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  1. OH, MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! These labels are absolutely wondrous! And the scents are gonna be wondrous, too.
  2. Now that I live closer, I plan to fulfill my lifelong (okay, okay, YEARS long as I am waaaaaaaay older than the store, heh) dream of testing & buying a new release In the Perfumerie. *happy sigh*
  3. Whoa. Looks like I came home at the right time! xoxoxox, all! ?
  4. That punch looks great!!! ...and so does Mr. Blackthorne!
  5. EEEEEEEEEEE! Effing fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! ~And, of course, Boo is one of my nicknames~ OMG Wendy, I *thought* she looked familiar! And thank you Luna for the Phrightening Phero History. We benefit much! :banana088:
  6. Hee!!! Yeppers. P.S. I've been lost in the wilderness far too long--took me a while to find the dancing bananas.
  7. AUGH!!! Cherry Blossom Musk and Blue Rose?!?!?!!!!!! And what is Whiskers & Tails! Cannot wait to see...
  8. Hee!!! I've been missing y'all!!! Life's been a bit challenging, partially because my Mama and we reeeeeaaaalllly need to combine households. Which means, of course, that we all need to relocate up north, most likely in WA. Woo hoo! Nothing like waiting 'til life forces one's hand, eh?!
  9. OMG I'd forgotten this was in the wind. They all look soooo good!!! (and HI EVERYONE!)
  10. How much Oud are y'all getting? I amp Oud and make it smell like a brush fire...but just a leeeetle tech of it works on my skin. For instance, I can't wear Sugared Oud. Everything else in this makes me want a full bottle. ~And to have a truly hot affair with it.~
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