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    Welcome! I have nothing to add other than what the ladies above have said. Great recommendations!
  2. I'm gonna +1 what Tyvey said here. Tyvey also gave me the wonderful advice of wishing for someone to "Prosper elsewhere." You can continue to wish her well while opting not to be around her if she brings negativity into your life. If you do open the door again, I gotta say, Dolly might be on to something with alpha-ing her. Leather with a smile. Your face and demeanor are friendly but your vibe is "I am not to be trifled with!" Good luck with whatever you do!
  3. It also depends on the phero for me. I have never gotten UN Cougar to work for me, nor items boosted with a full dose of Cougar. The Cougar enhanced versions are wonderful on me though. Other than that, I can usually use the other UNs. And I use UNs so I can wear with phero free scents, not so much that I get a bigger dose. But there are one or two blends that just don't work for me. Audacious and Popularity Potion are two. (Actually...I can get results with PP enhanced scents, but the amount is so minuscule, it's not worth it because I can't smell the fragrance!) So there's a chance that the phero blends aren't a good match for you. What do you mean by "extra" results? Are you talking about getting any kind of result in general, or are you saying that you get some at maybe three sprays but not getting much more with 7? If it's the first, again, maybe LFN isn't a match for you or your intended. In the second case, there's the law of diminishing results. You might get good results with one spray, better with two and phenomenal with three. But maybe the fourth doesn't really net much extra hits and even less with the fifth. In this case, three might be the sweet spot because you're getting the most bang for your buck since the additional four aren't really netting much of a perceptible reaction. Just a thought, though. If you are getting NO results period with LFN, either in the UN or the phero enhanced
  4. My first thought was "Angelique with Cougar musk!" The cocoa butter/white chocolate combo was almost exactly the same. As it dried down, i got a hint of the coconut. I was a little worried because it can go suntan lotion on me in a nanosecond, but not in here. It's very creamy, and like Tyvey said, fluffy. The rose attar is a deep undercurrent and keeps this from being super light, because yes, even with the cocoa butter, this is a light, not too rich scent on my skin. But the musk. OMG. It's that wonderful skin musk that makes this seem like you are the source of the fragrance. Gah, i love it! Rich enough for the winter but a perfect heady, humid summer scent too. And I definitely agree with Hearts on the innocently alluring scent.
  5. BlueBear

    Hi <waving>

    Welcome!! I hope you ordered Cougar. That sounds like just what you need!
  6. Fabulous knows no age!! Cougar was my first when I first started here in my twenties. I did not end up with a bunch of younger men trailing me, just sparkly fabulousness!! (That said... I did notice it attracted a number of older gents.) it's worth a shot!!
  7. Can you point me in that direction so I can check it out? I don't remember coming across it anywhere. Eta: never mind! I saw them! Looks fab!
  8. Omg, I have to reserve a Tyvey's white chocolate rose, please!!
  9. Also, if you accidently get cops in your hair, they don't really dry down and meld they way they do on your skin and it smells like yummy vanilla, or yummy pink...plus straight up stank. AND it takes several washings to get out. (At least it did for me!!) Watch out for low hanging hair!
  10. Yes, Invi! Get in here!! Actually...I'm really not sure how I will pick this month! They all look like they belong in my house!
  11. Beautiful! and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the bottles of bubble bath!
  12. I have accidently gotten phero on my lips, and it doesn't taste any worse than accidently getting fragrance on my lips. (Which I have done as well...) If it were to happen to me, I wouldn't attribute it to anything more than getting a taste of whatever bath and body product my partner was using, which just sorta comes with the territory of sexy times.
  13. I'd definitely say phero reaction!! The alcohol just lowered his inhibitions so he'd actually bite you! I'd bet if he wasn't as drunk he would have had the wherewithal to not bite an obviously coupled up stranger's ear, no matter how doe-eyed the phero had him!
  14. LOL, you probably won't like this answer but really, there's no telling. I personally don't think it sounds like too much but different people have different sweet spots. Plus, if you were monitoring for reactions in strangers, unless it's really over the top, you won't know because you don't know them well enough to detect subtle reactions. Were you looking for reactions in your friends? If they are platonic, you might not have the ones you're looking for. You just have to test more. Good luck!
  15. I had a really insane hit from a woman when I was wearing Lumina with a dash of extra cops...Do they still offer Lumina? My guy is a big est responder, so I wear a lot of it. I have seen it affect other women. these women are, as far as I know, straight, so it's not in a romantic setting. It has made them extra attentive and nurturing, which is actually sort of how it makes my fiancé. So I don't see why it wouldn't do the same with lesbian women.
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    Welcome!! Wonderful time of the year to join us, during the sale!
  17. Look homie. No one is shaming the vagina here. We love them. We are a forum of mostly women. A quick cruise through many of the threads will show we talk about them quite often, probably more than our male friends here care to hear. As I and others have stated, this is first and foremost a perfume forum, and most of us enjoy smelling like the wonderful things that LPMP creates. However, as we said, there are also scents here that smell like sex and some that do smell like vagina. And there is the option to create a scent t smell just like yours if you desire.
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