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  1. I think he likes vanilla and cinnamon. The truth is I can't decide on which Phero blend to use there is so many. Which ones work?
  2. I can not decide on a perfume. I know I want one with pheromones but I really don't know what is what. I have tried pheromones before like Bodydew. I have had good results with it. I look every month at all the new perfumes and have a even harder time trying to decide. Anyone have any suggestions? I would love something that will get my boyfriends attention and keep it for the nite!
  3. Ember

    Hello, I am new!

    Thank you! I am a perfume lover and am certain I will love the scents!
  4. Ember

    Hello, I am new!

    Just wanted to say Hi! I love perfume and pheromones. I can't wait to try the Love Potion red!
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