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  1. Wow perfect timing, I’m almost finished with my last bottle of Special D 🥳
  2. missdarlyncherie


    Wore this to bed last night and woke up to bright jammy berries and like....buttery goodness!! Definitely getting stronger as I knew it would. Full bottle for me!
  3. missdarlyncherie

    Baby Boo

    I loved everything about this one except for the oats. At first it was very similar to Sveet Tooth but the oats took over and ruined it for me. Other than that the pumpkin, allspice and maple is a perfect combination. Oh well, plenty more to love in his collection!
  4. Oh this one is gorgeously haunting!! Spicy pumpkin with my favorite note EARTH!!! Everything blends perfectly in this one and that wisp of oak moss softening everything up is brilliant. Nothing is too loud here (especially the dragons blood which can be overwhelming) but I can smell everything on the list. A comforting nighttime scent!
  5. missdarlyncherie


    Love this one. After dry down it’s all spicy cake on me with just a hint of the sweet fruit. The nuts don’t overwhelm like they sometimes do. It’s a little light but they always are when they are brand new so I anticipate this one getting deeper with time. Favorite of the bunch so far!??‍♀️
  6. Ok Eastwood, I’ve got to take it back. I took Baby Boo for a full spin today and it was Oats Gone Wild.? so sad because it reminded me a lot of Sveet Tooth which I loved, but the oats crapped all over my pumpkin party ?
  7. I thought that about the oatmeal too with Baby Boo but it seems to be taking back stage so far...
  8. I don’t know why I assumed it was sold out but I have been hoarding the last dribbles of my last bottle. If I had known it was in the sale I would have let myself shop. I didn’t even LOOK at the sale so that I didn’t get tempted. I have over 100 LP’s and I am really trying to cut down. I haven’t ordered since last halloweenies! I hope I don’t like any of these new ones ?‍♀️
  9. Yay super excited! Got the sampler and two bottles of Black Velvet Pumpkin which I thought was SOLD OUT! I went through two bottles last year!!!
  10. Gotcha is still my favorite after all these years!! I had forgotten about this story but it still never fails me! ?
  11. Holy hell I haven’t ordered since October...the whole forum is unrecognizable!! I’m lost...when is the next release?!
  12. Special Delivery or Cherry Divinity for Valentines Day!!
  13. Lol! Hell no but you can order a rebrew of these PE’s. I definitely will be in a few months when my bottle gets dangerously low. I want a spray this time around too.
  14. Make sure he doesn’t have diverticulitis if you go by way of the nut...LOL
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