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  1. At first sniff I thought I get sandalwood, but it's teakwood, more subtle than sandalwood. The cherry blossoms blend well with the woody notes. I can't detect the vanilla yet. I have to give it some time to dry down. But so far, it's a light floral & woody scent, reminds me a bit of Blossoms of Love.
  2. Received my package already, very fast! Thank you so much for the wonderful perfumes and the free gift! You are the best!
  3. I think now I understand how it works. I'll try it with my next order. Thank you.
  4. Yes, I've read the post above and I tried it but it simply didn't work. There was no reduction from the invoice amount.
  5. I have a question regarding forum credits: With the new cart - is it still possible to redeem posting credits as before? When I placed my recent order, while trying to redeem credits, I've been charged 1 cent but still nothing had been deducted from the invoice amount. May be I did something wrong.
  6. The reviews are so nice, I think I'll order a bottle from the Artfire site. Can't decide if I should chose with cops or without. Hearts, did you try it with cops? Does it cover well?
  7. I'm loving both: Cuddly Bunny 2009 as well as CB unscented. If I'm not wrong, there is one of the April releases which contains the CB phero blend (Est & Cops). I can't wait to try it!
  8. I've been wearing this again, still lots of marshmallow & vanilla, just a hint of apple. But it's beautiful anyway!
  9. This scent is so pretty and even office-friendly. And the phero just gives an extra kick to this blend.
  10. snowflake

    The Sun

    The Sun is very intense, and sooo long lasting! When I use just a bit in the evening it will be there at least until next morning. The scent is very bright and uplifting, very powerful!
  11. Levitation, Dance with Passion and the Oriental one. I'm planning to get a new bottle of H&S, something from the Titanic theme as well as some items from the Artfire site, may be some GGGs, not yet decided which ones.
  12. snowflake

    Top Five

    1. Enduring Appeal 2. Agua Fresca 3. Playdate 4. Pixie Dust 5. Titillating Temptress
  13. I still have my sample vial. I didn't wear it often because I have too many perfumes. The scent of this perfume is quite aquatic, must be the blue lotus and the blue musk. Now, after some time of aging, the mosses are coming out nicely. It's a beautiful, light scent and it blends well with LFM. I think now I'll wear it more often.
  14. The labels & descriptions are fabulous. I like especially Dance of Passion and Mysteries of the Orient.
  15. Wow, what a beautiful idea! They look great!
  16. I would suggest H&S plus a smidge of cops, or H&S plus LAM (which I've tried with success). You can also try H&S plus BAM. Just do some experimenting on how much you need of each blend.
  17. I received & tried this today and I love it! It's light fruity with a light floral undertone (rose stems). A perfect carrier for the Magnet phero blend. Though it is light and soft, I still cannot detect the cops when I sniff my wrists after application.
  18. I get lots of marshmallow and vanilla - no apple so far. To me, it's quite a heavy summer scent and the LACE phero blend is nicely matching with this scent. I'll wear it tomorrow and hope to get some of the apple notes.
  19. snowflake

    Pixie Dust

    This is a soft floral scent, light and pretty. I think Wisteria and Lilac are the most promonent of the notes. I'm not quite sure what Heliotrope smells like. Anyway, Vanilla and Musk are beautifully rounding up this lovely spring scent.
  20. I ordered some more Topper spray and a few sample vials: Tease, Pixie Dust, Bonnie, Titillating Temptress, Enduring Appeal, Sneaky Clean. Hope I can get full bottles of Tease and Pixie Dust next time.
  21. snowflake

    Pixie Dust

    This I must try! Is the scent somehow similar to Sneaky Clean?
  22. snowflake


    This looks so pretty! I'm happy we can get a rebrew.
  23. I like the picture and the ingredients. I'll definitely need this one!
  24. Wonderful descriptions! I need Tease and Bonnie and Pixie Dust.
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