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  1. They are both in the oil base and even though I know I don't have to, I shake them every time just to be safe. I've had a few friends do the nose/sniffing test for me because I was worried that I might stink. None of them smelled a thing from the Leather after it dried... each of them separately said they smelled the faint alcohol scent but as soon as that evaporated they couldn't smell a thing. I had 3 females and 2 males "test smell" me. Even tonight, my boyfriend and I were in a car together for 2 hours watching a drive in movie that our friends put together. As a test, I applied both the Leather and the OCCO 10 minutes before we got in the car so it could dry down. He didn't mention a thing about my scent, I even went as far as to make sure I kept putting my wrists/hands by his face so he would be in extremely close proximity to one of my application areas. (wrists, neck, cleavage) Wow... that sounds horrible... I completely guinea pigged him! hahaha But, either way, he didn't notice a smell. Trust me, he's not one to hold back on saying what he thinks. He was very sweet though and played with my hair and continually touched and kissed me throughout the whole movie and he did tell me that he thinks I'm "the most amazing woman he has ever known". (He doesn't know a thing about me getting pheromones, by the way) So... it could have been the pheromones, it could have just been me in general... I suppose I'll never know for sure. XOXO
  2. WOW!! Thanks to all of you for all the great info! I think I'm going to stick with the Leather and OCCO together for now because I'm a bit frightened of trying to hide the cops in Blatant Invitation and accidentally failing! hahaha Leather doesn't have a scent at all on me AT ALL (in the roll-on bottle I can only smell the alcohol) and the OCCO white shield smells amazing! I wanna wear them all the time, even when I'm alone at home but I have control myself not to because I don't wanna waste it. I suppose that means I'm experiencing self effects from it! Dolly... You sound so much like me its crazy! I went and saw some of your past posts and I think we would get along famously! I might be performing in Louisiana for the Fringe Festival in November, if I do, you should come out! XOXO
  3. Ohhhh....!! You list the ingredients by concentration. Just like food labels, that makes perfect sense now! Well Leather is exactly the vibe I apparently give off to people so I guess its me, but turned up a few notches. Perfect!! Still kinda wondering what Beta-Androstenone is supposed to do. Is there a page somewhere that explains what each type of pheromone is like? I've tried searching and found some explanations here and there but not all together in one post/page. I know Est is to make your man wan to cuddle/take care of you. Couplins are like when women are ovulating... but I just don't know all of them exactly and I'm curious. Thanks!! XOXO
  4. Hello everyone! I'm new to the word of pheromones and have been using my first order from Mara! I ordered unscented leather (roll-on) and white shield OCCO (roll-on). I haven't been able to REALLY test it out on my man yet due to conflicting schedules and chaos in other parts of my life... BUT... of the couple times I did get to see him briefly while wearing them he has been extra touchy feely (kissing, touching, cuddling. OH, and lots of naughty texts after he got to see me!). The big moment was when I was at his shop and he kissed me in front of his employees. He normally is VERY anti-display of affection while at work, since he's the boss he feels its inappropriate. Well... I like the reaction I'm getting, albeit brief, from him and really want more pheromones... I'm greedy! hahaha So my question is: Blatant Invitation versus Leather.... they are almost exactly the same except for the Beta-Androstenone in leather and the couplins in Blatant Invitation. (Which I'm adding the couplins by wearing the OCCO with Leather). So really its just the Beta-Androstenone that is the extra pheromone. What do you feel is the major difference in reactions when wearing Leather versus Blatant Invitation? What kind of reaction is Beta-Androstenone supposed to get? Leather: Contains Estratetraenol, Alpha-Androstenol, Beta-Androstenone and Alpha-Androstenone. Blatant Invitation: Contains Alpha-Androstenol, Alpha-Androstenone, Estratetraenol and Copulins. Thank you so much, Ladies!!! XOXO
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