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  1. thanks everyone. I will take that advice. I've got more time to experiment because the job interview I was hoping for didn't come to fruition. But at least I'll be ready for the next one.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy a new perfume however Im not sure which one is right for me. I've been using blatant invitation under my coach perfume and its a wonderful combination. However, I have a possible interview coming up that might involve a woman. Which pheromone perfume (preferably unscented since I like my Coach perfume on top) would be good to wear during an interview?
  3. So i just got my package today and love the way it smells. I have violet pear and berry flavors inside enhanced with cougar. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but when I ordered it was single and now i have a boyfriend so i'll try it out on him tonight...yay!!! This is the first fragrance so far where i absolutely love the scent. I think i might order one without the berry and see how is smells. I also ordered the OCCO purple beta spray...it smells okay. I'm gonna turn my violet pear and berry roll on into a beta spray once i figure out how to do it. I've already ordered the bottle and liquid to do so. N e hoo guys have a great weekend!
  4. thanks guys for all the advice. I got my new stuff today and a load of samples (thanks tyvvey). I also got a sample of cop a pear with my order and i must say i love it. This is the type of smell i was lookin for. It doesn't smell exactly like my victoria secret pear mist, but its not that far off. I really hope this comes in a spray, because i'm gonna buy the whole stash.
  5. Yeah I'm definitely going to try something darker. B4 i started wearing pheros i never really wore perfume at all. I usually stick to body mists. So when i went with OCCO pink and LAM pink it was just too sweat for me. But i still like. I can't wait until i get into a social setting to try it. cuz at work i know everybody. I want to see how it works around people i don't know.
  6. OMG...so many choices....lol. I'm going to buy this whole site...lol. I can't wait till your cop a pear comes out because i absolutely love pear scents. I always gravitate to green colored perfumes for some reason when I'm in the store. I see green and equate that with good smells. Pears and apples...love it. So I will try the layering when the blatent invitation gets here with my body mist. I also did go with a bit less stuff today and mixed it with my body mist. When i walked into his office today I didn't say anything about my scent but he immediately commented that i had backed off on the scent...hahahah...lol. So he noticed without me saying anything...i guess i must have been way overboard yesterday. I wish i could smell it better.
  7. So I live along the Gulf Coast and as many of you know we have that huge oil spill out here. The air reaks because of the oil. Its a very thick smell at times. Will my pheros still work if the air is thick with oil smell.
  8. So today I applied OCCO Pink Shield and Like a Magnet Pink down my torso around my belly button and in the creases of my elbows today and went to work. As soon as I entered my colleagues office he goes wooooaaaa u smell like cotton candy. I asked him if it was too strong and he goes no...it doesn't smell bad but it doesn't smell great u just smell like a bag of candy...sort of like the circus...lol. I told him he was the only one who said that...and he says I'm pretty sure everyone else can smell it too maybe they were just being nice but not saying anything. N e hoo I can't help but thinking that OCCO Pink and Like a Magnet Pink are a bit too sweet smelling for me. I think they smell well but not quite what I'm looking for. I currently love to wear Victoria Secret's Pear Glace Body Mist. The bottle says Pear Nectar, Cassis and Violet. Is there a pheromone scented mix that has some of those similar smells. Cuz I love love love this smell. Or is there a good perfume here that would mix well with this body spray without being funky. I know i really just need to get some stuff and start experimenting. I'm currently waiting on my next order of 2x Beta Spray OCCO Red, Blatant Invitation Uncented (which im assuming I can wear with my body spray) and all the samples of BAM. Let me know what yall think?
  9. So after reading all the reviews throughout the site i went ahead and placed another order for blatant invitation and the samples of BAM. Can't wait. I'm already addicted...good thing next pay check is Friday...lol.
  10. Hi Tyvey, I just sent you an email with my info. It should be coming from a gmail account. Thanks
  11. Thanks tyvey. The meeting tonight didn't go as expected. There were no men there whatsoever. The one man that showed up was on the opposite side of the room and I'm glad he did not have a reaction...lol (thats so mean, but he just was not even close to my type). I shall try again some time this week. I'm definitely interested in some samples. I currently have the OCCO pink shield and Like a Magnet Pink Amber. The scents smell pretty nice but I feel like a big ole piece of candy. Do you have anything that is a complete opposite in smell more like a darker scent. I hope that makes sense. I wouldn't mind have a fragrance that I can mix with either of the above to give a less sweet and more evening night time type feel. I may not be making any sense at all but let me know if that makes sense. Thanks
  12. Thanks Luna and Potion Master for the advice. I will take your advice and try them out. I have an event this evening with a bunch of folks I don't really know all that well so I'll see if I get any hits from them.
  13. This is my first time in the forum. I just got my very first order today. I got the OCCO Pink and Like a Magnet Pink. I'm so excited I can't wait to come back and tell everyone how it went. Just a question. Can I wear both of these together? Or do they work better by theirself. I can't wait to place my next order after reading everyone else's posts.
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