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  1. I saw that you mentioned Super Sexy for Men. Does anyone know if that would be stronger (need to guard OD around other males) than Wanted Man?
  2. Is it possible to order Miss Right Now without the Pheromones? Perhaps in the Beta section?
  3. It's too bad. I REALLY like Excalibur but the problem for me (I've only tried DPG) is that my skin devours it. Ate the whole samle vile. I don't get it. UN can last forever. Excalibur 10 minutes tops.
  4. Is this something men can wear or do wear? I noticed in the Beta ordering area it says "for women" on the drop down field. This sounds like a "popularity" or "I'm approachable/fun" mix but I'm wondering if it skews more to the female side and might be a bit confusing if worn by a man?
  5. Snoopyace, What did you think about the Super Sexy for Men phero? It has gotten rave reviews from the ladies, the same formula is now back in stock and I was wondering what your opinion was from the bottle Dolly sent you?
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