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  1. I am sitting in my living room DROOLING! I must have all of these!
  2. *Peeks through window.* No new releases yet?! *Puts away binoculars.*
  3. Awesome line, and awesome review! I'm going to have to try this out!
  4. You are right, it does. I should have mentioned it was all women yesterday. The male dentist was out of the office. There weren't even any male patients. I'm willing to bet it would have been different if there had been testosterone present! LOL.
  5. BlueBear

    The Lovers

    I agree, deep and dark. The fruit add just enough sweetness. I kept finding myself sniffing my wrist all evening. As it wore off, it left a light sandalwoody scent with a light fruit smell. MMMMM!!! You know, it kinda reminds me of a perfume my mom wore in the 80s, either Passion or Poison.
  6. I had a most interesting experience with Cuddle Bunny again today. The reaction with women was over the freaking top! Now, I know Est works on both sexes, but I, personally, have never seen anything like it. I walked into the dentist today, and the receptionist, who I have never seen smile in the three years I've been a patient, stood up and walked around the desk to greet me. I go back for the exam and cleaning. My hygienist greeted me like her long lost sister! She was so cheerful and friendly. Both she and the dentist talked about how cute I looked (I was not cute; was wearing a black suit for work, pantyhose that i managed to snag getting out the car, and sneakers because my good shoes hurt!), how gorgeous and healthy my teeth were, and how wonderful I smelled. (That one I agree with! ) Another hygienist came in to grab some supplies...and didn't leave. She joined right in. Then when I got ready to leave, they ALL walked up front waving and smiling as i put on my coat and left. I never had a reaction like this with PP. I go back in a few weeks for some more work, so i think i will wear Who's That Lady and see what happens, but it could be that CB is my PP.
  7. I once put on a tiny dab of LAM on my wrist and cleavage area. I had a little residual Cougar left on me from much earlier in the day. It was like a sucker punch!
  8. But it's so true. I wore this without thinking around a friend of mine, and he was a blubbering hot mess! I actually asked, "What's the matter with you?" and he said, all the while looking stricken like an accident victim, "I don't know!" Then i remembered what I was wearing and promptly filed this response away for future reference.
  9. I wore this in Allumette. I hadn't noticed any self effects before, so I was wearing it purely for its scent (which I love!). I unexpectedly ran into my crush. We chatted from accross the way, but the second he hit my "smell zone," his demeanor changed. Soft and gentle voice, and he's not a soft and gentle man. We chit chatted about absolutely nothing for nearly 20 minutes and were absolutely delighted to do so. It was sort of the equivalent of verbal snuggling, lol. He kept repeating things we'd already talked about in an obvious effort to keep the conversation going. I walked away feeling like we'd just had the deepest conversation ever, content, and very happy. And he did too, judging by a message i got later. I also noticed that it worked with other females too. The lady I share an office with and I had a small tiff, and after I put this on, I feel like things thawed between us. I also had the most pleasant meeting with a department that I didn't think I'd ever use the word the "pleasant" to describe. I left with the same warm fuzzy feelings that I had with my crush. I'm thinking I might have a bottle of this in my future!
  10. I know I'm late to the party on this one but...Ooh Lordy, this is Sexy with a capital S!!! In the bottle, the cinnamon, honey and maple was almost overwhelming. The honey and maple settled down on my skin. After it dried down, it mellowed into a deep, brown sugary scent with a hint of cinnamon with the honey sort of just lying quietly--but still naughty!--in the background. I can't wait to try this on my work guy, but not at work!
  11. I love this!! It smells like cuddling in front of the fireplace, lol. It's a familiar scent for some reason, like some perfume from my childhood but i can't figure out which one. Like the others said, the vanilla and musk combination is amazing. I agree, it's unisex, but with my body chemistry, it leaned enough towards the feminine for me to love it.
  12. I'm 28 and Cougar works quite well for me. My absolute favorite! It makes my female coworkers talkative and friendly (which is a feat right there), and gets me lots of attention from men in their 40s. What I've learned from the ladies here is that the signals the pheros are sending out have to be congruent with you, otherwise people will assume they're coming from someone else. With me, my personality is already kind of bubbly and sparkly. I feel like Cougar sort of amps that and draws more people into it.
  13. I finally tried LAM in Pink Amber. I love it! It’s sort of like Aquolina’s Pink Sugar on me after it dries down…but dirtier. And that’s just fine with me. As for the pheros…I have a guy at work. He is interested but needs a little encouragement, and I decided that my LAM was just the tool. I knew I would be seeing him for the first time in awhile so I applied a little bit of my LAM (was already wearing a bit of Cougar Potion in my hair from earlier) and headed over. He was busy across the room when I got there, but called out hello and we engaged in our usual banter as he finished his task and i chatted with his coworkers. Then he walked over, and I could tell when he hit my scent cloud because he got a definite DIHL look on his face. He regained his composure quickly, and we chatted a bit, except his tone of voice was weird, sort of soft and gentle, for lack of a better description. And when I was talking he would just stare at me all starry eyed. Haven’t seen him in person since but he still talks to me in that new tone of voice, so we’ll see… Oh yeah, a friend told me that one of the coworkers has been asking about me. Funny thing is, I’ve been introduced to him on three separate occasions before this one, and he didn’t remember me til I busted out the LAM. Coincidence? I think not. This stuff is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Wow. I was just thinking about getting this. Now I'm definitely getting this!!
  15. Out of curiousity, how did you do that? I'm quickly becoming Cougar obssessed, and I'm kicking myself for not buying the spray. What the hay--I might just get a spray anyway!!!
  16. Agreed! I talked for about 30 minutes with this one woman at work who was so shy, she barely said five words to me in the two years we worked together. I had to go to a meeting, but I was scared to shut her down!! And I think someone previously said older gentlemen like this stuff. So true! I'm getting a lot of attention from the 40s crowd, which is just dandy! ; )
  17. Oh no! The Container Store--my other addiction!!!! Lol.
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome, ladies! So I had what I guess was a definite hit today. I went to Best Buy to get a washer and a dryer. I had been in yesterday and pretty much knew what I wanted, so it was just a matter of scheduling a delivery. The kid helping me was a bumbling mess! It seriously took 30 minutes to get my stuff paid for. At one point, he has to call another local store to get a stacking kit for my set sent over, and he's just staring and blushing while he's on the phone. Then we have to wait for the manager to call back, and he starts talking my ear off, and I don't know this kids from Adam! I was starting to get annoyed but then it hit me: I was testing Happy Ending this morning! I was amused for the rest of transaction. And I placed my second order: a full sized Cougar, samples of Love Potion Red and Cuddle Bunny, and Blatant Invitation. I'm going out on a limb with that one!!!!
  19. Hi! I randomly stumbled onto the site and board and have been lurking for a couple weeks. Finally decided to jump in! I ordered some samples a couple of weeks ago (Cougar--love it!! and Happy Ending--might grow on me). Getting ready to make my first big purchase. Oh gosh, me and my addictive personality are going to get in trouble here!! I've learned a lot already. Looking forward to learning even more and getting to know y'all! You seem like a fun bunch!!!
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