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  1. bruiseviolet


    How do we redeem forum freebies now? In the notes section on etsy?
  2. bruiseviolet

    River & Rain

    This is really fresh and clean and not too masculine, which I often worry about with unisex scents. It reminds me of fresh laundry but in a good way. It's aquatic with some greenness but the green is very soft, like a pastel green. I don't like when green scents get too sharp but this is perfect!
  3. bruiseviolet

    Chrissy's Autumn Halo

    This is a very sweet scent. I think it is an interesting alternative to candy apple scents. I get that sort of a feel from this. A green fig covered in sticky toffee.
  4. bruiseviolet

    Melissa's Plumage

    At first this is a nice floral plum. I didn't really get the carnation or neroli specifically, just a general floral. A while later I smelled a beautiful powdery feminine scent on my wrist and forgot what it was because I was swiping a bunch of different scents. At first I thought I didn't need a bottle, now I'm not so sure.
  5. bruiseviolet

    Victoria's Masked Woman

    That's interesting I didn't know a scent could smell so different depending on where it is applied. I hate to think that I have been testing scents wrong this whole time! But at least I know better now.
  6. bruiseviolet

    Victoria's Masked Woman

    I think this changes depending where I apply it. When I put it on top of my wrist it was very pink and girly. When I apply it to the underside of my wrist I get a lot more of the leather and it has more of a smooth feel rather than being fluffy or fuzzy, and there is a hint of pink but it is less so. Now I'm getting the pink leather thing! When I sniff the top of my wrist it still smells like marshmallows and I get no leather.
  7. bruiseviolet

    Sweet Joyce

    Wow this is sweet! I don't get much of the cake batter but I get a lot of brown sugar goodness. This is very sweet and yummy!
  8. bruiseviolet

    Lisa's Creamy Ylang

    I wasn't really drawn to this scent based on the description but it is beautiful! I guess it is supposed to smell like a cake but it is very beachy to me and I love beach scents. I think the ylang is coming off similar to neroli, which smells like the beach to me for some reason, and the coconut/cocoa butter combo reminds me of suntan lotion. If there was a rebrew I would get a bottle.
  9. bruiseviolet

    Victoria's Masked Woman

    This is different than expected on me. It isn't like the Masked Man, it is identical to Pink Musk which is one of my all time favorites. It is very pretty!
  10. bruiseviolet

    Madame President

    Is this anything like the Shark Whisperer? I love how clean smelling that one is and need to find a substitute!
  11. bruiseviolet


    Some of the reviews had me worried so I almost didn't get this, but thank you Bella for sending me it anyway! It turned out to be my favorite. I don't even like eating chocolate coconut things very much but I guess they smell better than they taste. This is so delicious and luckily never goes plasticky or soapy on me. It is a very soft scent that lies close to the skin, which I like so I don't smell too foody. However, at the same time it smells totally edible, like not an actual Mounds bar but a softened up wearable version.
  12. bruiseviolet

    Boo Berry

    This is very similar to Midnight Masquerade, but with mulberry instead of cherry and it is spicier. When I first apply I get the berries and pumpkin and the drydown is very spicy. I am comparing both and the MM is sweeter. I think I actually like this one better than Midnight Masquerade but don't know if I need two LPs that are so similar.
  13. This is the best chocolate cherry scent I've ever tried! It's a bit more subdued and sophisticated than how I remember Special Delivery. It's not a literal cherry truffle scent. Something in here is very sexy, not sure if it's the amber or vetiver or maybe the combo of both!
  14. bruiseviolet

    Indiscretion w/ TMI & Cops

    I never would have guessed the notes in this! It smells like fizzy soda. It reminds me of Butterbeer or Dead Man's Float! I don't get any of these notes really, maybe just a little smoke in the background. I really like it though!
  15. bruiseviolet


    I almost got rid of this but I pulled this scent back out for Valentine's day. It's a perfect chocolate cherry Valentine's scent! It reminds me of red hearts and chocolate! I like how the coffee adds a little something extra and keeps it from going cloying. I don't have a lot of Valentine's scents so I'm glad I kept it.