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    I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it. ~ Mae West
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  1. missdarlyncherie

    Stalk Talk!

    Holy hell I haven’t ordered since October...the whole forum is unrecognizable!! I’m lost...when is the next release?!
  2. missdarlyncherie

    Back by popular demand!

    Special Delivery or Cherry Divinity for Valentines Day!!
  3. missdarlyncherie

    Tyvey's Chewy Spice

    Lol! Hell no but you can order a rebrew of these PE’s. I definitely will be in a few months when my bottle gets dangerously low. I want a spray this time around too.
  4. Make sure he doesn’t have diverticulitis if you go by way of the nut...LOL
  5. Oh Cuddle Bunny is an absolute sex bomb. It was my first huge hit and DIHL and still delivers! This one and Gotcha I get the most hits on.
  6. missdarlyncherie

    Black Velvet Pumpkin

    I still can't get over how much I love this one!! My bottles can't get here fast enough, I have drained my sample already. This is the kind of LP that smells even better the next day on your clothese. It also changes constantly It's so smoky on me today!!!
  7. missdarlyncherie

    Cuddle Bunny: Vampire Bunny

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! This smells exactly like I thought it would!! I love regular Cuddle Bunny and I liked Blue Smoke except that there was something in it that was just too masculine. This is perfection! It is like the masculine part of Blue Smoke has been replaced with something more girly. Love the blueberry, LOVE the maple! I get lots of maple!! The whole thing is just perfection. Should get a backup bottle.
  8. missdarlyncherie

    White Velvet Pumpkin

    This is the one I thought would be a for sure FB for me but sadly it is not what I expected. Something just isn't right for me here. I smell no pumpkin at all, I think it is the musk that is wrong for me. It is basically all I get. Oh well! The Black Pumpkin was such a huge surprise hit for me so I'm good with that!!
  9. missdarlyncherie

    BLUD w/Sexpionage

    Haha!! Good one Blue bear! Isn’t it funny how popular you were with the women? I also get that reaction with BI and women! This scent wasn’t something I loved when I tried it the first time but I am letting it sit and trying it again later. I needed more sexpionage though so I ordered another bottle of Comp P instead.
  10. missdarlyncherie

    Boo Berry

    I’m not a huge fan of mulberry but this reminds me of Merry! My mom will love this!
  11. missdarlyncherie

    OK, so what are we all ordering/considering?

    I got 2 bottles of Black Velvet Pumpkin, a Vampire Bunny, Comp P (been out of that all summer and it’s time!) and a sample of that Merlot Myrrh one.
  12. missdarlyncherie

    Cougar Potion: Panther

    I can’t wear scented cougar either. I get the same headachey thing. I think it’s the type of musk. I love this at first. It totally reminds me of Special Delivery! But somehow it eventually turns way to perfume-y on me and clings that way. Oh well! Got too many his month anyway and the Cougar phero doesn’t do much for me anyway so I am safe from this one!
  13. missdarlyncherie

    Black Velvet Pumpkin

    It’s true about the LP Black comparison!!! Can’t wear it but this does have something similar in it!!
  14. missdarlyncherie

    Black Velvet Pumpkin

    O.M.G. I. cannot. handle. this. This is amazing. I have been hoarding LP's since 2010 and needless to say...I HAVE A FEW. And...I'VE HAD QUITE A FEW SCENTS THAT I WOULD LAY DOWN MY LIFE FOR. But this.... THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not lay down my life for this.... I WOULD KILL FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm done folks. I'm cashing out all my savings, buying every last bottle of this...having them boosted with every badass phero out there (LFN, Leather, BI, Sexpionage...you name it) and hitting the road. I need nothing else to sustain me.
  15. missdarlyncherie

    OK, so what are we all ordering/considering?

    Just a sampler for now but should have gone FB on the Vampire Bunny since its a pretty obvious one for me. Im sure Im going to go for one of the pumpkin too.