll meet like minded people (and yes, one of those people might end up as someone special but maybe not) and maybe even better your craft. But best of all, your life is not on hold while you wait for the perfect person. I understand you're shy, but you won't meet anyone sitting at home. We're suggesting ways to get out there and meet like minded people to better your odds of meeting someone.
  11. Well, what do YOU like to do for fun? Go there and do that! Like what QG said, you'll meet women that are into what you are into. Even if you don't find romantic partners, you'll find friends, and that friend might have a friend that's single and looking. Occupy your time with things other than looking for a girlfriend. A couple of years ago, I was writing here on my journal about my dating experiences. I met a man who was so consumed with trying to build something between the two of us that it was incredibly off-putting. All he had to talk about his dating experiences online and he was constantly texting me. Similar to what Halo said, it was too much too fast. I'm not saying that's you, but if you build up your social life outside of finding a girlfriend, you can definitely prevent something similar from happening to you in the future. Also, you're young. When I was 24, I was concentrating on grad school, work and having fun with my friends. Relationships weren't a high priority for me. I imagine you're running into a lot of that as well. This will change in a couple of years. People get stable in their career and start thinking about their future. I assure you, there is no shortage of single women!
  12. I like this!! As does my wallet!
  13. Welcome!! Gotcha is a good one! Like Eggers said, tinker with the amount and test on people you know. Then you'll be able to gauge reactions in strangers. Things with Est (Estratetraenol) are good for what you're looking for. It's a feminizing pheromone and makes men want to take care of you. My first thought was actually Lace, and Super Sexy for Women a close second. And like Eggers said, you can't beat Open Windows for approachability. Good luck!
  14. I LOVE this!!! On me, this smells like the natural, warm milky scent that babies have. There's almost a skin quality to it. The brown sugar is deep and rich but not too oppressive. I like the comment above that says, "almost spiced." That's exactly how I felt. I love it on its own, but would love to try it with something vanilla or something pink.
  15. Welcome!!! Like QG said, beware the cops on clothes and hair!! It is a bugger to get out!
  16. I'm female, so I can't really offer advice on the phero side of things, but I categorize myself as shy. I really don't like meeting new people or talking to strangers. But I've moved 1000s of miles from home a couple of times to places where I knew absolutely no one, so I pretty much have to or be alone!! Start off small by smiling at a stranger. If it's someone you see fairly regularly, after awhile when you feel more comfortable, say "hi." Then graduate to small talk. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. It will get easier the more you do this. Now for the phero. Again, I don't know much about the men's blends here, so QG or someone, please correct me if I'm wrong. Heart Throb is a more alpha blend, right? You sound like maybe you're not so alpha. And that's okay!!!! Maybe a different blend might work better for right now until you feel more comfortable approaching people. Maybe Open Windows? That's more of a social blend instead of sexy, and it really helps open others around you to friendly conversation. But better still, I get the same effect on myself! There are a couple of newer blends out right now that you might try sample sizes of to see how you feel about it. Ivory Cats: Veridian Muse and Corwin are a couple of newer ones, but there might be some older ones still available to sample. Also, the reviews for Charisma suggest that people get a confidence boost from that, so that's another option. It's currently available in Leopold, so you can try a sample of that. Good luck!
  17. BlueBear

    Hi! :)

    Darlin'...no one's going to judge you on how much perfume you order here!!!!!! Welcome!!! Great first order! The only thing I would add to the advice above is that since you're new to pheros, test around people you know first. You know their reactions and what is and isn't normal for them. Then you'll know what to watch for in strangers. Like it's been said, it's very subtle! Have fun!!
  18. I was tempted to go full bottle on a couple but in the end went for a sampler.
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