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  1. 2B: 1 bottle candy house 2B: 1 bottle cocoa snuggle
  2. I would like to change the 5 trials. I would like 2 trials kiss of nectar 1 trial Titian sweet 1 trial sweet! 1 trial mermaids of atlantis
  3. 2B: Haystack 2B: 5 trials kiss of nectar
  4. Please reserve: 2B: Melissa’s Plumage 2B: Lina’s Sweetie Pie
  5. Will there be a sale this year?
  6. This intrigues me the most out of all the occos. Is it anything like teacher’s pest?
  7. This is a surprise hit for me! I don't usually like coffee or leather or honey but none of those notes are very strong on me. They are there but subtle and meld together perfectly. I think the amber and musk are coming out strongest, which are my favorite notes so that's probably why I love it so much.
  8. This reminds me of milk chocolate with pink jelly filling, like turkish delight. Yum!
  9. bruiseviolet

    Candytuft Tea

    This is a creamy opaque pink and lavender scent. I smell some hints of cherry and mint too. I know those aren't exactly the notes but that's what it smells like to me for some reason. As it dries down it becomes powdery and soft.
  10. This reminds me a lot of Atomic Mandarin but without the cakey aspects. I really liked the scent of AM but it was too foody for me to want to smell like it. This one is perfect! It is very similar but the non-foody version. An orange and pink bright happy scent. I only wish it lasted longer on my skin as it seems to disappear very fast.
  11. Where was the announcement that they are being discontinued? 😮
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