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  1. I finally got a look at the labels, and thy are perfect as usual. I just adore the old postcards!!
  2. I'd like to reserve a White Cobra, please. I just went looking for this bad boy, and it's screaming my name!
  3. A sampler, though I'm kicking myself for not waiting to hear about the PEs.
  4. I just adore these vintage postcards! And all the labels, of course!!! Can't wait to see what's what!
  5. So this has had the opportunity to age for a year now, and I am finally getting that soapy quality others have mentioned, and I think I love this even more!!! It's more of a mildly soapy, clean skin musk on me. Still got the chocolate with a hint of coffee. Oh gosh, time has been good to this!
  6. BlueBear


    Welcome!! I, too, found LP by googling for a signature scent, and I haven't looked back!
  7. Cougar and LFM are both great, and they are something that I would feel comfortable wearing in the work environment. But something to keep in mind: he may not be responding to the EW because copulins do put out a sexy vibe and he could just not be in that frame of mind at work. I know sex is the absolute last thing on my mind at work!! Is there a way to be around him while not at work? (Also, Cougar doesn't really differentiate based on age. It's just an all around good sexy social phero, and even better in the scented Cougar Potion, so don't let age differences--or lack there of-- stop you from wearing it!)
  8. BlueBear

    Fairy Cake: Rose

    I agree with the others. This is gorgeous, fresh roses when first on. But after awhile, the amber and vanilla amp on my skin into such a deep, thick resiny rose scent that it doesn't work well for me. I am super jealous at all you ladies getting the light rosey floral!
  9. I 100% agree with the Dangerous Games comparison. It's missing the leather note, and it's creamier. The scent is darker than I thought it would be. I'm guessing it's the black raspberries. It teetered at the edge of going plasticky on me, but in the end, it went to cake. And boy, this wears a long time!! It was still very present at the end of the day!
  10. BlueBear

    Fairy Cake: Figgy

    This didn't seem to smell like other figs on me. Maybe because those read as foody and like many others have said, this one comes across as perfumey. It's absolutely beautiful: sweet and rich but not too heavy for the summer. As this one dries down, I get an earthy, vaguely vanilla, warm skin scent. No real cake at all.
  11. My experience has been the opposite of yours, Nutrix...I know quite a few non-est responders and they are quite nice. I wouldn't call a one of them narcissistic. Actually, now that I think of it, I only have one or two guy friends who respond to est. The rest don't at all, and they are great people.
  12. It's crazy to read the other reviews on this. I get something the exact opposite of everyone. The banana note, while still easily identifiable as banana, smells very floral on me. I thought that perhaps I was getting this mixed with another fairy cake I was trying, but today, I am wearing it alone. It's like a banana flower on me, not sweet at all. It's got to be the amber note. some of them tend to make things smell perfumey on me. I also get a creamy fluffiness and a vanilla, but again, it's all of the perfumey variety. Absolutely none of this is a complaint, by the way. It's a very lovely fragrance, probably near the top of the list of the fairy cakes for me. It's just not what I expected based on the reviews and a pleasant surprise!
  13. This is such a warm, comforting scent on me. I, too, got a sharp, sweet cinnamon note near the beginning before it faded to a rich buttery cake scent. That, too, faded faster than I'd like, but the remaining oatmeal, skin like scent that is left is nice too, comforting in the same vein as New.
  14. This is a light floral perfect for people who can't handle the headier flowers. The daffodil is light and has a clean and mildly soapy quality. The cake is light and airy, like a Lady Baltimore Cake with gobs of that fluffy white frosting it has. Creamy and yummy and perfect for spring!
  15. BlueBear

    Fairy Cake: Maple

    Mmmmm! This smells like a stack of buttery pancakes drizzled with maple syrup. I say drizzled because while the maple is present, it doesn't overpower the other notes. In fact, the scent is much lighter than I would expect of a maple scent. Like others have noted, it's one of those skin scent fragrances. I am actually wearing this one as my scent today. I just left a meeting where everyone was raving about the wonderful smell, and a small contingent was heading straight to the cafeteria afterward for pancakes because they were convinced they were venting their aromas into the conference room!
  16. BlueBear

    Fairy Cake: Lemon

    Sweet heavenly crap. This smells like a lemon version of Darling Clementine. It's a vanilla cupcake, richer with the brown sugar, with a dash of lemon right in the batter. It's not in your face lemon, but just enough to know it's there. It comes out a bit more as the brown sugar mellows. this is such a happy scent; i smiled every time i sniffed my wrist.
  17. BlueBear

    Fairy Cake: Berry

    Anyone remember the gum from the 80s that had the liquid gel filling in it? It came in strawberry (or something pink anyway) and grape? This reminds me exactly of the pink kind. The vanilla gives this a berries and cream effect. After about half an hour, it's less of that gum and more of a vanilla cupcake with a berries and cream filling. I love it. And I also want to eat it.
  18. This is wonderful! I love plumeria (another high school BBW Plumeria fan right here, Hearts!!). It's a stronger floral on me, and I was expecting it to be very forward, as with several of the other floral fairy cakes. But that is not the case! It's very balanced. Others were fairy cake with a lovely flower resting on top. This one is as if the plumeria petals are baked right into the cake. They truly meld that well. Then the whole cake is drizzled in rich, buttery caramel. It is so lovely. It is strong first on, but as it dries down, it softens and warms up and becomes creamy. You get more of the pink feel from the plumeria and the caramel is a warm skin scent. And the Marine likes this one too!
  19. This smells like a drink I had on vacation one time. Yep, i'm actually getting something mildly boozy from this. Maybe the vanilla? This is very, very creamy on me, and I don't get much cake from this (which is kind of a bummer; I had visions of layering this with the cherry cake and having me a pineapple upside down cake). but i love it anyhow. Great scent memory! ETA: I should add, I finally started to get the cake at the end of the day when I tested it, and it definitely smelled like one would expect a pineapple cake to smell. So Cherry Fairy Cake, I'm looking at you for tonight!
  20. This type of lavender doesn't typically work on me. It's very medicinal, and I amp that. However, I think that camphor like quality works in this blend. It balances the rich caramel perfectly. It's dark and resinous on my skin, exactly the opposite of what I would expect in a lavender fragrance. It's very intriguing.
  21. The pink pumpkin scent that everyone dies for! This actually reminds me a lot of Unreasonable Pumpkin with just a bit more pumpkin at the front. The cake part is less cake to my nose and more pumpkin bread. It's rich but at the same time bright. I tested this near the lavender scent, and the two together are actually quite nice! I'm wearing them together today.
  22. This reminds me a little of Garland and Lace, minus the creaminess. It's less sweet, too. A nice piece of gingerbread. It may be that I didn't moisturize as well as I typically do, but my skin just ate this up. It was gone in a couple of hours. I will try again on moisturized skin.
  23. BlueBear

    Fairy Cake: Apple

    This is a very apple scent. In fact, when I first put it on, all I got was apple, pure fresh apple with nothing really beyond the natural sweetness. After an hour or so, I started to get the cake aspect. It smelled like apple cake. Again, not too sweet but with a hint of something spicy. I absolutely adore the long dry down. The cotton candy comes out then, and it's blended with my natural skin scent to smell as if apple and cotton candy are coming from my pores. love it!
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