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  1. This is really fresh and clean and not too masculine, which I often worry about with unisex scents. It reminds me of fresh laundry but in a good way. It's aquatic with some greenness but the green is very soft, like a pastel green. I don't like when green scents get too sharp but this is perfect!

  2. At first this is a nice floral plum. I didn't really get the carnation or neroli specifically, just a general floral. A while later I smelled a beautiful powdery feminine scent on my wrist and forgot what it was because I was swiping a bunch of different scents. At first I thought I didn't need a bottle, now I'm not so sure.

  3. I think this changes depending where I apply it. When I put it on top of my wrist it was very pink and girly. When I apply it to the underside of my wrist I get a lot more of the leather and it has more of a smooth feel rather than being fluffy or fuzzy, and there is a hint of pink but it is less so. Now I'm getting the pink leather thing! When I sniff the top of my wrist it still smells like marshmallows and I get no leather.

  4. I wasn't really drawn to this scent based on the description but it is beautiful! I guess it is supposed to smell like a cake but it is very beachy to me and I love beach scents. I think the ylang is coming off similar to neroli, which smells like the beach to me for some reason, and the coconut/cocoa butter combo reminds me of suntan lotion. If there was a rebrew I would get a bottle.

  5. Some of the reviews had me worried so I almost didn't get this, but thank you Bella for sending me it anyway! It turned out to be my favorite. I don't even like eating chocolate coconut things very much but I guess they smell better than they taste. This is so delicious and luckily never goes plasticky or soapy on me. It is a very soft scent that lies close to the skin, which I like so I don't smell too foody. However, at the same time it smells totally edible, like not an actual Mounds bar but a softened up wearable version. :Emoticons0086:

  6. This is very similar to Midnight Masquerade, but with mulberry instead of cherry and it is spicier. When I first apply I get the berries and pumpkin and the drydown is very spicy. I am comparing both and the MM is sweeter. I think I actually like this one better than Midnight Masquerade but don't know if I need two LPs that are so similar. :Emoticons04269:

  7. I almost got rid of this but I pulled this scent back out for Valentine's day. It's a perfect chocolate cherry Valentine's scent! It reminds me of red hearts and chocolate! I like how the coffee adds a little something extra and keeps it from going cloying. I don't have a lot of Valentine's scents so I'm glad I kept it.

  8. When I first tried this I did not like it at all. Now that it's been a few years I tried it again and I like it now. Before I thought it smelled too dark and dirty, now I think it is more like a yummy bakery scent with honeycomb and caramelized vanilla. From reading the reviews, I guess a lot of people have had the same experience with this one!

  9. I tested this the other day. I like it because it does the plastic doll thing that I'm into better than the Berry fairy cake does. This does strawberry shortcake doll REALLY well(attn: BV! :) ) . Still, like Luna said, I have enough strawberry scents, I think for now. This was in a fight with Sugared Iris to win a spot in my next order, but Iris wins cause nobody has written anything about it, and I'm all for the underdog! :)

    I was looking at reviews trying to figure out which freebies to get in the sale. Now I can't decide if I should get this or berry fairy cake!

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