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  1. When I first tried this it was all Hawaiian Punch and I didn't get any rose. I am trying it again today and it is still Hawaiian Punch, but I can pick up a faint rose in the background. It is really pretty and reminds me of the rose in Dark Seductions. As it's drying down, the fruit is burning off and I'm left with a soft rose scent. It is very subtle and I can barely smell it. Last time, the scent lasted a really long time I was left with a faint Hawaiian Punch with a little bit of Aja in the background. Weird how it is totally different today!

  2. At first, I thought this wasn't for me. All the sugared white musk scents like spider silk and egg smell the same to me. I thought this was indistinguishable from those but then I decided to wear only this with no other scents and it became totally different! It has a lot more going on. I get a subtle bright fruity scent which must be the apricot. There's something a little bit minty too and very subtle florals. It reminds me of a sheer lucky in love #7 without the green notes. It is so sheer yet complex. I love it.





    Don't be afraid of the Aja in this! It seems to have WAAAAYY less Aja than Torrid Sorcery did, I can't even smell it! I'm not a fan either, it is just too strong for me. I just dabbed a little on my arm to test it out, and I get a rich raspberry buttercream, but like hearts said, it ends up very much a sweet rose scent. There's a subtle sweet, spicy element behind the rose, maybe the storax? No scary Aja, so don't be afraid! :D


    That's good to know because aja is too strong on me too. I would be interested in hearing your review of poudre because it sounds lovely but I'm scared of the aja.

  4. I'm not usually a fan of florals, especially green florals but I like this one a lot! There's something peppery in this. Must be the carnation. I wish the intent would work for me but haven't seen any signs of it working yet.

  5. This smells just like the holidays! I get creamy figgy pudding and spices. I was afraid of the green notes but I can't even smell them. They must be way in the background. I like this better than expected.


    That sounds very lickable. Want! Are you referring to those dolls that looked like girls in dresses but then you could fold them into a cupcake, with the plastic hat that was frosting and the skirt that was the wrapper? I had the pink one and the green/purple one.

    I'm referring to my other PE, but yea that PE was referring to those dolls. I had the pink one too!

  7. VexedGlory, that is such a beautiful story! It's so sweet to do a PE dedicated to your mom and grandma. I eventually want to do one in memory of my dad but I'm not sure exactly what notes would be right.


    I'm so curious about that Retro Cupcake one. I know they used to use pineapple in a lot of desserts back in the 50s, and pineapple doesn't really like my skin much, but maybe it's something else.

    It's something else. Not exactly sure of the notes but I wanted it to smell like the opening of My Little Cupcake, pink and birthday cakey.

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