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    Linnea Quigley's Rabid Linnea Quigley’s RABID features an intriguing blend of mosses, graveyard dirt, smokey funereal resins, skeletal apple trees, and the essence of the night sky. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "She moves deftly around the largest grave marker, 'They're coming for me!' she thinks to herself. Lit only by the light of the moon, she retreats further into the cemetery. She can hear them tracking her. The scent of earth and moss fill her senses as she moves towards the crypt. She finds the wrought-iron doors slightly ajar and silently slips inside. Crude stairs wind down, down, down, to the bottom of the world. The way opens into a cavern of sorts, lined with the caskets of forgotten souls. She sees her winged compatriots all around her now; they speak to her, and tell her it will all be ok. She joins the swarm as they move as one through an open space, hidden somewhere in the walls. From under an ancient, twisted apple tree they emerge, filling the night sky. Out into the night they fly, forever hunted, forever free..." First, the boy says it smells like creme brulee. Then, a girlfriend (who is a perfumer purveyor) says it smell "musky." I swore I smelled currant/clove and night blooming florals on another thread. -this has been my signature scent all season long and every time I wear it, its a little different to my nose. Sometimes it's nighttime orchard (windfallen mcintosh and tree bark.) Sometimes it's candied apple on a stick. Sometimes its the vapor off a mug of spiked cider while leaning up against a barn. (Woody, spiced.) Thus I conclude: ripe fruit and a touch of rich spice (kind of an spooky apple pie) and very alluring for harvest time.
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    Candy Pop

    "Pink Sugar, Candied Apple, Coconut, Cherry, Strawberry, Vanilla, Daffodil, Plumeria" Yes, don't be scared by the "candy" part. If you like plumeria, you will love this. But boys may want to lick you. Think bubble gum floral with a hot cotton candy machine nearby.
  3. I really liked this one, and used my vial up quickly. Benzoin and rose smell GREAT together! Rose is velvety and benzoin is a slightly hot-metal vanilla (if that makes any sense) that merge to form a complex, sensual vanilla. Relaxing as all get out.
  4. "Snow-frosted Dogwood Blossoms and subtly sweet fruit make up this icy treat." Trying Winter Snow Blossom in honor of the year's first snowfall. This is incredible! (And has great, true staying power without being heavy.) I'm smelling: Wild berries dusted with holiday cookie confectior's sugar... That "breath of clean snow" note that I have no idea what it is, (Something similar is in LP White, maybe?) like sniffing something sweet through very cold air. I really hope this sticks around for a while. I'm in love. edit: Oh, no. This is an endangered oil! Only two trial vials left
  5. Just had to jump in and say how much I adore this frag. It's reminiscent of BPAL's Antique Lace but much more intense/pure. It's entirely romantic; perfect for weddings or daytime use. I like to layer it with Sugared Carnations for a super femme, softly spiced floral combo. The next time I buy big bottles this one is up at the top.
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